Copycat (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Copycat

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Submitted: February 10, 2012



The dark gloomy night of Oakwood Hills sometimes gave the chills to anyone who passes the road, no matter they come from the town or not. The murder that occurred even gave more chills to the people. Many refuse to go out especially at night. But this is different with Chuck Browning.

Chuck Browning is a car dealer. He monopolized the business in Oakwood Hills. Apart of that he is also a leech. A capitalist who would do anything for profit. Even lie to the customers. He had been known as giving the price beyond the limit. He always raise up the car’s price as he pleasures. But nobody dares to make a complaint because he is the sole car dealer in the town. This town’s car industry cannot run without him. He controls the car industry here.

Being alone is a normal thing for Browning. After his second divorce, he stayed alone in his house, enjoying himself by being alone and drinking beer all night. To being socialize again would be an investment not worth be putting at, he thought to himself. But far from he knew, somebody was watching him. Someone with murderous intention.

Like usual, Browning was sitting at his couch, watching basketball games between two of the powerhouse of NBA. He drank his beer as suddenly he heard a falling sound. He reached a baseball bat near his couch and murmured to himself ``must be those thugs again’’. He headed towards the sound came. He was lifting the bat, on ready pose stance. Unluckily, he didn’t notice that the enemy was already on his back.

The Angel slashed him on the waist. Browning growled as he was being struck by the small machete. He saw the perpetrators for the first time. Although injured, he still hold the bat, as he was ready to engage in the fight once more.

The Angel tried to stab Browning but he failed. Browning blocked the machete with his bat. He manage to strike back his attacker on the face. He then hit his hands, throwing away the small machete from the murderer’s hand. He felt much more confident as his attacker is unarmed right now.

``How dare you came to my house and injured me. You don’t know how much Chuck Browning capable of’’. Before Browning can strike again, The Angel draw out his gun. It was a huge Desert Eagle. He shot Browning on the leg. Blood spurted on his leg as Browning groaned of the pain. He collapsed on the floor as he hold his gunshot wound.

The Angel pointed the Desert Eagle gun at him. Browning begged ``please, I can give you anything, money, power, cars, anything that you want. Just please... please don’t kill me’’.

``Your sins are too much to be bear by your body. Your body demand to be release from its master.’ ’Browning, did not understand a single word that the killer said, asked him but it all too late. The Angel shot him on the cheek. He died instantly. ``May God forgive you’’ he said to the dead Browning, same word as he said to Mara Hillson. Before he left, he put an angel figurine on Browning’s corpse. The same one as he puts to Mara Hillson, and his previous victims.


The lonely view surrounding the Oakwood Hills makes everyone to sleep including the Parker family. But that doesn’t include Aaron Parker. He can’t sleep well and he decided to invite his best pal, Gerald together in the house. They sit at the same room and reading comics together. Although saved by Michelle, they don’t think that they will be that lucky again.

Aaron, who was silent for a moment, suddenly `` let’s go kill Kyle Watson. That is the only way to solve our problem’’. Gerald, busy reading the comic Captain Marvel agreed `` yeah, let’s do it’’ as he turn on the next page. Then he thought to himself and said in surprise ``huh?!.

``We kill Kyle Watson. We won’t be bully forever then’’.

Gerald, who had stopped the reading the comic, continued his reading as he thought Aaron was joking to him. Aaron then put both of his hands to Gerald’s shoulder and said `` I’m serious Gerald. Do you want to be bully forever by that asshole?. This is the only way to change our lives. I don’t want to live in the fear of bully anymore. Do you?’’.

Gerald, thinks that Aaron’s idea do have a sense. But he still doubt it and said `` Even so, how do we kill him?, that guy is an athlete. Besides, we’ll get suspected you know’’. Aaron, grin after hearing what Gerald said, answered `` We make a copycat’’.

``A what?’’

`` A copycat....of The Angel’’. 

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