Copycat (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



The sheriff department of Oakwood Hills were crowded with officers and FBI agents, led by Agent Jake Welling. The officers and agents that being deployed gathered together in the meeting room for a brief meeting. The sheriff’s department were busy lately, especially since the fourth murder committed by the serial killer, The Angel happened last night.
Everybody inside the meeting room were talking, all of them are tired, most of them did not get enough sleep. Some of them even cursing on the serial killer (although they knew the fact that the serial killer did not hear them). The talking stopped right after Agent Welling entered the meeting room.

Agent Welling started the briefing as he entered the meeting room `` Good morning everyone. As people who don’t know me, I am Agent Jake Welling from FBI and me and my FBI task force are assigned to help the sheriff’s here. We are aware that you people are exhausted due to overwork and I know, I am the same too. But please be aware if we let loose of this killer, it will affect this town more. So I really hope a full cooperation from you people.’’

Agent Welling continues his briefing ``we`re going to set up a roadblock beyond these perimeter’’ pointing his finger at the graphic slide images. The red dot is the location where they should set up the roadblock. It was the entrance and the exits that connected to the town of Oakwood Hills. Agent Welling brief for about an hour. Some of the sheriff involved in the brief listened with full concentration. But there are also some who did not listened and. Their mind flying somewhere else, maybe because of overwork. Some of them also chatting silently at behind in order not to be scolded by the FBI agents.

The brief finally ended. Everybody went out to do their job. Agent welling sat on the chair, sigh for a moment. Agent Maine ask with a concern ``what’s wrong?’’. It took a moment before Agent Welling able to answer it`` nothing really. Just a little exhausted and....... I hope those sheriffs do listen to me’’. `` They do. Well, not all of them actually. It’s the same in the FBI unit. Especially the senior ones. They don’t listen especially to superior officer who seemed to be younger than them. Think they’re better enough’’ said Agent Welling while shutting off the projector.

Agent Welling doesn’t seemed convince with the answer. Agent Maine knew it and said `` Relax, Jake. They need us, right?. If not, why did they call for our help.’’ Agent Welling agreed ``You’re right. Maybe I`m just over thinking it. Well, time to work’’. Suddenly, Agent Hunter entered the room, Agent Welling ask him what is it. He replied `` We’ve got a suspect. He’s name is Jonas Flanders. He’s one of the HJB.’’

``HJB?’’ asked Agent Maine.

`` Holy Justice Brigade. It’s a religious extremist organization that wage war against atheists. They commit many act of terrorism. But now they had come clean cause many of its fanatic members already being caught. They are now more to religious and political activism. FBI decided to renounce them as terrorist organization but they are still under watch as some of their members still have an extreme ideology’’. Explained Agent Welling deeply.

`` What makes him a suspect’’ asked agent Maine again.

``It seems that Flanders had been doing speeches and sermons in around the town lately. What makes us suspicious is that he repeatedly said that there will be angel of retribution who will purify this town by saving the dirty souls. You know what it means by saving’’.
`` This not seems much but at least we’ve got something. Where is he now?’’ asked Agent Welling. Agent Hunter answered ``he was last seen on Charlotte Motel, the main guesthouse in this town.

``Well then, should we pay him a visit?’’ said Agent Welling.
On the evening on the same day, Aaron and Gerald were busy plotting their sinister plan, this time in Gerald’s house. They ate their lunch at the basement in the back of the house. Gerald’s mother thought they were busy preparing school project or homework. Her mother never worried since Aaron was also there. She puts her confidence since Aaron was brighter and smarter than Gerald, and he always helps Gerald, especially in study.

Aaron was drafting something on the paper while Gerald was focusing on a robe that they found at the garbage. Aaron asked Gerald `` What is a copycat?’’ Gerald looked on his  notepad `` According to the Wikipedia, it’s a name for a character in X-Men and Wildstorm comic books, there are also a song and a movie named copycat’’ Aaron specified `` No,no. I mean the crime of copycat’’. Gerald checked on his notepad again `` Aah, here. It is the the of copying of any works that are already being protected without the permission of the people of created it. It is also called the infringement of copyrights’’.

``No, no,no.. not that one either. I mean, a copycat killer. Gerald checked on his notepad again, for the third time `` it means killer that impersonate crimes that had been previously being occurred’’. ``Yup, and that is what we’re gonna do. We’re going to imitate the style of murders and identity of The Angel in order to make the crime that we committed look like The Angel’s committed it in the eyes of people. In order to do that, we have to do some criminal profiling.’’

Gerald looked confused ``criminal profiling?’’.

``We analyze the crime patterns and the personality of the killer’’ explained Aaron.

`` You mean like checking on his birth, gender, likes, relationship status like in the Facebook?’’. Aaron thought for a second, thinking whether Gerald make some points or not  and said `` Kind of that thing but not entirely. Ok, forget about that. Through the data provided by the media, authority and witnesses, they claimed that The Angel is an adult Caucasian male, age about 30 or 40 years old, height about 6 or 7 feet. He got a long hair and a pale skin. According to witnesses, suspect wore a robe and a hat every time he went out killing. Kind of like Van Helsing, the vampire hunter. His weapon of choice is a small size machete, and he also has a gun. The latest murder proves it.’’ 

Gerald listened to Aaron while checking out a cloak he just found in the basement junkyard. Aaron continued `` in every murder that he committed, there are obvious trademark or signature of murder that he left. It is the an angel presentation, whether in a symbol painted in the wall or the porcelain figure of angel he left behind on the victim’s corpse.’’
Aaron got up from the chair and took the mango juice on the table. He slurp it and said `` Our advantage now only the costume he wear and his main weapon, the small machete’’. He slurp the mango juice again and said `` but, what if we commit the murder in a place that no one can see?’’.

Both of them thought for a while and both of them simultaneously said`` At the Gold Park!’’. Somehow, it looked like they knew each other mind. Aaron slurp the mango juice again and said `` We attract him, send him letter. Said it was from Michelle. And then when he is alone and vulnerable, that is where the action starts’’.

`` But who’s gonna kill him?’’ asked Gerald.

``It’s obvious isn’t it, I mean who else got the physical advantage?’’ answered Aaron

`` Who? Me? Hell no. I am not gonna be the one who kill him.

`` Come on Ger. You have the advantage. Besides, you are the school’s wrestler aren’t you’’ said Aaron referring to who Gerald was. He was a wrestler in the school before he quit in the fourth grade. His coach said he got the stamina but due to his lack of courage, he easily be defeated.

`` Ex-wrestler for your information. That has nothing to do with this’’ said Gerald.

Aaron then put both of his hands on both of Aaron’s shoulder. He preached `` listen Ger, you only have this opportunity once. This is not about solving our problem, it is also about conquering our fear.’’

`` Why don’t you do it instead of me?’’ said Gerald.

Aaron thought for a while. Instead of forcing his friend, he thought that he better do the job. He made up the decision `` Okay I’ll do it but.. you must assist me, understand’’. Gerald nodded as a sign of agreement, feeling unconfident of their sinister plot.

Gerald seemed to realized something `` Isn’t that my mango juice?’’ pointed his finger at the mango juice at Aaron’s hand.

`` What this, no way’’.

`` You just finished your mango juice moments ago’’ stated Gerald. He seemed to be very detailed when it came to this.

`` Is that so? Damn it! . Just remembered’’. Aaron looked at Gerald and said ``Sorry’’. 

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