nights forgotten flower

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a girl is kidnapped from her foster parents and is lost in emotions, magic and a search for an answer to a question she still doesn't even know.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - nights forgotten flower

Submitted: April 22, 2012

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Submitted: April 22, 2012



I pulled the shall closer to me as the night air grew cooler. Colors of a dieing day was were painted across the sky. "I hope da brought the sheep in tonight. It's getting close to winter." I mumbled to myself. I quickened my pace through the woods. I stopped and when I noticed something odd. I don't hear anything. I looked around and there was nothing. I sniffed the air and it smelled of smoke. I dropped my shall and spinted down the trail. i could feel the heat of the fire as i entered the feild next to my family's barn.

The old barn was engulfed in flames and i could here the the panicked neighing of the horses. I ran to the barn door and threw it open. All three horses ran out and into the woods. I ran to the well but stopped half way. That won't help now. I looked about. Where is everyone? I ran to the house entering the back door. "Dad! Mom! The barn! How'd it catch fire?" There was no reply. The house was empty. "Dad!" I ran upstairs and was stopped with a sword pointing at my face. I looked up at the man holding it. He was in his early twenties and he was grinnging down at my scared face.

"How did something like this come from you two hugly old pare? She's quite pretty for a farm girl." He grabbed my chin and lifted my face. "So whats your name lamb?"

I growled at him. "Don't touch me." I lifted a hand and smacked him. He took a step back in shock but quickluy regained himself. "How dare you come into our home, torch our barn, and insult my family. Get out. get out now!"

He grinned. "I was mistaken. You don't have a lamb but a little lioness. That needs to be tamed." He grabbed my arm as i went to smack him again and pulled me against him. He dropped the sword and pressed one hand on my lower back and grabbed the back of my neck with the other.

"You let her go!" My father cried out from behind him.

I heard my father grunt as another stranger yelled at him. "Shut up. Hey Cris. You better let us hav e a turn with her after."

My eyes went wide with panick. They're going to rape me. I tried to wiggle out of his grip as the panic started to set in. They're gonna rape me then kill me.

His grin widdened. "I think she just got the big picture here." He brought his head down next to my ear and whispered. "There's nothing you can do that will stop what we are going to do to you. There is no point in struggaling it just adds to the rush for us."

My body began to shake with fear. "Please no. Don't. I'll do anything. Just don't rape me."

He gave a moment of thought on this. "Anything? Well then." He turned me around and made me face my father and mother tied on the floor.

"Mom! Dad!" I tried to reach out to them but he held me back.

"If you want to live and keep your virginity then kill them."

I looked up at him in shock. "No. I couldn't i won't."

He shrugged. "Fine by us. Then we can have you and we'll kill them."

"No!" I cried out and turned, backing out of his grip. "Please. Don't kill them. You can have me but let them live. Let them go. Leave here with me and you can do what ever you want to me but you have to leave here and let them live."

He gave a sly smile. "You can't fight us if you do we will turn around and kill them."

The other man growled behind me. "Why are you making deals with her? We could just have her now and kill them all."

The other man nodded. "We could but i hired you to keep the family tied and quite not to make sugestions. The reason why we arn't is because people probably have seen the smoke and are coming this way. Plus she's a fighter even if she seems scared now. She is fighting for the life of her family and you wouldn't just throw away a priceless jem like her. You saver her."

"Ya well i'm getting hard just imaging her naked lets get out of here. I mean, like you said, people are probably on there way." He was getting antsy and he couldn't wait to get his hands on me.

I held my head high but i knew i still looked scared. "Do we have a deal or not?"

The man infront of me nodded. "Fine but you have to show me where you keep your goods and supplies. We came here cause we were short on supplies and the cash to get them."

My father spoke up behind me. "Alice, don't do this. It's not worth it."

I turned and knelt infront of him. "I'm not worth both of your lives. Plus mom is pregnant. I'm not worth three lives. Don't give up, dad. You have another child to raise. You can't give them up because i'm gone. I'll make sure there are still enough goods to sell for this coming winter."

I kissed his forehead and my mothers. I looked her in the eyes. "Please don't give up on that baby. Raise him stronge he'll help rebuld this place and he can fill the gap when i'm gone. Charish him."

She nodded as tears streamed down her face. "I love you. You are my little girl and i couldn't have asked for anything better then you."

New tears ran down my face. "I love you. Mom. Dad. Don't give up." I stood and faced the man holding them. "Untie them."

He grimiced. "You can't tell me what to do." He raised his hand top hit me but the man in charge reached across my shoulder and cought his fist only inches from my face.

"Untie them like she said." He released his fist. I stood ridged wih him so close to me.

My parents were untied and they both rapped there arms around me. I hugged them back and cried in there arms. After a few minutes i backed out of there grip. "Promise you'll stay up here till we're out of site. You have another life to protect. Don't let that flame die out."

They nodded unable to speak cause they were crying. Even my father was even though is face was stone and he had no tears. I could see it in his eyes. "We will." We hugged again but i was pulled away too soon.

At first i fought but i stopped my self. Just play along till we get far enough. I was shoved down the stairs and i lead them into the storage room. "Please, leave some for my family?" The man who had held my parents what already putting stuff into a bag but the man in charge nodded.

"What do you want us to leave? We need stuff for winter and to sell but this is more then we need."

I looked up at him shocked. I had expected him to ignore me and take what he wanted. "Um. Apples, half the wool, wheat, and most of the hay and tools. If thats ok?"

He nodded. "It is. We'll leave your family more then that though. We arn't that cruel. My name is Chris by the way and that hired idiot is Ben."

"I'm Alice, but you know that already." I shifted my weight feeling uneasy with them taking from my family. "Can i wait outside?"

"I'll have to tie you up."

I turned and walked out of the room. "I don't care. I just can't watch you take from my family." I walked outside and sat on the grass with my back against the side of the house. He pulled a rope from his belt and tied my wrists and ankles. I stared at the grass trying not to think of what was going to happen after we left.

He took my chin and made me look at him. "It won't be so bad. You'll see."

"You're going to rape me. How is that not so bad?" I glared at him.

He let go and started to head back in. "It doesn't have to be rape."

I looked at him started as i watched him round the corner. "Hey! What do you mean?" He's just playing with me. I shook my head. Don't let him get to me. I brought my hands to my chest as a gust of cold wind blew my hair into my face. I brought my knee's up to my chest and huddled into a ball. I should see if i can grab my winter gear. I shook my head. No. I'm not going to be with them long enough.They'll probably kill me before the first snow fall. I rested my fore head on my knee's and breathed warmth onto my hands.

I sat there shivering for what felt like ages. My body slowly became numb and every time i breathed onto my hands it burned. I stopped and i could feel my eyes close. The moon shone bright above me and i descided to try and get some sleep. I layed on the grownd still curled in a ball. My body got so numb that i stopped shivering. Maybe they forgot about me and left. I smiled. Don't be so nieve. You saw how they looked at you. I told myself. I watched the moon rise. unable to sleep even though my body begged to.

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