nights forgotten flower

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - 2 blood stain

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Submitted: April 27, 2012



My view of the moon was abstructed by chris. He looked down at me smiling. "Looks like you've gone numb."

I looked away from him and stared at his shoes. "Go away." i mumbled.

He ignored me and picked me up in his arms. He was warm and his grip on my was gentle. I rested my head on his chest. My body soaked in his warmth and i finnaly felt tired enough to sleep. He carried me over to a cart with two horses hooked up. A large tarp covered the opening, keeping out the wind. We stepped inside and i was placed on a pile of fur's. They were cold from the night air and i flinched. Blankets were placed on me but i was shivering again.

He took my hands and cut the rope from my wrists. Then he reached unter the blanket, making me panick, and cut the rope from my ankles. I burried myself into the blanket pulling my ankles away from him. I felt the cart shift and Ben give the horses a snap and we lerched forward.

I peeked out from the blankets and I saw chris sitting across from me blocking the opening in the tarp. He was looking down at his lap and i could see the shadow of what i assumed was a box. Isn't he cold? He looked up and smiled at me. "Arn't you cold?"

He grinned. "Are you offering to share your warmth under those blankets?"

I grunted. "No. It's almost winter. Shouldn't you have a jacket?"

"I plan to sell some of the goods we have and buy some winter clothes." A huge gust of wind came through the tarp and i quickly hid under the blanket and i could here him fumble with the tarp to get it closed. I peeked out again when I herd another gust blow through. He was trying to get the tarp to stay tied shut. He can't tie propper knots. I crawled out from the blankets and took the rope from his hands. "Where did you learn to tie?" He didn't answer but just smiled at me. I finished the bottom tie and worked my way up till the entire thing was secure. "There." I looked at chris from the corner of my eye. He was staring at me smiling. "You learn a lot of things on a farm. Like how to keep the cold out. I'm freezing."

I crawled back under the blankets and I was shivering again. I felt a cooldraft as the blankets were lifted and he crawled under. I layed there stiff. I felt his back against mine and he was warm. It took me a moment but I scooted a few inches away but he just scooted against me again. He's trying to get me comfortable around him. “What are you doing?”

“You were cold. I thought you could use my body heat.”

I grunted. “Won't your friend be jelous?”

I felt him shrugged. “He can deal with it. He's getting half of these goods. Thats more then enough for the little work he's done.”

I closed my eyes. “I don't understand you. Why did you kidnap me? Why don't you just rape me and kill me already?”

I felt him role over and i could feel his eyes focused on the back of my head. “You fascinate me.” He ran his fingers through my hair. “A simple farm girl fought so hard for her family's life that she gave up her own. Why?”

I thought for a moment and his fingers stopped when i didn't reply right away. I realized i had found it comforting and i didn't want him to stop. “I'm not really there child. They took me in when no one else would. They fed me, bathed me and let me live like i had alwayed been a part of the family. I was dieing on the streets and they brought me back. I don't remember who my real parents are but i like to think of them as my only family.” As i was talking he started running his fingurs through my hair again. Being gentle when he came to a knot and untangled it.

“Have you ever wanted to find your real parents?”

I shoot my head. “No.”

“Why not?”

“Because, i already had a family that loves me and i loved them.” He grabbed my should and made me face him. I looked at him scared that this was it. He's really gonna rape me.

He was smiling at me but it was sweet and soft. He took my face in both of his. I flinched when he kissed me gently on the forhead. “You're such a sweet girl and your strong.”


He shrugged. “We're in the town of Collins.”

A woman came up to him, she was stout and rough looking but gave me sweet smile before addressing Chris. “My boys say you have some wool to trade for clothes.”

He nodded and gave her a winning smile that would have any girl swooning after him. “Yes. They're just in the cart.” He pulled it out and let the woman handle it and examine it closely. “You can see that the wool is in fine condition and by how soft it is you can tell that the sheep were well taken care of.”

She nodded. “It is soft and that would make it easier to spin. What's you're price?”

“Two sets of winter clothes for men and one for the lady here and twenty silver.”

She looked at the wool again. “I'll give you. Two sets for the men and two for the girl and ten silver.”

We both looked at Chris, who seemed to be deep in thought. “Two for the men, one for the girl and fifteen silver.”

The woman nodded and smiled. “Fine but the girl needs more then one set. I'll give you two for the girl. The extra one is so that we may trade again someday.”

He bowed. “Thank you. I'll come here the next time I pass through.” The woman took half the wool and heading inside the building.

Chris gave me a stern look. “Don't go anyware.” He motioned behind us and i saw Ben was leaning on the cart watching me.

It made me shiver the way his eyes continualy scanned meas if he could see through my clothes. I felt violated. Our eyes met and i got this deep dred that i wouldn't be ablt to avoid him for long. He grave me a wicked smile and i looked away quickly. You won't get a better chance then now to try and run away. Just wait till chris goes inside. I looked down at my feet hoping that Chris wouldn't notice how scared i was. I have to stay stronge. I won't let them have me.

Chris made me look at him. “Stay and everything will go smoothly.”

I looked at him confused. What will go smoothly? He grabbed the rest of the wool and headed inside. I took a deep breath. Just start running and don't look back. My first step felt slow. I knew Ben saw what i was anout to do and was coming at me but everything seemed so slow. As my foot touched the ground i went as fast as i could into a sprint. Now it seemed i was moving to fast and people were moving to slow to get out of the way.I could here been behind me. “Hey! You little bitch!”

My heart pumped so hard against my chest that it hurt and fear ran through me. I have to keep running. I didn't keep track of where i was heading. I just wanted to get away and as far from them as possible. From the corner of my eye i saw the forest. I grabbed the edge of a building to help me round the corner faster. I Shot down the road. My heart set on the forest. So close! As i neared i saw that a river separated the town from the forset. I can make it. I Leaped across the river my feet just catching the edge of the bank. I grabbed a tree branch and pulled my self into the forest. I ran a few feet more into the forest and stopped behind a tree to catch my breath. I strained my ears to try and hear him coming for me.

I heard a splash and i held my breath. At first i heard someone swimming my way but then it started to go back. I got onto the ground and hid behind a bush by the river bank. Chris was on the other side glaring at Ben. “Where is she?”

Ben had just climbed back onto the river bank. “She's in the woods. Long gone by now. That bitch is fast.”

Chris was looking past Ben into the forest. For a second he seemed his eyes lingered on me but he continued his scan. “She couldn't have gotten far. She has nothing but her clothes.”

Ben gave a wicked grin. “When i catch her she won't even have that.”

I put my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming but i could't stop the image in my head. Him ripping of my clothes. The scream was building up. His hands touching me, his eyes looking at my nacked body. It was too much. I rapped my arms around me and screamed. “No!”

They both looked into the forest and Ben started to swim across again. Chris backed up a, ran and jumped across the river. He was only a few feet away from me and i held my breath. I'm such an idiot. I jumped up and ran deeper into the forest. I heard Chris behind me his foot steps right behind me. I dared a look behind me and he was only a few steps behind. As I looked back I steped into a hole, twisting my ankle and falling into a ditch. To stopped himself from falling in after me he jumped over the ditch.

He turned back and rolled me over. He rested his hands on his knee's as he looked down at me. “Next time pay attention to where your going.”

Tears streamed down my face. “Just leave me alone!”

Ben finnaly caught up to us. “What? did she trip?” He laughed. “Time to teach her to stay when told.” He took a knife from his boot and strattled me under him. My eyes went wide with fear. He grinned down at me. “Don't worry i'm not going to fuck you yet. I'm too tired. I'm just gonna fix it so u can't run off anymore.”

Chris sighed. “Ben, come on. We'll just keep her tied up.”

“No way. This bitch is going to pay. She won't be able to run anywmore.” He pressed the Knife to my thigh.

I froze. Please. Don't let him do this to me!”

Chris took a step toward him. “Come on. You'll make a mess and i won't clean it.”

Slowly he pressed the knife harder. He was going to make me really pay and this wouldn't be the end. He would do worse to me in time. “Fine. I'll clean it up.”

I put my hands on his shoulders and tried to push him off. “Please don't. I won't try to run again. I promise. Please don't cut me.”

His grinned widened. “I know you won't try to run away.”

Chris put a hand on Ben. “Come on. She's learned her leason.”

He glared at Chris. “You've gone soft for her. Havn't you?” Chris didn't say anything. Ben began to laugh again. “You've fallen in love with her. Even though we kidnapped her and planned to rape her you fell in love. It hasn't even been a full day.”

Chris punched him in the shoulder. “Like hell I havn't fallen in love with her. I just want her in prime condition when we have her.”

Ben losened on the knife a little. “Is that so.” He lept off me and tackled Chris to the ground. He put the knife on his throat. “Maybe i want her to myself.” Chris took a knife from his belt and press it to Ben's neck

I sat up to get a better look. They were glaring at each other, eyes filled with the hunger for blood. This is my chance to run. But i couldn't make my body listen. Fear courced through my body. It wasn't fear for me though. I was afraid for Chris. Come on. Run home.

They were in a stale mate. Waiting to see who would make the first move. It felt like ages. Finally i saw ben shift his weight. I gritted my teath. “Stop it!” Chris looked at me from the corner of his eye. “Ben, I'll go with you just stop this.”

He grinned. “Seems like she feels the same about you.”

I crossed my arms. “tsk. I just don't like the sight of blood. Lets go!” Tried to stand but pain shot up from my ackle. I quickly put all my weight on my good foot. I watched as Ben slowly got off Chris, careful to keep the knife on him till he was safe. As soon as the blade came off Chris's neck I started limping back to the town. “It's not like I can run anyways.”

Ben easily caught up to me and leaned down and whispered to me. “I won't wait for you to be ready. Your mine, tonight.” I stopped. “You can fight if you want to but it won't help. I'll have you tonight even if it kills me.”

I back handed him across the his face. “I hope it does.”

He glared at me. “I'll make sure you pay for that too.”

I glared back. “Whats the worst you can do to me? Killing me would be a blessing and i would rather be tortured then to get fucked by you.” What am i doing? I'm making it so much worse.

He pushed me onto the ground. “I seem to have found some energy. I guess we won't have to wait till tonight.”

I pressed my legs together and tried to push him off. “Help!” I screamed. I hoped someone was near the forest and heard me. “Someone help me!” He put a hand over my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and bit down makeing him bleed.

He cried out and brought his fist down onto my head. The blow made me dizzy and stunned. He took the oportunity to force himself between my legs. I dug my nails into his shoulders. “Stop.” He took his knife and slipped it under my underwear and cut it off. “Please! Don't!” I dug my heals into the ground trying to push myself away.

He put the knife on my side. “I won't care if ur bleeding to death or not when i fuck you so its your choice.”

I glared at him. “Then i'll make sure i'm dead before i let that happen.” I took his hand with the knife and pressed it down. I gasped at i felt the knife go through. I didn't dare look at it.

Ben was looking down at it shocked. “You're insane.”

“I don't care. I'll bleed to death soon.”

Suddenly he was pushed off me. Chris was on top of him and he was filled with rage. He had his own knife on Ben's throat. Before anyone could even react Chris slit his throat and I knew that he could kill someone if he wanted to. He could do it and he would have no regrets. He stood and walked over to me.

I smiled even though i was more scared of him then of Ben. “Come to finish me off?”

His expression was of disapointment. “Is that what you think of me? A killer?”

My body was getting cold and my thoughts were getting foggy but i nodded. “You're able to kill and i don't think your one to let people suffer. So, please, kill me. I don't want to suffer.”

He gave me a crooked smile and everything was going dark. The last thing a heard was Chris. “I'm not going to let you die.”

Why am i cold? I thought as my eyes slowly opened. I opened my eyes to see the mouth of a cave. The air was damp and the ground was hard, packed earth. I sat up and cringed from pain that shot from my side. I press my hand gently and i could feel the warmth of the blood seeping through. I look down at my side and saw that my entire middle was bandaged and where the new blood was seeping through there was an old blood stain. What happened?

I wore nothing but the bandage and pants that were obviously too big for me. Carfully i turned myself to that i leaned on the cave wall. There was a fire pit but the fire had long gone out. Across from me was a pile of bloody cloths and a dress that had a tare in it and was soaked in blood. The cave only went a little unter twenty feet in from the mouth and i couldreach out and touch te back wall. I looked back at the mouth of the cave half expecting someone to enter. I don't think i came here alone. I wouldn't be able to bandage myself. Not with the amount of blood I must have lost.

I looked back down at my side. Why don't i remember this. I was going for a walk through the woods. The sun was setting and I descided to head home. I closed my eyes. Come on. Just remember.

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