School of monsters

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I really think this one will go somewhere.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - School of monsters

Submitted: June 05, 2010

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Submitted: June 05, 2010



Dear Diary (I can’t believe I have even started writing in you.)
Have you ever had that feeling that no matter where you go you just can’t seem to fit in? (How stupid a question. Of course you don’t.) That’s seemed to be the problem everywhere I went. Girls made fun of my dark, dark, almost black, red eyes my pale skin and of how I had to put sun block on three times a day. They only did it because they were afraid of me. They whispered rumors about me and cowered in the corner when ever. Boys though, were in love with me. At the most I would get twenty love notes and five boys with the guts to ask me out every month.
I don’t blame them even if my skin was pale it was smooth and flawless. My long gray hair gave me a creepy and somewhat, gorgeous look. I turned them all down for when they asked me there words sounded like pink ooze. And I hate pink.
I guess that’s why I was always wearing black skirts, jeans and tank tops. I had once tried to look unattractive but every time I walked by a boy they were still drooling that pink ooze at my feet. You try walking through your least favorite color and have it stick to your feet. I had once come home after having to reject a strangely large amount of boys. My mother had burst out laughing saying that I was leaving a trail of it all over the house. That’s when I ran up stairs to take a shower.
But that was in some odd school ago. It was like that in all my schools but things were different in this next school. Most boys still drooled at my feet, but other than that it seemed to be different in this new school. Not only that but this small town is strange
My eyes slowly opened to the flashing numbers of my clock telling me it was seven o two. The first thing that ran through my tired minds was Oh. Look. My first day of school starts in twenty eight minutes. The clock changed to seven o three. Oh. Wait. No. It’s now twenty seven minutes. I shot up in bed as I flung the covers off me. “Oh, my goodness! I have Twenty seven minutes to get to school!” I could hear my mom fall down laughing at me as I quickly put on a black skirt and tank top. I ran out of my room and down the hall to the bathroom doing a quick run through with the brush. “Thanks for waking me up, mom!” I grabbed my bag and stuffed a piece of toast as I climbed onto my bike and peddled down the street with all my might.
 I sat down at a desk just as the bell rang. I looked around and listened to what people did over the summer. Some had gone to visit family’s others just stayed and hung around here. They made such boring times sound like great fun. I would have gone to visit family too if I had anyone other than my mom. I crossed my arms over my desk and rested my head. Basking in the sun that shown threw the window.
I heard footsteps coming torrid my desk. I looked up to see a boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He was cute. But that wasn’t any excuse for blocking my sun. “Hey. Could you step to the side? You have seemed to be blocking my sun.” He didn’t move. I sat up. “Please.” I gave him a sweet smile. He finally moved to the side blushing.
“Sorry but I thought the sun wasn’t good for your kind?” He smiled at me apologetically.
“Well I do have very sensitive skin to the sun, but I put on sun-block like three times a day so no harm should be done.” My smile faded. “What do you mean by my kind? I am a human here like everyone else.”
His smile faded as well. “No one here is human. I mean there are a few are half humans but I guess there are two humans here that I know of.” He looked around the room looking to make sure he was right.
I shook my head confused. “I don’t understand.”
He looked back at me and smiled. “Welcome to ghoul high school!”
My eyes widened with panic. This can’t be right. This just can’t be right. I must still be dreaming. That’s it. I’m dreaming. I looked around franticly. Finally noticed that a few peers were like me. They had strange red eyes all in different shades, but they had either white or black hair. Not gray like mine.
I stood in a rush. “I’m not feeling so good. I need to call my mother.” I walked out of the class trying not to run. I knocked on the door of the office.
A woman in her late twenties dressed in all white answered the door. “May I help you dear?” She gave me a friendly smile but her gray eyes seamed to look right threw me.
I nodded slowly. “Yes. I would like to call my mother please.”
She opened the door wider and turned. “Follow me please.” She walked on ahead, her feet never touching the ground, and showed me a pine green phone on the desk. “Just dial seven after the number.”
I nodded and she walked away. I noticed that the room was full of people. One man with red eyes and a beard and hair smiled at me. I smiled back not sure why or how he had the same red eyes too. I dialed the number and listened to the phone ringing.
“Yes.” My mother answered.
“Hi mom. I need to ask you a question.”
“Yes.” She sounded like she was trying very hard not to laugh.
“What am I?”
It was quiet for a second before she burst out laughing.
“This isn’t funny mom.”
I could hear her trying to stop. “I know sweet heart. I know.”
“So what am I then?”
Her voice suddenly became serious. “Well it has to do with your father.”
I never knew my father. And my mother never talked about him. “What about him?”
“He was a Vampire.”
My heart skipped a beat. “And you are?”
She started giggling again. “Oh. I’m just a human dear. No worries.”
My anger couldn’t be held in any longer. “No worries! I find out that my father, who I never knew, is a vampire. Making me a half vampire! I am just finding this out now! And over the…” I stopped and looked around at all the adults looking at me. As my eyes swept over them, they burst into sudden laughter. “I’ll talk to you later.” I said in a heated voice, and hung up the phone. Marching out of the room, tears ran down my face as I saw the man look at me with a sullen look. I slammed the door behind me and walked down the hall a ways before falling to my knees in tears. Happy sixteenth birthday June. Oh. And guess what. You’re a half blood. A hand patted my shoulder. I looked up to see the man. He helped me stand up and hugged me. I stopped crying for a moment.
He rubbed my back. “It’s okay. You can cry. You can cry.”
And with that I did. Cried with sweet joy of having a father and with the anger of not knowing what I was.
The bell range for class to be over. “Happy birthday.” He said as the crowd of students came rushing out and stopping at the sight of me and this man.
The boy who had greeted me earlier pulled me away from him. His blue eyes glaring at my father as he pushed me behind him. “Mr. Vald, may I ask why you are touching this girl?”
The man smiled at him. “You do know what she is. Don’t you, peter?” He didn’t give him time to answer. “June is the first ever half vampire in history.” He looked over peter’s shoulder. “And my daughter.”
Again my heart skipped a beat. In a wave of panic I turned and ran. Pushing people out of my way, but most moved for me. I ran out into the court yard and climbed the first tree I came to. Sitting at the very top branches I cried. Why did I run from him? He’s my father, I should be happy to have found him. I sudden ache of hunger rushed threw me. I wish at least I had grabbed lunch bag. I looked down at hearing my name called and saw peter. “What do you want?” I yelled at him.
He held up my lunch bag. “It’s lunch time. I thought you might be hungry.” He gave me a pleading smile. “Can I come up and eat with you?” I saw he had his lunch bag in his other had.
“Sure. You can come up.” My hunger over powered my anger. “Just don’t look up my skirt.” He immediately looked straight ahead as he started to climb his face red. When he came to the last few branches my anger was completely gone and I helped him up on the branch next to me.
“Do you think the branch can hold us both?” He looked around probably wondering how far of a drop it was.
“Don’t worry it is stronger than it looks.” I grabbed my bag from him and pulled out my water and large salad. It was hot out so I took a huge gulp of water before digging into my salad. I stopped a moment and looked at my salad. “I can’t taste it.”
“I can’t imagine you could at the rate you were eating at.” He bit into his banana and peanut butter sandwich.
I glared at him and took a bite of lettuce covered in dressing, chewing slowly. I stopped at mid chew and spit it out. “I still can’t taste anything.”
“Aw! Gross!” We looked down and saw my father wiping my chewed salad off his face.
“Sorry!” I yelled down. I looked over at Peter who was trying not to choke on his sandwich as he started to laugh. Seeing him trying to laugh threw a mouth full of food made me laugh.
“Well. I am glad to see you laughing instead of crying.” My father smiled up at me. I put the rest of my salad back into the bag and started climbing down.
When I jumped down from the last branch I looked at my father with a serious expression. “Why can’t I taste my food anymore?”
“Why I believe it is because at the age of sixteen you begin feeding on blood.” He shrugged. “I don’t really know. You are the first half vampire so we have but to find out.” He gassed up thinking. “But what I am sure of is that you can be fed off of other vampires because you are still part human. But vampires can’t feed off other vampires.”
I crossed my arms over my chest. “That sounds reassuring. So now my hunger can only be quenched by blood.” I looked over at Peter with a playful smile. “He will do.”
He gave a nervous smile and chuckle. “I don’t think you’ll like a werewolf’s blood.”
I took a step towered him making him take a step back. “Like I said. It will do.” I gave him a devious grin before running after him. My father grabbed the color of my shirt. I looked up at him confused. “We were only going to have some fun.”
His look sent shivers through my spine. “You will lose control and actually bite him.” He smiled his special smile at me. “Tonight I will take you on a hunt.”
A rush of excitement ran threw me. My first outing with my father. Though I had a hunch of what we were about to do that was all washed away with the wave of happiness. “Sounds like fun.”
“Come let’s get you guys back to class before you are missed.” He led me to class, peter close behind us. I looked back and saw him glaring at my father’s back. It looked like he was trying to drill a hole threw him.
I looked up at my father. “Am I in any of your classes?”
“Ye s. You’re in one of my vampire classes. Don’t you know that vampires play a huge role in the government?” He smiled at me like it was obvious. He stopped at my math room door. “Well here you go. See you tonight.” He patted my shoulder before leaving.
I looked at Peter and gave him a sly smile. “You know what? I still seem to be hungry.”
“Ah.” He smiled nervously as he quickly rushed into the room with me close behind. We found seats next to each other before the bell for class to start rang.
Peter and I had almost every class together. Till it was time to learn the history of our own. Each class was taught by the same kind as the students. My father taught the history of vampires. He made me come up so he could tell all the other vampires that I was the first half-blood in history. And his daughter. They all rushed up to talk to me. Boys asked if I had ever been bitten and offered to when I said no. Girls offered to take me shopping. I said maybe we can all go this weekend. They all screeched with glee that they were going shopping with the first half-blood in history.
My father finally sent them back to their seats and told theories about half-blood and what he had found were true and not. The whole time I sat up at the front of the class atop my father’s desk. Again the boys started drooling that pink ooze again as they stared at me. I felt violated with them staring at me.
When school was over I met Peter out front by the tree we had climbed with my bike. “Hey are you doing anything tomorrow?” He asked as we walked down the street.
I knew what he was going to ask but I let him have the satisfaction of asking. “I don’t think so why?”
 “I was wondering if you would like to go get an ice cream.” He looked down at the ground. “I know you can’t taste any human food but they serve an ice cream for vampires. It is vanilla ice cream mixed with any type of blood you want A or B. You can’t get O type because the hospitals need that.”
“Sure I’ll go on a date with you.” At the word date he blushed but a smile spread on his face.
But it faded when he looked up at me. “You know you don’t have to go hunting tonight. The town has a program that supplies vampires with blood.”
I looked at him with a thankful look. “Great. I didn’t really want to go and kills the kind that I had lived with for most of my life. I’ll find my father’s number in the phone book and tell him.”
“I’ll take you down to the town hall so you can sign up for the program.” He hopped on his bike. I followed suit and headed down to the town hall. Well, it was more like racing torrid city hall. Two arch enemy species laughing together. The sight of it gave people a shock when we entered the building.
We walked up to the front desk panting from the hard ride with wide grins on our faces. “Hi I would like to sign up for the blood program.”
The woman gave us both a considering glare. “Can I see your fangs?”
The question shocked me. “I don’t know if I can ma,am. This is the first day where I can’t eat human food.” I looked at Peter not sure what to do.
“How hungry are you?” he asked.
“Very why?” I eyed him as he pulled something out of his pocket.
It was a pocket knife. Before I could stop him he brought it to his wrist, giving him a small cut.
The small of blood filled my nose with such force I almost fell over. It made my mouth water. With a shock of pain fangs shot from my gums, replacing my scissor teeth. I looked at the fallen teeth that lay on the floor. Slowly my eyes rested on the drop of blood that sat on Peter’s wrist. Before I had the chance to bite him a man came up from behind me and grabbed my arms. “No! Let me go! Let me go!” I screamed, fighting the man. A straw was shoved into my mouth almost chocking me. They closed my mouth making me have to drink threw the straw. What I tasted was the best thing I had ever tasted in my life. And I knew then what it was: Blood. I looked up at Peter He was in a state of shock and didn’t notice the woman from behind the counter bandaging his wrist. They took the straw out of my mouth. For the second time that day I cried. But I cried for I had almost bit the one boy I had ever cared about. The man let go of me but stayed close just in case.
At seeing me cry he gave a reassuring smile. “Its okay, June. It’s going to be okay.” My fangs shrank to looking like normal teeth. He hugged me and kissed my cheek. “It was bound to happen sometime. Better to have done it in a place where you can be controlled.”
The woman shook her head as she stepped behind the desk. “Two enemy species in love with each other. What a scene.” She looked over at me. “I’ll write you in for the blood plan.” She scribbled something and handed me a piece of paper. “Just give this to the school and they will supply you with the lunch you need. And a week’s worth of blood will be sent to you every Friday.” She looked over at a calendar behind her and scribbled another note. “If you go out and around to the back door you will see a man there. Give him this note and he will supply you enough till Friday.”
I nodded, drying up my face. I looked at Peter. “We should get that done now. My mother is going to start worrying if I’m not home soon.”
We quickly ran out back and grabbed the supply of blood and started off to my house. Peter helped me carry the bags of blood into the house. My mother gave me a questioning look when I walked past her. “June. Are you going to introduce me to your friend?”
I pulled him to my side to introduce him. “Mom. This is Peter, my boyfriend.”
She eyed him like she was picking out a turkey for thanksgiving. Finally she looked at me and pointed a thumb at him. “He is a werewolf.” Her eyes darted to him and then back to me. “But he is a keeper if I ever saw one.”
Peter and I grinned in unison.
She turned back to him. “But you had better take care of her.”
Peter nodded vigorously.
She looked back at my grin and smiled herself. “You got two new teeth.” She looked at Peter’s wrist and frowned. “Did you…”
I gave her an appalled look. “Mom! I would never!”
Peter giggled. “But you would almost.”
I glared at him. “If you hadn’t coxed me into it, it would have never happened.”
“But we needed to get your fangs out, or they would never have allowed you to be a part of the blood program.” He gave me a sly smile. “And it worked, did it not?”
I looked away. “It did.” I looked back at him. “But if that man hadn’t held me back I would have bitten you.”
My mother started to laugh. “Gosh! You two sound like children.”
“Oh. Mom. Before I forget. I met my dad today. Apparently he is one of my teachers.”
She stopped laughing and turned back to Peter. “Do you truly love my daughter?”
Peter gave her a serious face. “Of course I do. I would lay down my life for her.”
She gave a nod. “Good, than I want you to protect her from that cruel man that fathered her.” She turned back to me. “You stay away from him.” She rushed to the phone. “For now on you will take the human history class. I hear that the two human girls are very nice.”
Worry washed over me. “Mom, what is going on here?”
“Your father is planning on using you.” She started flipping through the pages of the phone book.
I came up next to her. “How? How is he going to use me?”
“You aren’t the very first half-blood to be born. You are the second. With the first they found out that when a half-blood turns a human into a vampire they are more powerful then when a full blood vampire turns a human into a vampire. The first one luckily didn’t have the chance to build the army. You see, because they make such strong vampires they themselves are weak.” She smiled at me. “Hence why you have such a bad gym grade.” She went back to looking threw the phone book. “But they found that if they drink the blood of a werewolf they have the same physical power as that werewolf. But only for a few hours. She dialed the number of the school she found. “Hello, this is June’s mother I would like her to be changed to the human history class.” She paused letting the other person talk. “Yes, I would like her to start tomorrow.” Pause. “Yes, just send the papers with home with her tomorrow.” Pause. “Will she still be able to start tomorrow?” Sigh. “Okay then. That’s okay that she starts the day after tomorrow. Thank you. Good bye.”
I gave her a stern look. “But how is that ability going to help him?”
She hung up the phone. “Your father is part of a society that thinks that vampires should rule the world. With your ability they can create an army.”
“But can’t they give birth to another Half-blood?”
She sighed. “It is very rare that a mother can give birth to a half-blood. She is either killed in the process of creating the baby. Or the body can’t handle carrying the baby and dies killing the child within it.”
I put a hand to my head feeling dizzy. “This is a lot to process.” Peter grabbed my arm and led me to a chair. He grabbed one of the blood bags, poured half into a glass and handed it to me. Mother put her hand to my forehead as I drank down the blood.
“I think you need to head to bed.”
“One more question. How do vampires change humans into them?”
She pointed at me. “Last question.” She sighed. “The vampire must bite the human but to turn it to a vampire it must make the human drink the vampire’s blood before the bite marks fade.” She took the glass and put it in the sink. Walking over to Peter and me she asked. “Will you sleep here tonight? I fear her father might try to come and get her.” Just then the door bell rang.
“I got it.” Peter cried as he ran to the door. “Oh. Um. Hello Mr. Vald.”
“Why, Hello, Peter. What a surprise to see you here. Is June home?”
I ran to the door. “Hi dad. I’m sorry but I’m not going to go hunting with you tonight. It just doesn’t feel right hunting the same kind as my mother.”
He gave me a disappointed look. “Well. I’m sorry to hear that. I just wanted you to feel the thrill of hunting is all.” He looked up past me to my mother. “I’ll be going now. See you at school then.” He turned and left.
Peter closed the door. “I believe I will stay tonight. Just let me call my folks.” He walked over to the phone.
My mother turned me torrid her and grabbed my shoulders. “He is not allowed to sleep in your bed in human form got that. Wolf form is fine but he can only sleep at the foot of the bed, got it?”
I nodded and looked at Peter to make sure he heard. He gave me a pouty face at the rules given from my mother.
After Peter talked to his parents he fallowed me upstairs to my room. I pushed him back out. “Now stay out here so I can change like a good little puppy.” I closed the door and changed into my P.J. boxers and tank top. I opened the door to find a brown wolf sat in front of my room. Beside him were his clothes. I frowned. “Great. You’re naked. Just don’t change back in your sleep.”
“Are you sure you don’t want me to?” He gave a wolf smile.
“You heard what my mother said.” I said surprised that I could hear him talk even if he didn’t move his mouth. I climbed into bed and waited for Peter to jump on before getting settled. “Good night, Peter.” I set before closing my eyes.
“Good night, June.”

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