Existing on a torn world (Her holiness) Book 1 The beginning

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As the name of her Holiness is given to the orders of the Atheistic order and the order of the seraphim, these two orders setout to locate her Holiness and her Holiness's sole protector and soulmate. These two beings, who live in enemy territory stand as the worlds last and only hope for an eternal peace and the forces of hells defeat at the hands of the side of light.

Their recues means blood having to be shed by both sides, and their flight to safe ground only means their intence training and a bitter fight ahead.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1 Prologue The world divided between to halves, between light and eternal darkness

Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012




The world has been plunged into a war between the sides of light and darkness for over thirty years now, with the heavenly beings known as angels descending upon the world of man, it only came as inevitable that war, extreme hardship, brutality, and eventually death would come to us, the people of earth.

The hardships and even death so too fell upon the angels of both sides, both the fallen and still heavenly angels. Where the fallen angels (also known as the fallen) brought death, enslavement, horrors, brutality, fear, and hatred; the heavenly angels brought to the world order, faith, governance, justice, protection, and as much as possible, peace.

Now, before young one, you think that these both heavenly and foul spiritual beings were strictly of any one religion, may it be major or minor, then I would tell you that you are wrong. For the beings of good served the will of the gods' and not any sole deity in particular. For all the gods and goddesses of the different religions that had existed throughout history did exist and did guide the lives of both the living and the deceased. The foul and tainted ones simply called the fallen, on the other hand served only themselves and anyone stronger and more vile than they themselves are.

Through it all a third order called the atheistic order, one not bound to the gods', strives to bring the age of man to the earth once more. Now you might ask yourself just how an atheistic order can exist when the knowledge of the gods' and angels, let alone the existence of the minions of hell was made known to all. The order now accepts the existence of the gods' and afterlife as well as all the spiritual, both foul and fair beings it just means that we believe that the world of man should be allowed to guide itself along its own path of destiny. And yes, when I say "we" it means that I too am of the atheistic order.

My name is Aristotle, funny that may parents long ago would name me that as since Aristotle was a believer and follower of the gods' and I am not, at least I always thought my being named after him was ironic, but then again that's beside the point. I'm a strong believer in the path of man, but a path that is a manifest of man's own will of what he or she wants in life and is willing to work both for and towards. I have always, since childhood, been a believer in self determination and will never believe otherwise, and when the realm of the gods' opened up in part to our world it came as a shock to even me as well. But things such as the worlds of the spiritual and mortal mixing can easily change, at least in part, a person's view of life. That said it made me no less a believer in self determination in the least bit.

But what has changed is something that has come to the attention of my order and that of the angelic order and even the realm of the gods' and that is it had been prophesied over a millennium ago that their is a woman to which maybe able to bring this war to an end. The name of this woman has been kept from all for now, supposedly for fear of enemy spies, but my own personal belief on this is that both the angelic order lead by the seraphim and the gods' still don't fully trust my order yet. To think they still don't trust us, even after we have fought by their side and them by ours for over thirty years now, and all because we wish for our own right to self determination.

When both the forces of heaven and hell entered into our world, one side entered the world with a forceful impact that claimed the lives of well over one-billion. The other side entered our world with grace and shielded that part of the world with their might, sparing the lives of all those swept up in their protective embrace. The forces of the fallen came first to the powers of the Western world, and in particular the superpower of the United States. It crushed the superpower of the United States in the matter of their first day and night of hell's invasion. The forces of hell even smashed a great hole and thus pierced the dome atop the capital building. The building now, where once the senators sat to bring about the formation of new laws and the reinforcing of old ones, now it lay as hell's largest temple dedicated to the practice and widespread act of human sacrifice. Now the senate chamber had built at its heart an alter of bone, and its floor was constantly drenched and bathed in human blood spilt.

The first place claimed by the side of darkness had therefore been the United States of America, and quickly after that followed Canada, the British Isles, nearly all of Europe, both Iceland and Greenland, a large portion of Western Russia, a small portion of Africa, and a large part of the top portion of South America. Under this large and almost impregnable umbrella of eternal darkness the forces of hell descended from to bear down upon these regions of earth.

The side of light, on the other hand had descended upon the countries of the east. They had first made their appearance known in the countries of China and Japan, followed by the better portion of Africa, better in terms of the greater portion of Africa, the east half of Russia, and all those countries held within the border of the Mediterranean, followed then by the countries of the Middle East, the lower half of South America, and finally Australia. With China, Japan, and Australia and the eastern portion of Russia under the protection of the heavenly beings, a strong human military was still being able to be mustered for earth's defence.

The parts of the world that are controlled by the side of darkness is constantly shrouded in darkness. The darkened sky and its black clouds seeming almost an impregnable shield of blackness to the sun's heavenly rays, almost as if to keep judgment from being cast upon them. The sky only giving way to rain that is blood red in appearance and deadly poisonous to partake of. For one to partake of water in these fouled lands one had to call upon the will and purity of the gods' to cleanse the foul water and make it right again, but doing so could mean your life as such an act was considered an abomination and blasphemy to the forces of darkness and as such was punishable by death if you were lucky enough to face that sort of end if caught. Though within a week after a rain fall the foul red water would become clean again on its own, but that could be to little to late for anyone not willing to risk life and limb to cleanse the foul water with help from the gods'.

The portion of the world held by the side of light on the other hand, was a vast land of lush beauty when it's not being raided and assaulted by the side of darkness, and when such events happen then what is left is scorched earth, rivers of blood, death, and dismay. The side of the earth controlled and held by the side of light is under a regular flow of sun rise and sun sets, rolling darkness and renewing light. But what is most striking of the portion of the world held by the side of light is the almost unbroken peace that that side of the world is under and has sustained for much of the better part of the thirty years since heaven and hell came to the earth. The peace only broken when the usual lighting raids (which is typical of both sides) enters into the eastern side of the world under cover of darkness, or sometimes when a more wide scale assault over a much large area and pressing ever deeper into light's territory is launched to claim even more lives and even more slaves than is usual.

The order I am in,the atheistic order's headquarters is situated in the capital of the side of light's territory, the capital is called New Haven. Our headquarters is situated in a newly built (when I say newly built I mean it was newly built thirty years ago) cathedral. Funny, that our headquarters should be in such a place as a place of former worship, but when the forces of heaven and hell came, and the war between heaven and hell started upon our world, as if the war for our souls hadn't already begun, many hit by the first waves of hell either died or lost their faith at the hands of such horrors probably because they could not understand why the gods' allowed such horrors to occur. But with the world in at least partial chaos, we the atheistic order quickly came into being and quickly filled our ranks and we are now one-million strong and a strong ally to the side of light. With our order's number now strong enough as to allow us to protect the ones needing protection and to allow us to lend assistance to our allies the gods' and heavenly orders of angels, we our now ready to stand as guardians and allies to help protect our side of the earthly borders.

With our home base as it were, situated on the south side of New Haven, we are ready. The capital city of New Haven is shaped like an oval, with a flat and smooth north and southern side and with rounded east and western ends. The walls protecting the city is sunlight taken physical form, where the sunlight is made by the will of the gods' to take a physical form twice as strong as steel, and four times as light, reflective silver in appearance and as it produces no sun glare, it makes for an impressive view from any way and anywhere you witness the sight of the city from for yourself.

As we wait for the name of her holiness to be revealed and for us to take up the task of protecting her, we stand, in the meantime, ready for a possible future world which is as yet unwritten, one where mankind makes his or her own path in life and one where the world is ruled and guided by human laws and foresight.

And as the atheistic and angelic orders' prepare for the final battle between the sides of darkness and light, we also as two separate orders' prepare for our knew charge and that is the protection of her holiness and her training in her powers. If we succeed then the war will end in our favor and man will rule once again, but if we fail all will be lost for all of us. Wish us luck young one, for all our sakes.

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