Tale of the Midnight Stream (Dawn of the chosen) Book 1

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As the Gray Ones (a race that once ruled the world of Ashena with hatred and brutality) once again threaten the world of Ashena (and in so doing that of the world of Earth as well)prepares themselves to crush the peoples of good of the world of Ashena under foot, a group of six people that would oneday become known to all that world as the Chosen Ones' prepare to step into this world they know everying about (but had never visited) and togehter with an ally of their own world and two animal companions, they set themselves to the task of fighting for the freedom and survival of two worlds all the while never truly knowing of themselves if they truly have what it takes within them to actually win.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1 Prologue

Submitted: November 18, 2012

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Submitted: November 18, 2012




Desc: Mike=will lead most of humanity Jasper and Lilith=will become grand wizard and head witch of Ashena and lead the wizardry and Wiccians into battle Sue=will reunit the fractured Amazons of the outer islands Trevor=will bring the might of the centures to bare
William=one that will lead the elven archers to battle

Riunea castle

In a multiverse where countless worlds upon worlds exist, and different layers of reality lie, are places where both these worlds and realities intersect and may interact with one another. Two of these worlds that intersect and do interact is one world (namely that of Earth) and another world (namely that of the world of Ashena). These worlds may, from Earth's side, only interact at midnight and from Ashena's side, only at noon. These worlds interaction made possible through both a simple, but mysterious wooden door, that only appears by a wooded stream at midnight on one world and noon on the other.

From one world (namely that of Earth) lies a world of steel and concrete, of science and technology, of both famine,war, and hardships. A world of only one sentient race, that of the Human race. From the other world lies a world of many medieval kingdoms and lands, a world of many races and a world of magic and lore. A world of thatched roofs and castles. Where both castles and wizard towers lie as bastions of both hope,safety,and knowledge. Where peace had existed unbroken for a thousand years. And on this (the world of Ashena) would contend two sides (both good and evil) for the fates of two worlds. Where a smoldering and vengeful evil (one banished by light and the strength of virtues a thousand years ago) lies in wait to reclaim a land that it once ruled through hatred, brutality, and ignorance. A force, that if the forces of good and of the lands of the free should not be able to guard and defend against will overtake Ashena and claim the door to Earth, and enter in through it to claim its second victim, namely that of the world of Earth. As the evil will have become all but unstoppable once it had claim Ashena and moved onto Earth, or so it had been prophesied over a millennia ago when the evil of that time was first thought to have been vanquished.

It was prophesied that in the year 1001 A.E.O. (which stands for After Evils Overthrow) that a group of six (after a thousand years of peace had been brought to the world of Ashena) would come from another world and another land. It was prophesied that these six individuals (whose standings and importance in their own world would hold little consequence for their own world of Earth) would stand as beacons of light and hope for a world (that of Ashena) against a crushing fate and an enemy of pure evil that would once again try to regained its hold upon the world of Ashena.

It was also prophesied that this group of six would receive guidance and tutoring from the different grand instructors and teachers of Ashena and would grow over time in the knowledge and wisdom of the many lands that made up this world. This tutoring being received in the realms and world of Ashena while at the same time the six never having stepped foot upon Ashenian soil once.

This tutoring being received as early as infancy and all the way from middle to in some of their cases into their late twenties early thirties. From the realm of dreamscapes (where when they slept their spirits dwelt) they received their tutoring. At first their tutoring was not tutoring at all, but rather from the realm of dreamscapes came vivid dreams of a realm not yet seen with their naked eyes. Where they both overheard and witnessed as if they where disembodied and peering down on the conversations between generals, wizards, witches, centaurs, and even on occasion dragons and drakes as these huge behemoths of creatures peered in with their massive heads through the shutterless windows of a tower the six of them would come to know as the Tower Of The Eternal Seers. And with all of this it seemed (and in fact) that the people whose conversation they would overhear and witness well knew and were aware of the six's presence (almost as if they welcomed their inclusion into their meetings).

And it wasn't until they drew nearer their respective ages of ten that their tutoring finally began and took off. And it was at that point that their tutoring became truly in-depth, for as if their tutors could yet see into their eyes they would peer up at them while the six remained asleep and in their dreamscape realm (almost as if their tutors could see their disembodied spirits).And it was at this point that the six of them truly started to become aware evermore of each other, from each others names, to their pasts, too even where they all called home, all without ever having to ask. At first their tutoring was merely of the lands of Ashena and its histories, of its societies and of their ways of living, and of the many races that made up the lands and called the world of Ashena home, but soon it delved into far deeper subjects such as magic and wizardy, of Wicca and witchcraft, of constructs and both mythical and magical beasts.

But it was not until the year of 1001 A.O.E. on Ashena (the year that had been foreseen as the year of the harbinger and of a thousand year prophecy) had come, and on Earth the year 2010 arrived, that the eternal seer had interrupted their tutoring and prophesied of the six coming into their world of Ashena and that they would unite their world against a deep-seeded and returning evil, and that if they were brave of heart and strong of virtue would lead them to victory over this old and ancient evil. And as if to foreshadow the seers words and the coming events, a black dragon appeared at the window to the tower and pressing his massive snout partway into the room said to the seer,"My lord eternal seer, the Gray Ones, they stir."

And the words from the seer next (almost as if charged and weighted with the promise of a destiny that needed to be fulfilled) turned to the spot where their spirits watched from and (almost as if peering directly not at but into their souls) said,"Though your lives may mean nothing to the fate of your world while you are yet still there, while here your actions will be far from minor and will bring about the fate, that, may it be for ill or good of two worlds, yours and ours. For if you six manage to unite these separate lands under one leadership, namely yours, and manage to defeat this evil, defeat these gray ones, then both worlds will know peace for generations to come. But if you fail, if any of us fail, than both our worlds will witness brutality, bondage, and ignorance the likes of which my world has not seen in a thousand years, and the likes of which your world has never seen at all. So come. Find the door to our world soon. Come please. And with all haste."

And as though their path of destiny was placed before them, and their feet brought firmly to bare upon it, they knew it was time to awaken, and it was time to make their way to the world they knew so much about but had never truly visited. And as so often before as their spirits pulled away from the world of Ashena and the veil drew over the realm of their dreamscape (a veil from which once they were awake their souls could not penetrate) a veil that seemed to be like a great curtain descending upon an epic play, that whose next few scenes would dictate if two worlds would (in the end) remain free or in contrast, be forever enslaved.

And as the veil finally closed off the world of Ashena to the six, and the six of them finally awoke, they knew then that their destiny and that of their new friends (namely each other) and that the world of Ashena existed, and more importantly, as if guided by an internal compass held within their souls, they knew where the door to Ashena was and they now readied themselves to find it. The fates (they all knew now) of two worlds now demanded it of them.

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