The Thirteen

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Ten

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Submitted: July 09, 2008




What had he said? Fight. Fight.

"FIGHT!" cried Duke passionately to his men. All day long they had been surrounded, cut off from the rest of their legion in this forgotten and barren land. Duke was what his men called him. But not for long. Ten of his group had already been cut down by this mysterious force. A man came. A strange man. But then he went again. He said to fight. Fight.

"CHARGE!" screamed Duke. There was a cry behind him as his men, his friends, rallied behind him. Their enemy was not the French. It was not Napoleon. It was the shadows. It was the darkness. Formless creatures of grey, made from the mud and air. Filled with the wings of ravens and the madness of the moon.

Duke swung his sword valiently and cut through another beast. It fell without a scream, it's horrid features melting as soon as the metal struck through the heart of it. But every time one was down another was raised up.

They had lost their horses along time ago. He looked around. James. Gone. Freddy. Gone. Humphry. Gone. Bill. Gone.

"FIGHT!" shouted Duke again, "AND FIGHT AGAIN!"

Duke screamed with rage. In blinding fury the gory, mud and stick figures were cut down. Duke kept on going in pure madness. Slashing. Stabbing. One by one they fell back into the mud pits with great sploshes and


But when Duke looked around to rally his troops, they were all gone. Every one of his group had been slain by the mud monsters, whatever they were. He could see formless bodies sinking into mire but the creatures had stopped. Everything had stopped. There was nothing left to fight. What? What was?

He felt a kick in the back and gave a deep sigh as the sword plunged through him.

So this was death.

But Death came for the Duke with the word;


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