Revenge of a Vampire

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A girl betrayed by the man she loved most
Revenge is the best medicine

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Revenge of a Vampire

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013




Chapter One

A girl, who could pass as 16, walks down a dark street in the dead of night, holding only a single black duffle bag over her right shoulder. It was almost midnight on a cold night in January, she stopped and looked at her watch and sighed dreading what she saw.
“Oh, look my birthday is in 15 minutes” she frowned.

She had just arrived in a strange town, only an hour ago on the 20th and she was unhappy as enough as it was. Realizing it was her birthday she got even more upset. She has never been happy about the passing of her birthday not since she was changed three years ago. She was turning 19 this year or she would have if she aged.

“All alone on my 19th birthday” she sighed talking to herself “As usual” she complained “but that will change real soon” an evil smile crept across her face.

She started walking again the sooner I get moving the sooner I can fix what happened she thought to herself as she picked up the pace. It felt like an eternity as she walked down the narrow winding never ending road. She began to think about what had brought her here in the first place drifting off into her own thoughts, she remembered back to her last human birthday…
they were driving home on a stormy night, her mom in the passenger seat her dad driving her and her little brother in the backseat. Her mom picking on her about pigging out at her birthday dinner she was laughing and said “it’s my birthday ill pig out if I wanna”  her mom just laughed in that sing-song voice of hers her dad chuckling in the front and her baby brother fast asleep….

She was startled back into reality with the sound of tired screeching to a halt she blinked rapidly trying to adjust to the here and now, a black Mercedes was stopped right in front of her if she reached out she could touch it the bright red break lights blinding her she moved around to the passenger side window to find it already rolled down.

“Can I help you?” she asked trying to keep the irritation from her voice the smell of liquor suffocating her
“no, but I can help you” the man slurred
“I don’t think you can” she started walking again ignoring the car that was creeping along beside her

“come on now darling, a pretty young thing like you shouldn’t be out here walking the streets by yourself” she could practically hear his smirk “ it’s not safe” he laughed her irritation grew and grew by the minute
“ Sir, I think it’s time for you to go home.” She said calmly and as polite as she could

“Only if you come with me sweet thing” he was trying to be seductive and she couldn’t help herself, she laughed

That made him angry the car came to an abrupt halt and the engine died he had the car door open and was out so fast it surprised her he didn’t fall, he stumbled a lot as he walked toward her but his anger sobered him up a tad, she was becoming amused
oh now he wants to fight me” the thought made her giggle aloud, he came to a stop not inches away from her face his breath reeked of beer
“ Do you find me amusing madam? I think I’ll have to teach you not to laugh at me. That’s never a good idea” she gave her a crooked smile that held the darkest humor

He reached out and grabbed her throat she pretended to chock enjoying this game, watching him smile at the thought of chocking the life from her. She could tell he had done this before but not with someone like her. He slapped her with his free hand and told her to say she was sorry. She decided to go ahead and say a strangled sorry for his benefit because in a moment he would no longer be breathing.
He finally let go and she crumpled to the ground with fake sobs, he laughed at her, she slowly stood up a evil smile playing across her lips
“so you get a kick out of strangling and raping innocent helpless girls?” she scoffed coldly “ we will just have to make sure you never do it again now wont we.”
With a move he couldn’t so fast he couldn’t follow her hand snaked out and grabbed his throat launching her body on top of his knocking them both to the ground, her eyes were like made of cold stone. She looked him in the eye and saw all the people he had hurt.  She lost herself and ripped his throat out then with his last breath he said “I’m sorry”. She drank his blood until he was dry. She stood and looked around listening for something, finally she heard it , a river she drug him all the way there rinsed her face and hands off looked at her clothes and tisked, stripping down to nothing she climbed in the river and began ridding herself of his blood trying to clean her clothes too she dressed in new clothes from her bag and threw her blood stained ones in a plastic bag then tossed it in her duffle bag. She found a rather large rock tied it to him and let him sink to the bottom.
“Now for the car” she thought  

She drove the car to the edge of town and beat it up leaving the doors hanging wide open and a trail of blood leading off into the woods
“that should keep them busy for awhile” she stood there for a moment then walked to the back of the car and retrieved her stuff from the back seat and started walking again letting her mind wonder back to the past…

Baby girl  her dads voice ringing in her head  it may be your day but I bought all the presents  she laughed and went along with him “but daddy you love me” she smiled he chuckled more and nodded as they pulled up in to the drive way there was a man standing there dad got out and started talking to him it took her awhile to recognize him it was servontae she shrieked and ran to him jumped in his arms and kissed him passionately not caring that her dad was there watching them disapprovingly servontae is the love of her life “Roza get down and come here” her dad said with a strained face she looked at him a bit surprised but did as her father asked she turned and saw servontae with a gun pointed at them and told her dad to take the kids and his wife inside so they did “don’t come out until I say I’ll be outside waiting if you do” servontae said with a hard voice he wouldn’t look at Roza it broke her heart…

She stopped thinking about that night for awhile because she arrived at her new home. She had bought it from a young girl in her mid twenties her grandmother had died leaving the house to the girl and she didn’t want it

“its haunted”  she had said Roza just looked at her and smiled saying it was perfect. She just looked at Roza like she was crazy and handed over the keys to the house and a skeleton key just in case.

Roza unlocked the front door and stepped in the house looked exactly the same, she walked to the Large master bedroom and dropped her bags on the large gothic style canopy bed and undressed slowly, entering the large bathroom leaving behind her a trail of clothes. She started the hot water filling the tub with lavender oils and bubbles rose peddles and black candles everywhere. When the water was high enough she stepped in, the water stung her body at first but she got used to it as she eased in letting her long black hair out of her pony tail.

She lay there with soft music playing behind her relaxing the stress away and the memory of her kill behind her. She lay there for almost an hour until the water turned cold and her fingers were nice and wrinkled up. She climbed out clean and warm, she dressed in a warm black fluffy robe. She smiled and went to change her clothes.

She dressed in a tight fitting black sweater, and tight fitting black skinny jeans, that complimented her small frame, the sweater fit tightly around her boobs and small stomach. She wore knee high leather black high heeled boots. She blow dried and straightened her hair and lined her eyes with a small line of black smoky eyeliner.

She went down stairs to her garage with an evil smile still playing on her lips, she opened the door of her black sports car and started it up turned the radio to a random Marlin Manson song and turned it all the way up and drove as fast as the car would let her to the house of the man she was here to see.

She arrived at his door step not 30min later and walked around to the back where she could hear his new wife and children, he was still in the shower. She walked to a nearby window to watch the kids play with their mother, she felt jealous “why couldn’t I have this with him, HE TOOK IT AWAY FROM ME!”

She was furious, without thinking she busted down the back door and gassed the mom and children took them to the seller and locked them there, she ran back in the house just as he was turning the shower off she went down to the basement and took a hammer to the fuse box causing all the lights to go out , she went back up stairs and sat in a chair pointing it towards his bath room waiting on him to come out.

He stumbled out of the bathroom so he could make his way down to the basement when he was hit over the head by something large and heavy. When he woke up he was tied to a chair, he couldn’t see either,
“who’s there?!” he yelled frantically
he was answered by a laugh
“don’t tell me you have forgotten me already?” she sneered

She pulled the black bag off his head so he could see her, he started wiggling in his seat freaking out
“Roza?” he asked he look liked he’d seen a ghost and then she hit him once again knocking him unconsince

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