The Lonely Succubus

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a succubus searching for her next victum finds the most unlikly thing.. she found LOVE

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Lonely Succubus

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012



Chapter One

They meet...

One hot summer, day a man the age of about 19 walked into the woods looking for game, his favorite hobby, just something to past the time, he walked and walked looking but not exactly looking. He had too much on his mind to focus on the hunt, “who was she, where did she come from?” He thought to himself. Three days ago he ran into this strange woman, beautiful golden blond hair that flowed down her back, big brown eyes, long slender figure, and pale as a ghost.

He gave up trying to hunt and headed home he noticed his house lights were on and he remembered turning them off so he got his gun ready and slowly walked inside looking around him, listening for a noise, anything then something white flashed passed him, he turned fast enough to see that strange girl hesitate then burst out the door, he was so startled that he just stood there for a moment staring at where she had just been. Then he started running not knowing where he was going just following her tracking her every move tracking was his best skill running as fast as he could she lead him to a little cave outside.

He slowly walked in gun still in hand cautiously then he heard a voice smooth as silk cold as stone that’s been under a running lake during winter,

“Come here.” He heard her calling him; he couldn’t resist no matter how loud his mind and gut were screaming at him to run to get away as fast as possible. He turned the corner in the cave and saw her laying there on the elegant crimson colored couch in a black silk gown he was speechless.
“ you’re beautiful” he heard himself say then he blushed and muttered and apology that she waved off before he finished speaking.

She motioned for him to come to her a sexy smile played across her lips he couldn’t refuse her he didn’t know what it was about her that attracted him so much but he found that he didn’t mind. She patted the seat beside her and smiled, he sat down not taking his eyes off of her.

“Hello I’m Scarlett” she extended her pale white hand smiling warmly.

“I...I… my name is Demetrii” he shook her hand softly.
“Nice to meet you “she smiled again.

He just nodded staying quiet, scared of what’s going to happen next he pried his eyes from hers and looked around remembering he was in a cave that was decorated to look like a home and realized she must live here, she just sat there and watched him that warm smile still plastered on her face.

“Do you live here?” he asked not looking at her afraid she will have him under her spell again.

“Yes” she said simply he looked at her once and realized just that was a mistake her beauty over whelmed him. He quickly got up and excused himself and started walking to the exit of the cave.

He arrived back at his home an hour later still thinking about what had just happened, confused he hung his gun where it belonged and walked to his bedroom and undressed from his hunting clothes and dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt and started off to town in his jeep and drove 20 miles over the speed limit. He got there at almost midnight the town looked almost deserted he walked into a near empty cafe he sat down and ordered a much needed coffee he sat there and thought and thought.

The next day he woke up from a nightmare where she was the star "I have to find out what she is." he sat up slowly and looked around it was 10am “IM LATE!!!" he exclaimed getting ready for work in a rush.

He pulled up to his work almost two hours later and his boss called him to the office over the intercom.
"Demetrii your late! This isn’t like you!" he yelled as soon as Demetrii closed the door "what’s gotten into you boy?"
"I’m sorry sir, I’ve just had a lot on my mind here lately." he apologized "It won’t happen again I swear"
"It better not! Or I'll be forced to fire you!" said the boss as demetrii turned to leave Steve (the boss) stopped him
"we have a new intern her name is Alisa, I would like you to show her the ropes" Steve said calmly
Demetrii nodded in agreement.

A girl about the age of 18 walks in the room tall, slim with bright red hair and hazel eyes, she was mouth wateringly beautiful. he nodded at her not really taking notice of her, his mind still swimming with the sight of that mystery girl in the dark cave.

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