The Mystery Valentine- continued

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15 year old Liz has a secret Valentine, can she and her group of friends find out who it is. Someone's heart will end up being broken, could it be hers?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Mystery Valentine- continued

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Submitted: April 05, 2012




Chapter one


"Luc, can I talk to you... in private?" Liz asked glacing nervously over at the boys who were standing in a courner of the room talking about god only know what.

"Sure," I said as I dumped my bag on the desk along with the rest of the book I was carrying due to the lack of space in my school bag. I had been told on many time to leave my revision books at home but really I think that they should keep there mouths shut because they don't stay in school till six in the evening, so therefore can leave there books at there homes! Any way I digress from my tale.

The two of us walked out of our form room and into a class room that we knew would be deserted at this time in the morning and so we wouldn't be interrupted by teachers or- more importantly- over heard by eavestropping little year sevens. I collapsed into one of the chairs and put my feet on the desk. "Talk to me," Liz was acting uncharacteristicallynervous and my interest in her situation had been sparked.

"I don't know whether I told you, but I had a call from a number that I don't know wishing me a happy valentine's day!" My feet fell of the desk and I leant forwards, clasping my hands together in excitment and i felt a smile creep onto my face- what can i say other than I'm such a sucker for romance! "And yesterday, I found this in my locker." Liz delved into her pocket and pulled out a necklace, earings and a ring. They were, I must amitt, very lovely. I couldn't help it I sighed

"Oh! you have a valentine!" Liz however did not seem to share my enthusiasm

"Yeah, this morning he phoned again and recited the GCSE's I'm taking," There is was a romance story, sitting right in front of, Liz should have known better. She should have known that she would never get me to see a melencoly point of veiw when it comes romance.

"So what's his name?" I asked,



"I don't know, he just put his number on the present."

"Then why don't you call it and see who picks up?" I beamed, "how fantastically romantic!"

"I don't want to," My jaw dropped

"You don't want to? What are you crazy? You don't want to find out who your true love is?" I leaned back in my chair dramatically. "The poor young man, you're breaking his heart!" I grinned wickedly at her, "I'd phone him if I were you!"

"I'm scared of who it could be!" I stared at her, in my eyes she was mental,

"This is a joke right? You're just trying to wind me up cause you know how much I love romance!" I laughed and she hit me lightly on the arm.

"I'm not, I'm seriously scared! Lucy please, just help me out here!"

"Well, he's clearly in the school, so what there to worry about?" Liz glared at me,

"What if i don't like him?" I sighed dramatically at her unromantic veiw of the situation!

"Then you've broken some poor boy's heart and gained yourself a loverly necklace- you got to admit, he has taste."

"Do you see nothing but the romance in this?" Liz snapped, shoving the jewelry back into her pocket.

"Is that even a question Liz? I thought you knew me well enough to know that I see romance everywhere!" I replied smoothly stressing the last word making her glare at me. I'm afraid that every word I said was true, I'm hopeless when it comes to romance, I just love a happy ending!

"Do you take anything seriously?"

"I take lots of things seriously! My school work is just one thing that I take very seriously! What you want to know however, is do I ever see things like this in a boring and very unromantic way, just like you are!" Liz's glare factor increased to the point that I was just to scared to look into her eyes in case she turned me into stone. I smiled sweetly at her and stood up.

As I did an idea glimmered in my mind, a thought of a person slipped into my head. I know i shouldn't have thought it but I just couldn't help it. I mean, I know maths isn't my strong point, but honestly I can put two and two together and make four, or was it five? The maths doesn't really matter though, because if it was him, and I'm sure that it was, then he would be perfect for Liz.

"Come on, Trudy and Marg should be here by now, I'd like to hear their thoughts on this matter." Liz huffed as she left the class room.

Gertrude Higginbottom, more commonly known as Trudy. She's a funny girl, talks non-stop outside of the lessons and not a word in them. This could also be said for Margret Fandel- usualy known as Marg- but for one thing, Marg doesn't speak at all. She's like one of those cartoon characters that just doesn't say anything but knows how to do everything. Then there's Elizabeth Saftam (but you would never call her than if you wish to live). I think that loud and proud is the only way to discribe her. Friends with all the girls, not so much the boys. And me? well I'm Lucy Springroad, hopless romantic and alround geek (Labeled so by the boys in my class when I read a text book in my spare time).

"It looks like Liz has a secret admirer!" I told Trudy and Marg as we reached our desks.

"Oh, do tell!" Trudy  relplied, her eyes sparkling, "is is Jamie?"

I laughed, "Oh Trudy, great minds think alike!" Liz's face was a picture, torn between outrage and hope, a slow blush crept up her dark cheeks, but if you don't know what your looking for you'd miss it.

"You people are horrible!" She cried sounding hurt.

"We try our best," I responded with a grin as I perched myself on the edge of one of the desks "but you can't deny that you do like him."

"I don't!"

"Are you in denial?"

"No, I..."

"She is in denial isn't she Trudy?" I cut her off, not really listening to what she was trying to tell us.

"You know what, I think she is!" Trudy responded.

"And if she's in denial that means..."

"She does like him." She finished off for me. We both turned to look at Liz who was standing there in shock.

"I'm not in denial!" She said in a soft, almost panicky voice.

"Um, isn't that denial?" Marg asked, making one of her few statements that she would say that week.

"You know Marg I do believe your right!" I chimmed in. It was a Kodac moment, it really was, Liz was just standing there in utter shock trying to decide whether she wanted to punch me or not.

"So are you going to find out who it is?" Trudy asked

"No, she's too scared of who it could be." I told her lazily

"But we know who it is!"

"It's more of an educated guess." Before we could continure our argument how ever the bell rang for the first lesson and  the four of us scrabbled to grab our stuff and scuttle out of the class room.


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