A Novel Adventure

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Imagine a world where you can do anything.Do you play by the rules or go renegade

Chapter 1 (v.1) - How it is

Submitted: January 06, 2013

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Submitted: January 06, 2013



LA,CALAFORNIA 6 JANUARY 01:30 Two men walked down a flight of stairs in the research & discovery center \"What do you really want Mr.Johnson ?\" The first man said \"You know what I want Mr.Speller. The Goverment knows about the kid. We have inside men\"

\"I guess ,then step this way\"

The two men walked into a room labelled 13.They stood behind a glass window eyes fixed on the boy on the other side.He sat crosslegged,his face down \"So what is project 13 Mr.speller ?\"

\"The boy is 17 years old, started project 13 age 8. He has unique energy reading none that we can identify. He can pull atoms through a mental feral link creating physical manifestations\"

\"Meaning ?\"

\"He can create any object he wishes from thin air like magic\"

\"Any object ?\" Mr.Johnson said becoming curious

\"Well sort of. He says he must follow the rules\"

\"The rules?\"

\"He wont tell us what they are\"

\"Above the rest of these strange happenings is there anything else I must know\"

\"Yes. He is registering huge psychological brain wave surges.It basically means every day a huge amount of data is uploaded to his brain like downloading a file on a computer.When it happens he appears knocked out for an hour or two\" \"Can we read what those 'data' surgey things are?\"

\"Not yet...\"

Grace was 16,blonde haired and pretty good looking amongst her peers. She lived in LA with her uncle Andy It was the night before her bithday and she was preparing for her freinds to come in the morning.

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