Raze Phoenix

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Something I started writing a long time ago, that brings out my interest in superheroes and science-fiction, and space too. This on-going novel is about the story of Raze Phoenix, a man whose past is unknown. But the question is not who he is, but WHAT he is.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Raze Phoenix

Submitted: December 20, 2012

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Submitted: December 20, 2012






Earth [2100 A.D] Status: Inhabitable

It has been 82 years exactly now, ever since the Humans had abandoned ‘Mother Earth’. Constant war and construction had ruined Earth. The water had dried out and the lands were barren. The only thing that seemed to progress there at all was the on-going destruction of the Earth.

Rumors are that scientists are in the process of constructing something on a massive scale that will help make Earth colonizable. It has not been possible to verify whether it is true or not. What we can do is hope that someday, we can go home.

Back in 2006, many nations began to realize that life on earth would not be possible in the near future, what with global warming and depleting biological resources on the horizon. Thus, because of this, all nations held a meeting to decide the future of mankind.

The result of the meeting was that large ships were to be built by each country to house their own population. These ships would need to be very large and they would need to be able to move. These ships were spaceships. Telescopes were also made and sent out to find other Earth-like planets for future inhabitance. The only issue was the air. How would natural life processes continue to take place in the spaceships in space, an endless vacuum? The answer was simple: Take the Earth’s atmosphere with us.

Scientists then built tiny pods called “Air Collectors”. These air collectors were made of huge chunks of special crystalline substances found on a far-away planet, HD-1, discovered by TARA – Terrain-Aeronautical Research Association. The crystalline substances in these pods had very special chemical properties. The property was that when the crystal was heated to a temperature of 7000 Kelvin, it would change into its gaseous form, which can absorb the properties of the air around it creating “Artificial Air”. This substance was named “Kryptin”.

Soon, the spaceships were built in 2010, and in 2012, the entire population of the Earth was shifted to the spaceships which were later joined in space in 2014, forming a huge mother ship.

The Air Collectors had been lodged into an additional layer above the mother ship, where the air was released through compressed tubes. Thus we had 2 atmospheres; 1 on Earth and 1 in our mother ship.

People have adjusted to the changes that have taken place, to the life-changing shift from Earth to Space. Space stations have been created near Earth to monitor it, in case it may become inhabitable once again. People still want to return though. They hope that whatever TARA is building, if they are building something, is built and makes Earth colonizable.

All hope isn’t lost though. 20 years ago, in 2080 A.D., a pod floating in space was found by TARA during one of its exploration missions by automatic bots. TARA could not show the rest of the population what had been discovered in the pod, because if they did, they would be held highly accountable for what was in it and would be blamed for it. The reason they COULDN’T tell anyone about this discovery was because this was one of their prototype pods in construction, and they hadn’t even released the one single model which was being worked on. Thus they hid from the world what was inside the pod: A child. He was taken to the TARA Headquarters in Sector – 4 of the 30-Sector Mother ship. He had been put on life support along with many tests that were run on his back, because on his back and parts of his arms, was engraved a large metallic substance which had eight weird small circles around the edges and one big circle in the middle. Scientists jumped to the conclusion that he was an alien, but before they could say that, they saw that Raze Phoenix was engraved right below the circle, which was in English and a name.


Our story begins now, 20 years later in 2100 AD, when one of the automated life-support systems of Raze Phoenix returned positive results.


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