A Boy and his Demon

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A continuance of The story of A boy and his demon

Chapter 1 (v.1) - His Demon, Helpful

Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Submitted: February 05, 2013



20:13] The sun slowly rose and shone through a window, falling right on the boys face. He mumbles for a second before he sits up with a gasp, and the Demon is there standing over him *Everything alright master?*
[20:14] Kelly saw the sun shine through her window, waking, and stretching, getting up and heading downstairs to the kitchen, forgetting about Richard and Laven, as she went to make herself food.
[20:56] 'Yes I am fine" he glares at the demon hovering over him. He slowly sits up and stretches. *Master are you ready to continue?*
[20:58] She got herself a glass of water, drinking it, hearing voices, her memories coming back, and she sighed. ~Oh yes, the demon..~
[21:03] "What about the girl, we shouldn't leave with out her" the demon stands up straight *Yes of course master, I shall wake her now if you wish?* the boy nods "please do"
[21:03] She sat the glass down, putting it in the sink, she put her hand on her side, to her surprise a sheathe on the side of it with the dagger in it. ~Oh yeah, I threw that up.~
[21:08] Laven bows and walks out and hears the water running and walks to the kitchen *Miss Kelly are you awake?*
[21:08] She waves her hand, nodding, turning to him. "Yeah....Yeah I am."
[21:15] *My master wishes to depart soon and wishes to know if you are ready?* he smiles at her
[21:17] She nods at him, rubbing her eyes. "Yeah, I have nothing really to take with me so."
[21:18] *Then I shall let him know* he turns abruptly on his heel and went back to the boy. *Master I do believe she is ready to leave at any time*
[21:20] She walked out of the kitchen and into the living room where they were, yawning.
[21:21] The boy stands and wait by the demon, blank faced "Good morning to you"
[21:22] "Yep, morning, Cap'n." She smiled looking at him.
[21:23] He stares at her "I hope you don't plan on calling me that?" then turns and walks for the door
[21:24] She shrugs, "Depends on if I see it fits." She chuckled and followed behind him.
[21:27] He when he steps outside Laven is already waiting for him, smiling, then files in behind him as they set out east
[21:28] She walked along behind him, still slightly dazed, not used to being up so early.
[21:31] The demon spoke from behind her *Did you sleep well my Lady?*
[21:32] She turned her head slightly, then turned back. "Alright I suppose.."
[21:37] *Good we have a long journey ahead of us.* he smiles and walks ahead of her again. the boy continues to walk straight faced.
[21:37] She sighed, looking down. "I bet." She looked back up, and decided to take the route, following them within the trees.
[21:42] She watched them as they walked, watching Laven. ~Why would a demon choose to follow him..~
[21:42] "Laven how far do you think they are?" the Demon stepped ahead of him the turned around and walked backwards *It appears they are three days ahead of us. Unless we should stop we could catch them in one week.*
[21:47] She jumped down in front of them, tilting her head to Laven. "How do you know this stuff? I get you're a demon, but how?"
[21:50] *Simple, while you were both sleeping I ran ahead to catch up with them, I listened to where they were going, and ran back before an hour had passed* he smirks *Or to put it simply Magic*
[21:51] She rolls her eyes at him. "RIght-o. Hey Richard, did you eat?"
[21:55] "Hmmm?" he looks back, his mismatched eyes lock with hers "I did not yet eat, why? are you hungry?"
[21:56]"I can go a few days without food, I am just worried bout you is all."
[21:58] "Well don't I am fine" he frowns and starts to walk faster "Come on Laven" the demon keeps up *Yes Master*
[21:59] she crossed her arms, looking at the boy, and stopping momentarily. ~Geez, attitude.~
[22:02] He sighs and slows down "Why are you so worried about me?"
[22:02] "Because you are still a kid, and because..." She looks down, and clenches her fist. "No reason, just go."
[22:05] "What? No! tell me!" he looks back very confused
[22:06] "Nothing! It's nothing."
[22:08] "Ugh. Laven why must that girl be so confounding?" the Demon smiles knowingly *She is a women Master. They have a Logic and Rules of their own. And they don't have to make sense* the boy glares at him "That's no help at all!"
[22:09] She smirked at Laven's comment. "A girl can have her secrets."
[22:10] The demon turns his crimson gaze to her *You may be able to hide things from the boy, but not from me, so be careful with your thoughts child*
[22:11] "You'd be surprised how quick I can forget something, demon." She glares at him.
[22:13] *Just because your memory fails, does not mean the thought does not fly though your mind. and a thought is such a simple thing to catch. you just reach out and grab it* and he swipes his hand in front of the girl, then chuckles.
[22:14] She backed away from him slightly, sneering. "Stay out of my thoughts."
[22:17] *Oh but you don't realize, you throw your thoughts everywhere child. you and the master both, fling your thoughts hither and yond. For anyone with training to read.* he lays a hand on thee boys shoulder *Your minds are young and untrained, so it is understandable, but do try to keep a lid on your thoughts my Lady*
[22:17] She growled at him. "Don't tell my what i should try and shouldn't try to do, Laven."
[22:20] he shrugs and turns to face forward *As you wish my Lady* his rip tightens on the boy's shoulder *As for you Master, I shall be training you to guard your thoughts, and perhaps to read others*
[22:20] Her eye twitched at him, and went back into her trees. ~Telling me to gaurd my thoughts...Bloody...Augh.~
[22:22] the demon looks up into the trees *It would do you well Kelly. Perhaps you would like to join my Master in training later?*
[22:22] "I told you to stay out of my head!"
[22:24] *I am not in your mind, you are pushing your mind into mine. and there is no need to shout* the boy scoff "Honestly, act your age"
[22:24] Her eye twitches, as she looked to Richard. "You're one to talk."
[22:26] He glares at the girl "You don't hear me whining about having to train. He is offering to teach us a valuable lesson and you complain like a young child" he snorts in disgust "Honestly Laven, why do you try?"
[22:27] "You are the young child, I don't see value in sealing your mind, where you are supposed to think of everything that you keep bottled up!" She stomped her foot, but slipped, falling from the branch.
[22:30] The Demon jumps and catches her in mid air *Careful, branches don't like being stomped on* he smiles at her
[22:31] She blinked, and looked up at him, then back down, her face red.
[22:35]He lands gently on the ground. *Would you orefer to walk on the ground now? Or shall I carry you?*
[22:36] She smirked playfully, "Well seeing as gravity hates me, second option."
[22:38]*Master do you oppose?* the boy continues to stare ahead his mind racing, but shakes his head. *Very well, if that is what you wish my Lady*
[22:39]She smiled, crossing her arms, happy to have got her way for once.
[22:40] The demon catches a stray thought and raises an eyebrow, but says nothing and continues to walk behind Richard
[22:41] As they walked, her eyelids began to droop, yawning.
[22:44] *Master something has you deep in thought, what is troubling you?* the boy looks back "I am trying to think about how I will deal with those who destroyed my home, when we catch them" he places both hands behind his head "Any ideas?"
[22:45] She quickly fell asleep, her head beginning to loll.
[22:47] The Demon holds her closer then frowns at his actions *If you are asking methods of torture Master I know many. Unless you want to add a personal touch to them. Then I suggest you learn each man's fear and exploit it*
[22:48] She rested her head against his chest, sleeping soundly, twitching on occasion.
[22:52] The boy frowned at the demon "I don't even know if I want to kill them, or torture them or both" he sighs "I am torn Laven"
[22:58] *What you decide to do, will be deserved. but do not worry to much, that decision is many days ahead* the Demon smiles at the boy. *Does that help Master?*
[22:59] She mumbled in her sleep with incoherent sentences, before silencing herself again.
[23:01] Richard looks at Kelly curiously. "How far is the next town, that isn't totally destroyed?"
[23:04] Her face turned a slight pale, and she gritted her teeth, as her eyes shot open, gasping for air like she was being choked.
[23:06] The Demon holds her closer.*Are you alright?* he looks at her with a bit of concern. He looks up *The next town should be over this hill Master*
[23:07]"Y-Yeah..B-Bad d-dream.."
[23:08] Richard frowns then looks back "I am sorry to hear that, perhaps the news that we are close to the next town will help you feel better?"
[23:09]She looked down, and wiped her forehead. "I'm not good with people..."
[23:12] *Shouldn't be much of a problem. the town is mostly deserted, what with the group from Masters village coming though*
[23:12] "K-Kay.." Her hands met with her throat, which felt like it was burning.
[23:14] The demon moves his face closer to hers *Do you wish for me to continue to carry you?*
[23:15] She looked up at him, her face going beat red. "I-I-I Th-thi-think I c-c-can carry m-mys-self n-now."
[23:17] He smiles, his face still tantalizingly close. *As you wish* and gently sets her on her feet
[23:18] She shivered slightly, standing on her feet, feeling to see her dagger was still there, sighing in relief.
[23:19] Richard reaches the top of the hill and looks down on the small town "well there it is"
[23:20] She walks up beside him, looking down to the town. "Rather..dull."
[23:26] *Yes I am afraid it is not much* the demon watches the two *But that is fine, we would attract attention in bigger towns*
[23:28] She shrugs, her stomach growling, and walking forward.
[23:34] the demon smiles*Come let's go inside and find us some lunch* and Laven starts walking to the town
[23:34] She nodded, already ahead of them, trying to find a restaurant
[23:37] the young boy got very nervous as they entered the town and people were about. he stayed close to Laven and hid his face from the people
[23:38] Kelly continued through the village, sniffing the air like a dog, soon finding a restaurant and heading towards it.
[23:51] The demon drags Richard in with him. *Order anything you wish, I can find sufficient funds. Master you will eat something* the boy squeaks and nods in acceptance
[23:53] She was already sat at one of the tables, her head on it.
[23:54] The Demon sighs *Master go sit down with Kelly. I have some business to attend to* the demon walks away as the boy sits down. "I hope he comes back soon"

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