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A continuation of the Omicron story

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Not So Great Escape

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013



[18:50] Micah looked up to see who it was and sighed "What do you want Uncle Leon?" The man nodded to the knight and the knight left. Leon turned to the boy and sighs. "Why do you get yourself into these messes?"

[18:52] Jill looks over but says nothing, and sits back down on the bad. "I'm sorry uncle, I dont mean to, these guards, I swear, they follow me and then when something happens they jump to blame me." he frowns and Leon frowns as well

[18:54] "I doubt that, but none the less, don't try anything dumb." his Uncle grins at him with a knowing smile. "Just remember even if your last name is changed, doesn't mean it does not reflect on your family. And though the king is your Grandfather, and he loves you, does not mean he won't punish you for screwing up."

[18:58] Micah sighs and looks down "Yes Uncle." Leon reaches through the bar and pats his shoulder, smiling at him. Micah feels something fall down his shirt but makes no move then his uncle starts to walk away. "Love ya kid, try not to hurt anybody" then he slams the door shut.

[18:58] Some guards were shoving a girl forward. She appeared to be about 19 or 20 years old, she had blue-ish, black hair that fell just to the center of her chest. Irons were bound around her wrists and she wore an orange and white vest with tan pants. Grime, dust, and mud were on her face. She snaps when a guard jabbed her in the back with a pike,"Aye! Watch where ya point that thing, eh?"

[19:02] Micah steps away from the bars as the guards drag the female in. Jill looks over and giggles to herself "oooooh busted" and Micah fishes in his shirt and pulls out a brass key, The key that went to the doors of the cells.

[19:04] She fell onto her face, the irons dragging her to the ground as she muffled an 'Umph' sound. The girl rolls over and spits dirt from her mouth, wiping her arms over her face and glaring at the guards. "Bloody pests. Wish they would die in a hole surrounded by lava."

[19:06] Micah quickly hides the key, as Jill skips over to the bars separating the female from them. "Hiya I'm Jill." she smiles "And that grumpy guy over there is Micah" Micah looks up from hearing his name "huh?"

[19:08] "Name is Guinevere. Guinevere Caspian." She shoved herself to her feet, blinking her stormy green, almost, grey eyes at the other female.

[19:10] Micah walks over his face still a little confused and he mumbles to himself. "Guinevere...." Jill giggles "That's a pretty name, so why are you in here?"

[19:12] "That would be my name lad, I would appreciate if you not wear it out, aye?" She blinks looking at Jill and throwing her arms up as they thudded in front of her again," Gah! This mud bowl? Same as usual, attempted assassination of sorts that I get caught. Life of a bounty hunter if you ask me, do not ask numbers, for remembering would be a bloody pain."

[19:17] Micah's head finally clears. "An assassin huh? what stuck up lord hired you?" he smirks then shakes his head. Then Jill turns to Micah and whispers not so quietly in his ear "I like her, she should join us in the quest thingy." and Micah sighs

[19:20] "Not an assassin, lad. Bounty hunter. A rogue one at bloody lord hired me." She leans against a wall, looking around for something to try and remove the irons with.

[19:23] MIcah thinks for a moment then shrugs "Why not?" and Jill Giggles again "Yaaaay!" Micah turns to look at the bounty hunter "So Ms Caspian, do you like adventures, say with monsters and money?"

[19:26] "Aye." She said this boredly, still scoping around the room to find some sharp object to lockpick the irons from her wrists as she swung the chain, back and forth.

[19:37] He watches the woman look around the room, "Well my friend wants you to join us on our quest. Would you perhaps like to join us?" he looks over at Jill and she smiles excitedly

[19:38] Guin facepalms a moment, repeating only in their dialect,"Aye. Meaning yes." She then let's her hands slip from her face, she began to pat herself to find some sort of dagger or knife.

[19:42] Micah pulls out a small knife and tosses it to her. "Before we go barging out, we should probably think of an escape plan" Jill just looks at him with a blank stare. "You mean we're going to do something besides kill anything in our way and just walk out?" she keeps on her innocent smile

[19:44] The bounty hunter easily caught the dagger, flashing a grateful smile to Micah before lifting it towards her mouth and holding it, she twists her hands a moment so the locks on the irons face her and she slips the point into them.

[19:48] Micah watches the Bounty Hunter un cuff herself, then sighs again. "How far do you think we would get in the kings castle, with all of his army stationed here, by killing everyone who tries to stop us?" Jill sits back down on the bed "Hmmmmmm?" thinking really hard

[19:50] She began grumbling to herself, after she managably got the first iron off she took the dagger in her freed hand and began to pick the lock on the other.

[19:52] "What about you Gwenn? Any ideas on how to get out?" he sits down and leans against the bars between them.

[19:54] "Eh? Hm...," she let the irons fall to the floor with a clunk as she rubbed her wrists.

[19:58] Jill finally looks up "Why don't we just sneak out?" and looks over to Micah smiling that she finally thought of something

[19:59] "Would not work. Guards posted at every corner, lass." The bounty hunter folds her arms over her chest. "One way, secret passage."

[20:02] Micah raises an eyebrow and pull out the Key to his cell and unlocks it "Oh a secret passage?" and he walks over to her cell, as Jill hops up and bounces out the door "Whheeeeeee! were gonna go on an adventure"

[20:03] "Lass, I would be a wee bit quieter." She jabbed a thumb towards some guards sleeping nearby.

[20:19] Micah shakes his head. "Trying to get her to be quiet is a losing battle" he unlocks Gwenn's cell and Jill Hmphs. Just then the guard drops his mug and it shatters on the floor, and he wakes with a start "Huh...?" he looks over and sees the three standing outside their cells "escaping, THE PRISONERS ARE ESCAPING!" he stands up and rushes to het the other guards

[20:29] "Oh...this was all for naught. Fan-bloody-tastic."

[20:32] Micah grabs both of them by the arm "Well no use standing around!" he starts pulling them up the stairs Jill frowns "Does this mean we have to kill people now?"

[20:35] Guinevere bolts up the stairs with them, looking around for some rope or more irons as a way to get out of the prison..she blinks and looks at Jill, raising an eyebrow she shakes her head. "Ssh."She gestured for them to follow her down a dark corridor.

[20:38] They turn down the corridor, and couple lights appear down at the end. Micah stops and turns around and runs the other way "That's not a good idea! Follow me." he starts running and turning corners.

[20:40] Guinevere sighs, stopping in her tracks and raising an eyebrow," be in numbers. Trust one whose been here more than a single time."

[20:43] He looks back "I've been here all my life. I think I know the place pretty well." he keeps pulling Jill and she grins "The King is Micah's grand dad" then she looks confused for a second "Or should I not have said that?" Micah sighs "Too late now Jill"

[20:46] "What makes you an enemy of your grandfather?" Guin tilts her head, walking down the corridor.

[20:48] He sighs as he ducks down another corridor. "My grandfather is not the one who is making my life difficult, That would be my father." he scowls as he says this.

[20:49] Guin turned the corridor as well, stopping at some loosely cut slabs and beginning to push against them. "Oooooh. That is a wee shame, lad."

[20:52] "Yeah ......." he stops and Jill looks at Gwenn very confused "What are you doing silly? shouldn't we be running?" as she says this the sounds of shouting Knights got louder.

[20:53] "The secret passage be behind this wall." She continued to push, now slamming all her weight into the wall and watching the bricks eerily groan back.

[20:57] Micah also slams his shoulder the wall moving in further until it finally swings open. "Come on this should lead us right outside" Jill sighs "Ughhh I've been inside forever"

[20:58] Guinevere kept close to the walls, ushering Micah and Jill into the the passage.

[21:01] Micah runs down the passage quickly, and Jill follows close behind him, holding on to his shoulders. He turns a corner and sees the wall ahead of him. "Were almost out." the sound of the guards behind them getting louder. Jill frowns "Did I forget to close the door?"

[21:02] Guinevere was already on the task of shoving the stone door shut. Grunting.

[21:06] The door shuts on them and the voice of the guards are muffled "They are headed outside!" Micah quickly pushes open the door on the other end of the passage, light flooding into the corridor.

[21:07] The bounty hunter dashes down the corridor, beginning to huff and pant as her breathing got heavier while she ran.

[21:09] Micah pushes it all the way open, and Jill runs out "Yaaay free again!" and she spots some horses "Oh look horsies" she smiles and walks over to them

[21:11] "We have to cross the brig." She rolls her shoulders, striding over to the barn and beginning to unleash the horses.

[21:15] Jill hops onto one and Micah climbs on another. As they start to ride away archers appear on the top of the castle and start to fire arrows at them, though none seem to hit there mark.

[21:17] Guin crawled onto one of her own, although she leaned onto the side instead of direct on its back so the archers couldn't hit her as easily.

[21:19] They ride out of the castle courtyard and slowly travel down the dirt path heading for the village. "We should ride past the village and keep going."

[21:20] "Aye. Suppose we find a rest stop though?"

[21:20] -There was a sound of a whistling from far above that quickly turned into a shout- "Look out beloooooooooooooow!" -A small, light green creature with a pink tail, the tips of its hair were also pink. A small satchel was tied to its back as it crashed down into Jill's back, clutching a leaf far larger than it's body- "Oof!"

[21:22] Jill gets hit in the back and almost falls off the horse "Oh no I'm hit Im gonna die!" she starts flailing. Micah looks over "Calm down it's not an arrow it's a chimdow." Jill stops freaking out "a what?"[21:23] "What the bloody heck is a chimdow?" She pulls on the reins.

[21:25] -The small, light green creature situated itself as it rubbed its face- "Oi! You don't know what a Chimdow is!? What are you, five years old?" -The Chimdow dusted itself off as it ruffled its fur a bit-

[21:26] "Well pardon me."

[21:30] Jill tries to look behind her to see it "I can't see you, where did you go?" Micah looks over at the Chimdow "Something we can help you with?"

[21:31] -The small creature jumped up and hoisted itself onto Jill's shoulder- "I'm right here ya' bat. Yeesh." -The Chimdow looks over at Micah and shrugged- "Well I dunno, can you?"

[21:33] Jill looks at her shoulder "You are so cute! and fluffy" she grabs the creature and snuggles it. Micah groans "Don't mind her, and I believe I could help you, it would depend on what you want."

[21:33] "That thing sure isn't a wisp, that much I can say of it." The bounty hunter spurred the horse forward gently, tugging the reins again when it was near Jill.

[21:36] "Hey! Hey! I'm not cute, fluffy maybe! But not cute! Put me down you truffle sniffer!" -The Chimdow struggled againsts Jill's grip, flailing its arms- "Well what I want, or need I should say is a home tree! Some sour berry decided to cut down my last home to put up some sort of building!..." -The small creature looks over at Guinevere and glared and shook its head- "Chimdow, I'm a Chimdow!"

[21:37] "Wee feisty thing it is too..."

[21:41] Jill lightens her grip but still holds it to her chest "Well I think you are cute" Micah looks over "I dont know if I can get you a tree, but I can try."

[21:43] "Stop. Hugging. ME!" -The Chimdow squeezed out a small staff with two orbs on either end of it and bonked Jill lightly on the nogging, though was not aiming to hurt her-

[21:45] "Wisps never told tale that there would be a talking bush..."

[21:47] "Ow! dont be a meenie" she pouts and she takes the Chimdow and puts it on her head. then she smiles "So what's your name? Or do you have names?"

[21:48] "Cintal's my name!~" -Cintal spun her staff as a proud smile appeared on her face- "Druidic plays are my game!~" -She ceased spinning her staff to look at Guinevere- "And I'm NOT A BUSH!"[21:51] " that your name has been given, you aren't a talking leaf pile anymore."

[21:54] The horses continue at a steady pace, a large forest comes in to view. Micah looks at Cintal on top of Jill's head "So what say you? will you join on our quest." Jill smiles "Yaaaaaay quest thing"

[21:55] "A quest? Wow, you guys really are truffle sniffers huh? Sure I guess, beats the heck out of wanding around looking for a home." -Cintal shrugged and folded her arms across her chest before rolling her eyes at Guinevere- "I'll show you a leaf pile..."

[21:56] "Eh...leaf piles don't squeak around the forest like a grove of mice."

[21:58] Jill frowns a little "Are you gonna ride with me? Cause if so will you stay on my shoulder so I can look around?" Micah looks ahead and sees the forest. "We're almost there"[

21:59] "I eat mice actually, and I don't squeak!" -Cintal jumped down onto Jill's shoulder and shook her head- "It may sound like I do, but it's not actually squeaking!"

[22:01] "There be a tavern ahead...and the horses appear to be gettin tired, what say we stop for the night?"

[22:04] Jill smiles again "Yaaaaay, I'm Jill by the way. and Mr Hero over their is Micah"

[22:05] "Well, nice to meet you two I guess. [Can't say the same with your sour berry over here.]"

[22:06] "Guinevere Caspian at your service."

[22:11] Micah spots the small tavern and they get closer to it and the name reads 'The Advent Inn' he sighs and rides up to the tiny stable on the side. "Let's see if they can house us"

[22:12] "Sooooounds like a plant. [Heh. Get it? Because I'm a Druid...? ...Nevermind it's a bad joke...]" -The Chimdow coughed nervously as she looked to the side- "And I can sleep in a tree nearby if necessary."

[22:13] "Aye, I will see about tabs for the night...least that can be done."

[22:14] Jill giggles and ties up the horses in the stable, while Micah goes inside and barters for a couple rooms.

[22:15] -The Chimdow twirled her staff a moment before latching it back onto her satchel-

[22:17] Jill walks into the tavern as well and follows Micah into his room. "I'm sharing with you" Micah rolls his eyes and flops on the bed "Dandy" she looks to the chimdow and walks to the window, a tree right outside.

[22:17] The bounty hunter entered the tavern, tying her horse to a post away from the others as she tugged at a small bag of gold she had. Dreariness dragged at her every moved and she yawns a moment, covering her mouth.

[22:18] "Hup hup." -Cintal jumped out the window and onto a tree branch-

[22:19] She went to her own room, tumbling over onto the bed before kicking her boots off. She blew the candle out beside her then fell asleep.

[22:22] Jill lays down beside Micah and smiles closing her eyes. Micah is about to say something then just shakes his head, closing his eyes as well falling asleep.

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