Million Dollar Words

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Teddy knows the word but doesn't say them..he knows how to get out just doesn't have the effort. He can speak, fight, yell, whats stopping him..? Pain, hurt, sorrow, weakness? Let's find out...What he knows...Perhaps the Million Dollar Words?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Million Dollar Words

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012




I thought i killed him quietly. I thought i killed him in general. I must've made a mistake. Now, Victor will kill me, no, he'll kill the both of us.

Damn it, I didn't finish my job and now he'll have to pay too...uggggg.

"Valentine Levine Ross", I said into the micro-system to let me in to building Victor worked at. He summoned me three hours ago and said it was an emergency. Three hours later I responded he'll be sure to ripe my throat out personally.

The door opened and I heard a slow whisper. "Yes, Valentine", he whispered.

Yup I'm dead.

"Victor, I've been trying-".

"Save it, come stand here". he pointed to the space in front of him. Oh, god. I did what i was told. Why me? "You should be killed for not doing what you are told, Valentine. I should kill you myself, my young apprentice." He stared at me for a long moment." Now i have a another job for you." Another long momnet later. He looked at me with silvery eyes like daggers. Then he smiled."To kill Thomas". I glared in horrific terror.

"No sir, please don't make me!" tears covered my once dry eyes.

"Don't be such an Untouchable Valentine, your little boyfriend will be-". I cut him off.

"He's NOT my fucking boyfriend, okay!" i screeched at the top of my lungs."I'm just all he has", i said lowering my voice and putting my head down.


i swung my hand up and screamed "Ignius!" Fire shot out of my hand, i aimed it for Victors heart.

He caught it. Shit.

"You and you petty magic". his blonde hair wisped threw the fast air the fire made when he threw back at me. I unsuccessfully caught it and it hit me in my stomack. i flew to the glass wall behind me. The glass shattered into pieces, and so was my arm it felt like. A growling laugh came from Victors mouth. i doubled over and clutched my stomack. i looked up from the floor, my pure black hair wisping in my face the windows must've flew open."Servus!" Victor Belted out. They enetered the room."Maestro?" they both answered.

I'm still doubled over trying to catch a breath but it felt like Marte. Victor gave them their orders and they picked me up.

I woke up in a cell. No, no, no. What have i done? I looked at the guard, he glanced at me and i looked away.

I couldn't believe what I've done.

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