The New World Order

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5

Submitted: September 11, 2010

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Submitted: September 11, 2010



“What’s up Phoenix?” asked Nemesis.
“Nemesis, I’ve found some information out for you,” said Phoenix.
“Great, let’s hear it,” said Nemesis.
“Well I’ve found out about the program that’s controlling these AIU’s. These AIU’s are running on an MC,” said Phoenix.
“What’s an MC?” asked Nemesis.
“It means Mixed Code. It’s almost like a virus because it only benefits the specific codes it’s designed for. When we sent in a few of our AIU’s they shutdown immediately because of this code. This program is able to hack and disarm any other CPU activated machines which do not have the code it is designed to maintain. It’s a virus all over the Middle East. That’s why we cannot send any AIU’s to combat them,” said Phoenix.
“Is there anyway to stop it?” asked Nemesis.
“Well I’m not sure, but I’m working on a virus right now that should automatically install millions of codes which will cause the system to crash and shutdown the AIU’s,” said Phoenix.
“Well let’s hope you succeed,” said Nemesis. “But how are you going to send it here?” asked Nemesis.
“I can send it through your suit, the nanochip in your suit should work. It’s far too advanced to be affected by the Mixed Code. It’s amazing what nano-technology can do for you,” said Phoenix. Suddenly Nemesis heard another ring. It was Alexis.
“Well Alexis is calling, I’ll talk to you later Phoenix, get on that virus,” said Nemesis and changed the frequency.
“Nemesis, you did a fantastic job when you destroyed those two AIU’s,” said Alexis.
“Yeah and I got banged up pretty bad,” said Nemesis.
“Nemesis, you alone destroyed two of their AIU’s. Our best Marines Unit and US Navy SEALS Team cannot even destroy them. That’s why when I said you were the only one that can stop them, I wasn’t bluffing or trying to make you feel good,” said Colonel.
“Colonel these things think like animals. It’s as if they feel pain and try to avoid getting hurt,” said Nemesis.
“Not only that but those AIU’s work together as a unit. They can set up ambushes and call for help when there is trouble,” said Colonel.
“They’re definitely smarter than the average human,” said Alexis.
“Well, Phoenix is working on a virus for me to implant in the computer mainframe, where ever that is,” said Nemesis.
“Nemesis, did you say Phoenix?” asked Alexis.
“Yeah, why?” asked Nemesis.
“Haven’t seen him in a long while, I guess I miss him,” said Alexis.
“He’s doing fine he’s aiding me with the mission,” said Nemesis.
“Do you know where he is?” she asked.
“All he said was that he was out of harm’s way, why? Do you like him or something?” asked Nemesis.
“Whaaaatttt? Meeee? Nooo!” she said a bit loudly.
“You’re a horrible liar Alexis,” said Nemesis.
“I’m seriou-“
“Don’t even try to hide it,” said Nemesis.
“Well you won’t tell him will you?” said Alexis shamefully.
“Geez why don’t the two of you grow up, you both like each other and won’t tell each other,” said Nemesis in an irritated manner.
“Enough, let’s get back to the mission,” interrupted Colonel.
“Yeah let’s put this off to the side,” said Nemesis.
“Nemesis you need to head northwest, there are a bunch of US Marines there, they may need your assistance,” said Colonel.
“Yeah but it may take a minute, I’m kind of in a hole,” said Nemesis.
“Nemesis you really don’t have much time because they are already under attack by the AIS’s. If the AIU’s join up with them, the Marine team is as good as dead,” said Colonel.
“Alright I’m heading over there right now,” said Nemesis. He then got up and turned on his night vision visor. He climbed back up the ladder and got out of the manhole. He proceeded northwest as the Colonel had told him. He continued until it became dark. It was pitch black because there were no lights. He turned on his night vision visor once again. He heard the loud shots of gunshots forward. He quickly ran forward to assist the Marines. This would be a night battle. All the soldiers of both sides had night vision goggles. Nemesis joined their firefight from the back so that the Marines would not see him because he was dressed like an Iranian. They might shoot at him. He was shooting from a good vantage point so the Marines did not think much of the shots from behind. The AIS’s had already killed many of the Marines because they had many more troops and had appeared to ambush them. Nemesis did not want a repeat of the last time when the Marines died to the AIU’s. He took his last grenade out and threw it forward, right into the trench of where the AIS’s where shooting. It blew up and killed at least six or seven of the AIS’s. Nemesis had a very strong arm and great aim. It would have been nearly impossible for another soldier to do the same from the same distance of where Nemesis was.
The firefight continued for a few more hours. Many more Marines died in the firefight. Finally the battle was over and about fifteen Marines remained alive. They went into a broken down house to rest and recover. They had to tend to their own injuries. Nemesis also decided he would rest but he found another area to rest because he could not rest with the Marines for what he was wearing. Nemesis found a place which was pretty close to them. He could hear the words that they were saying.
“All because of that damned Nemesis!” said voice one.
“He saves us only to kill us in the end,” said voice two.
“We’re fighting a battle we cannot win,” said voice one.
“I don’t know, is it really possible for him to really do this?” asked voice three.
“Com’on now man, we gave him a mission which was to stop the Colossal Country, which he did. Then he did stop the Colossal Country but we blew him up along with the damned thing. He’s like a super soldier or something, of course he survived. Now he’s taking revenge,” said voice two.
“He ain’t all that, he’s just better than the average person at fighting. Other than that he’s a damn sissy,” said voice one. Nemesis just listened.
“So these are the people I saved,” said Nemesis to himself.
“He single handedly destroyed the Colossal Country, there is no way in hell you could beat someone like Nemesis,” said voice four.
“Whatever, I could beat him. He’s lucky he wasn’t in this battle or I would have cut that backstabbing son of a gun’s throat,” said voice one again.
“Shut up man, you haven’t seen what he looks like, this guy is huge. His arms are like the size of my thighs. I hear he’s like a super human. If this guy took down a base of about two thousand men, imagine what he could do to us,” said voice three. Nemesis got tired and dozed off. He didn’t feel like listening anymore.

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