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The chandelier came crashing to the ground, glittering crystals flew through the air and the moon lit the room with an eerie glow. All around people stopped dancing and turned to stare at the crystal chandelier, once beautifully lighting up a room, it now lay on the Ballroom floor. Fracturing light and sending out tiny beams of gorgeous color. I glanced at my mother for any sign of dismay, but her face was still blessed with a smile as if nothing had happened. Slowly the guards escorted the guests out of the room, leaving my mother and I in peace.

“Sarah. Do you mind doing me a favor?” She turned to me, her eyes swimming with anger. She glanced up quickly and her eyes widened at a sight that wasn’t there.

“Sure. What can I help you with?” I asked, brushing glass off my dress.  Suddenly her voice was in my head.  One of many abilities she had in order to keep us safe. Go get Torren. Tell him the Queen has requested his presence. I nodded and dashed off, through the large mahogany doors. I ran down the halls and stopped in front of an old wooden door.

The white paint was chipping and needed a fresh coat. I knocked twice and waited politely for Torren to come to the door. I heard the lock click and Torren open it, his hair ruffed from sleep. “Marien needs you in the Ballroom.” I said, bowing in respect. He nodded, his eyes grave and he jogged to the Ballroom. I removed the small tiara from my head as I trudged up the stairs to my room.

 The door was open and Gale was waiting in side. I sighed and greeted him with a nod of my head wasting no time changing into my night slip. I crawled under my covers and Gale turned off the lights as he left, not bothering to say hello. I blinked a few times, determined to stay up a little later but it was no use once my eyes were closed and I fell asleep.

I woke up to screaming, lots of screaming. But after a minute I relaxed, recognizing the voice as Ariel’s. She was excited and the whole Kingdom had to know.  I groaned and threw my legs over the side of my bed, putting on my robe and tying it tightly. If Jamie was excited I would need to be prepared.

I raced down the stairs, nearly plowing over a guard as I did. “Ari? What did you do?” I asked, glancing around the corner. There she stood, smiling as a line of 15 men gathered in front of me. I could tell she brought them to meet me so I stepped around the corner and tapped her shoulder. “Ari I’m in my robe you know.” She gave me a tiny glance then handed me a white dress and shoved me into the bathroom. I pulled off my night clothes and slipped on the dress. It was a silver gown that tied around the back of my neck gracefully. I smiled and brushed my hair, throwing it into a messy bun and stepped out, holding the strings.

“I’ll get that.” Ariel said walking behind me. She looped the strings and tied it tightly, afraid it might come undone. We spent the whole afternoon together judging men and discarding them like toys. When we got to the last one, my hair had escaped its bun and was now cascading in golden waves down my back.

“Next please.” I said in my sweetest voice. A young man about my age stepped through the door, staring at Ariel warily.

“I’d like my time ALONE with the Princess.” He said, gesturing to the door. Ariel refused and sat there listening to our conversation. It turns out he was quite a gentleman, and tied my dress back up when the knot finally slipped. Before I accepted him I had one more question.

“Do you have any powers? If so please list them.” I said with a smile. He scowled and looked at me.

“Only one Princess and you’re not going to like it.” He stated, looking into my eyes. Suddenly I couldn’t talk my throat felt like it had lost its voice box. I couldn’t even hum! I slapped him hard across the face then turned to Ariel pleading my case, and pointing to my neck then up to my mouth. I tried to mind link with her but I couldn’t get the signal to talk, only to give off a panicked noise. Ari pushed the man out of the room, calling for help.

“Ariel? What’s wrong Hun?” I heard my mother’s voice from down the hall.

“Sarah can’t talk. The last suitor took her voice or something? She can’t even mind link! What’s wrong with her?” Ariel said, raising her voice with each word. I could tell she was frightened but was determinded not to show it. The Queen sat down next to me and I could feel her working herself into my mind. She gasped and a single rebel tear slipped down her porcelain face.

“I can’t fix her voice. That man has some very strong powers of which I can’t even begin to imagine. I’m sorry Sarah I can’t retrieve your voice.

I glanced at her then stood, shaking my head as if to say I don’t care. I walked up to my room and began packing my favorite items, including my new kitten Snowa. I pulled on a green dress and used my powers to make myself occult and crept out the palace door, Running at full speed once my feet him the ground. As soon as I was out of sight, I slowed to a walk and pulled Snowa out of my bag. She was asleep and didn’t move when I placed her in my shirt pocket. She was so tiny for such an adventurous little kitten. After a few minutes I realized I could see a gate up ahead. I knew I was fairly far from my Kingdom so it was safe to stop here. Just as I reached the gate, a bullet whizzed by my ear and I yelped. suddenly a hand reached out and pulled me saftly inside the gate. Before I had a chance to thank them, I was knocked out.


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