my boyfriends called me crazy so i had to kill him

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mona has been havind boyfriend abuse ever since her boyfriend jason's parents dies. that is untill Mona does the unthinkable and tries to kill him.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - chapter 1

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Submitted: September 08, 2009



Chapter one

My boyfriend was nice and stuff. He did all the things I wanted in a boyfriend. Like buy me expensive stuff. And others things I loved about him. But when his mom died he started acting depressed and he’d get mad at me if I did things wrong

I know how it feels to loose somebody you love but you have to get over it and move on. But my boyfriend never did. After a couple of days he’s start slapping me around and calling me names like “You little bitch” and other crap like that. But in my heart I still loved him and gave him chances.

But one time I just couldn’t take it anymore it been like three month’s since his moms death and he still abused me

He called me over so we could talk but I knew it was more then that because this happened like all the time.

So when I came over that day his parents weren’t there they were gone which got me thinking about some crazy things. Would he hit me if I didn’t obey him I asked myself as I rang the doorbell? He answered the door. He looked at me with those cold blue eyes that I couldn’t get away from.

You’re late” is all he says to me.

“Sorry. Can I come in?” I ask him. Still looking into those cold blue eyes.

“Whatever” he moves out of the way and lets me in. I pray that he won’t slap or abuse me like yesterday. I’d cried for so long because of him. I still don’t know why I’m with him. Maybe because I felt sorry for him or because I’m scared of what he might do to me if I ever tell him to.

“Jason what do you want to talk about?” I ask sitting down in a chair

Jason sits down next to me and starts touching me without my permission.

“Jason stop! You just said you wanted to talk” I say scooting away from him. “If you keep touching me then or I’ll leave you. I don’t care about you anymore. So stop. Let’s just talk”

“Nothing, Jason nothing” I say and turn away from him as he touches me. I feel tears brimming to my eyes as he does so. Why am I here is all I can think of. If I tell him anything like leave me alone then he’ll just get mad and slap me.

He moves from touching me to kissing me directly on the lips which make tears come out of my eyes. Even though I’m trying to blink them away. As this is happening I pray to God that he won’t abuse me in any way.

“Mona, you know that I love you right” Jason says while kissing my neck.
“Then why do you abuse me like that. I love you also but why.” He lets go of me as I wipe my eyes. “And I thought you wanted to talk to me.”

He looks at me with those icy blue eyes and slaps me. “We will do what I want and that’s all. Don’t ask stupid questions unless I tell you to.”

That’s when the tears come out more. I can’t help it. It hurts me to think that this relationship could ever change. “Mona if you tell anybody about this I will kill you. You will never get out of this relationship unless I brake up with you. If you do.” He says glaring at me. “I will find you.”

That’s makes me shiver like it’s in the middle of winter and I don’t have a coat. He looks into my eyes as I stare back letting the tears drip onto the chair.

“Jason I thought you said that you loved me. Why are you so evil?” I scream at him trying to breath.

“I’m just showing my love towards you Mona and you better except it.” He threatens still glaring at me.

The phone rings and he goes and pick it up. I just sit there letting the tears slid down my cheeks wondering how he could love me when he’s sick and twisted. As he talks he glares at me. I noticed that his voice changes from being mean to nice. I take my que to leave. That’s just the great plan I made in my mind. I can’t stand here letting him abuse me like this. I get of the couch and walk to the door.

I hear him put the phone away and walk toward me.

“I will have my revenge Jason. You will pay for all those times you’ve abused me.” I say opening the door and running out. Jason is right behind me but I beat him to my car.

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