Hearts Chapter One

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Sebastian is a sour and mysterious young boy who keeps running away from his "duty". But exactly what is that duty and what does it mean to bear it? Falling into a dark world with even darker beasts, Sebastian uncovers secrets of his existance and fallows on a trail of destruction and despair. Everything is falling apart; but is he the one ripping it to shreds?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hearts Chapter One

Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



Sebastian blinked up at the grey sky with watery eyes. The cold seeped into him. He couldn't feel his body anymore as he laid there, a numb robot mechanically pulling himself up. He looked around with his pale blue eyes, taking in the snow and trees with disinterest. Soft flakes fell into his white lashes, melted atop his blonde head, spread themselves across his ivory skin. Slender and broken...he sat there.

Tenderly Sebastian held a hand to his face, passing over his angular features, feeling for his eye and pressing against it. He couldn't tell when they last time he had a headache this terrible. His blazer and slacks were ruined with blood.

Clearly he could see a gnarled white beast of a tree, frozen in ice ahead of him, so familiar. Beneath it he saw what looked like himself. A tuft of blonde hair waving in the stiff breeze as he looked up at Sebastian; even from this distance Sebastian could imagine the only difference between them, the sharp teeth revealed in his cocksure smile. It was Targeryn.

“Brother,” The visage greeted with spread arms. Sebastian could hear the voice from far off, a whining pup. “You are not my brother.” Targeryn cocked his head to one side, “but we are from the same--” Sebastian cut him off, “Do not tell me that bullshit!” He spat out venom huskily, marching towards the little weasel who dared imitate him.

“Sebastian dear one, I come to bear great news though.” Targeryn remarked with a stiff bow. Sebastian stood in front of the boy and sneered, staring into his own crystalline orbs. “Get out!” He yelled into Targeryn’s face, the expression of contempt mirrored his own. “I’m greatly disappointed by the great prince’s manners.” The smile uncovered gleaming fangs and a pink tongue sliding idly across them.

“Your father comes across the great sea of space to greet his favorite son, for the first time.” Targeryn’s voice was slick oil running across Sebastian’s skin. He shuddered. “Leave me; be gone out of my head. I hate you!” He clutched fingers over his eye once more. “I’m not done,” Targeryn cooed, “your mother says ‘Tell my boy I love him.’” Sebastian shook his head, “my mother is dead.”

Sebastian began to walk away from Targeryn. He took brusque steps through the snow in his haste he stumbled. He was freezing, he was slowing down.

Targeryn stood alone in the empty space. The howl of the wind loud around him with Sebastian’s departure. He whispered to himself as Sebastian walked away from him, towards his fate. "I am that part which loves you," He said to the retreating figure. He touched his left eye with nervous fingers and let the mocking smile fade. Letting a single tear stream down his face, he turned away from Sebastian and went to sit in the tree. This accursed wasteland would be his only home for eternity. Targeryn would never know what it was like to be cared for, "I pray you don't waste it darling,"

Targeryn picked up his sword, which lay abandoned, smiling ruefully at the shining blade. "He will come back for you; it is I who he will leave behind." With a last glance towards Sebastian, Targeryn thrust the blade into his heart. Smiling he fell to the ground and let the blood pool around him. The snow drank the redness with eager crystals. Targeryn's life faded in a whisper, leaving a smirk across his face

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