Chapter 4:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I was sitting in front of my easel pencil in hand gazing out the window my hand flying effortlessly over the canvas. My IPod was plugged in my ears, Ke$ha's your love is my drug played. A small smile crossed my lips; I didn't even hear the door open behind me.


Someone pulled on the ear phones out my ear. "Mrs. Dare, its class time" the voice said seriously.


I gasped, and then looked up at my teacher Aiden Schertz; he was 24 years old, with light brown sun kissed hair and chocolate brown eyes. He stood at a handsome 6'2, he was very muscular. He started to laugh.


"Aiden," I started, he didn't like being called Mr. Schertz it made him feel old, "What do you think about this?"


He pulled a stool next to me, "I think you're spending too much time with guys. Who is this one?"


I thought momentarily. "I'm not sure..."


"ROXIE!" He yelled shocked.


"what?" I rubbed my ear. "Why are you yelling?"


"You don't remember who that is...." He scolded "But it kind of looks like someone from my sophomore class."




"Yeah, the hair... it reminds me of Callum Salvatore"


My eyes widen, "What? Nene's brother? I hate him" Before Aiden could respond the rest of the class began to trail in. Aiden took my picture and put it behind his chair winking.


"Our Secret" He mouthed winking.


The rest of the class took seats in front of their easels, we were a small informal group, and only two new faces stared back at me. The seats next to me remain empty; the usual seats of my best art buds.


The door opened and Rylan's familiar voice filtered in, "Sorry I'm late Aiden, this girl couldn't find the room."


I looked up and waved him over only to see Jessica behind him. She smirked and linked her arm through his. He pulled away fixing her a dark glare before finding his way next to me. He sat and rested his head against the easel. Jess smirked and made her way towards us taking the seat on my left. Rylan cursed under his breath.


"Okay class" Aiden started grinning, "today's lesson is a partnership one and I have surprise for you. My advanced students will be paired up with some my college students."


Rylan lifted his head up, "there is a god" He mouthed. I knew he was thinking about Ivy, one of the college girls who did art and Aiden's rumored girlfriend.


"Okay, so the pairings are simple and I want you all to come back after school to meet your partners. Jessica Maxwell and Jaiden Daniels, Bliss Jean and Caspian Hales, Rylan Devereux and Cali Montello,"


"Life sucks." Rylan groaned and began banging his head on the easel. "Who the hell is Cali Montello?"


I snickered, "I don't know."


"Victor King and Jason Dare, Roxanna Dare and Callum Salvatore, Remy Montello and Nicholai Storm."


My smile fell "W-what?" there was no way I just got paired with Nene's older brother. Rylan and Aiden seemed to be enjoying my pain as he was grinning like mad.


"Now that's out the way, you guys have thirty minutes to a pencil drawing of what you think your partner might look like."


I growled, "I know what my partner looks like,"


Aiden pulled out a high school year book, "The names have been removed but I want you to use your intuition and try and figure out who you're looking for."


I picked my number 2 pencil up and closed my eyes slowing my breathing, in and out, calming myself. When I opened my eyes both Rylan and Jessica had started, I placed my pencil on the canvas and let it glide over it.


In my head I went over the little things most people would have missed glancing at him. The way the sun caught his eyes, the way his hair was always messy because he was too lazy to comb it out, his smile, the way his lips curved in a haughty smirk or an angry scowl. When I was done I had pretty good drawing of him one even he could appreciate.


The bell rang signaling the end of class, but I wasn't done, Rylan took a glance at my drawing, "Whoa, That's pretty good Rox"


I nodded thanks, "I might come back at lunch to tone it" I glanced at his and smiled, "That's definitely looks like a Cali I guess"

Submitted: April 12, 2012

© Copyright 2022 theeunstablemind. All rights reserved.


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