Chapter 9:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The girls and I decided to meet up in the town Saturday and discuss Idea's for the annual birthday bash Enternity and I always had. Since both of our birthdays landed on the 28th of November  it was convenient to have joint parties the last 11 years. Last year the party was at my house this year at the Salvatore Mansion. After window shopping for a few hours we went sightseeing and got some ice cream from the Italian cart.


"By the way I still have not forgotten about killing Jessica...and I shall curb-stomp her one way or another." I reminded them. "I know she set those stupid fan girls of your brother on me."


Nene scoffed munching on gelato from a cup. "If you do, it better be off school grounds."


"Don't you guys think violence is a bit too much?" Gwen asked without a stutter. Still her characteristically soft voice had the same effect.


"She deserves it." I said bluntly.


"Here, here." Nene agreed. "I'd have done it a while ago if I wasn't worried about chipping my manicure." she added.


I laughed. "Oooh! Nene this is where your brother took me!" I blurted p running toward the structure just as excited the second time.


"Roxie you've got a hell of a lot of energy." Nene protested as they caught up to me.


"Sorry." I giggled. All of this sugar was hyping me up a bit too much. And I was already easily excitable; I needed to release all of this somehow.


"Hey Nene! Hold my ice-cream, will you?" I handed my cup of gelato to the blonde.


"Roxie what are you doing?" Nene asked. I laughed slightly and climbed onto the stone railing.


"Roxie! B-be careful!" Gwen protested.


"Roxie-" Nene began.


"Oh don't worry, remember I used to do gymnastics. I just wanted to show you some of my stuff." I assured mischievously.


"This isn't like a normal balance beam, and there's no mat to break your fall girlie." Nene reproved warningly.


"Thanks Nene boo I'll be more careful." I nodded standing giddily on the edge. Gwen was clearly anxious for me to get down.


Giggling I started singing something random as I walked along the length of the bridge. "I love you..." I pointed at the girls. "You love me...Let's stab Jessi pretty please, with a great big sword, when her entrails hit the more stupid effin whore." I did a series to tricks as I sang. "Wee!" I did a head-stand on one arm. My legs parted spread eagle style.


"Damn Roxie," Nene raised a brow at the moves the girl effortlessly pulled. Her long brunette locks swinging about. Gwen wrung her hands in worry.





The blonde heard a familiar voice giggling from a distance. His head snapped in the general direction. Sure enough his keen eyes caught the long brunette curls hanging down as she stared at her reflection happily, blissfully unaware of her newest arch enemy's presence. She looked...interesting at that moment, solitary, with that background, like a painting. Her friends soon appeared beside her and they started to talk.


At least she definitely wasn't stalking him. If some chick went fatal attraction on him he'd chop her head off without any questions asked and tell the cops "hell yeah I did it" and go to jail happy with himself. Jayden did not know why his attention was so riveted to the girls atop the bridge above him. Boredom perhaps. She handed the blonde beside her a cup and climbed atop the ledge carelessly, despite the Gates girl's obvious protest.


A few cheers and impressed sounds were made that refocused his attention. He narrowed his eyes. His expression changed when he caught sight of the acrobatic routine she was pulling off. These were some totally sick moves we're talking about. Well this was definitely entertaining. After all she was not bad looking.


In fact really cute...and damn! Look at those moves. Oh what a girl like that could do in bed. If Callum could hear his thoughts right then he'd probably have his nuts pickled in a jar by the end of the afternoon. Well it was not as though he'd actually bang this particular girl. Hell no. But he wasn't going to lie and call her some hideous beast. He began to absently draw an eye on his book when he lost interest.


Then in a sudden moment there was a cry, a thud and a splash all at once. Chocolate eyes darted back up to see three horrified girls screaming down at the water. He looked back at the water to see ripples. And no sign of brown hair. They had began to run across the bridge and he just knew...'Bloody Hell' he suddenly wished that it was sweltering hot that afternoon. He dropped his sketch book beside him and took off his hoodie before swan diving into the water. Why he was acting so impulsively was beyond him, but he was not one to leave a girl to drown. Damn murky water. Couldn't she swim? He strained his eyes through the greenish-blue mire that surrounded him. He swam for the drifting shape and delicate bubbles. The silhouette was definitely her, half-floating, half-sinking, and being carried down with the soft current. Clearly by her demeanor she was not conscious. He reached out and gripped her under the arms.



It had come out of nowhere!


"Roxie! ROXIE!" Nene shouted.


"ROXANNE!" Gwen screamed making a grab for her friend.


The two girls were in a little frenzy. Somebody had apparently thought it was funny to sling a rock at the brunette girl showing off on the bridge. It had thrown the fair-haired beauty off balance and she flew right off the side on the way down she hit her head on the edge of a moving boat, and then landed into the canal with a loud. "Splash!!" A few people let out gasps and joined them at the bridge's edge.


"I can't see her!" Nene panicked.


"Well let's get down there now!" Nene shoved her as Gwen was already on the move. The blood and adrenaline pumping through their veins spurred them on faster.



Then as they reached the water's edge with a splash and a breath, long blonde hair emerged from the water and a guy soon followed it with Roxie slung over his shoulder. Her brown hair hanging down his back along with her limp arms as he made his way for the nearby staircase.


Brown eyes slowly met theirs, water dripping from his features and his dripping, golden hair. He frowned in annoyance as he grabbed the stair rail and climbed out. Sopping wet clothes clinging to his skin here and there, showing off his form. Nene recognized him from school right away. Jessica's cousin...


 "Roxie! Gimme Her!" Nene snatched her off of his shoulder worriedly.


"You are so welcome," he huffed sarcastically.


"Th-thank you, um...s-sir. We appreciate I-it." Gwen nodded politely.


"Whatever, Just be more careful with this. Next time I might not be so helpful, yeah." he swiped hair from his face.


Nene had already laid Roxie down when she began to groan, choking and coughing. "You don't have to be so hostile." Nene murmured. Jayden rolled his eyes to himself and turned around. "By the way...thanks." the blonde called after him.



When I completely came to...I was greeted by the astonished, relieved, and generally pissed off faces of my companions.


I frowned. "What...happened?" I managed to pant for air.


"Some asshole chucked a rock." Nene growled looking around.


Gwen looked about as well, wondering who could have done something so horrible. "Are you o-okay, Roxie?" she asked me.


"Ugh. My head is sore." I sat up hacking up some water.


"Eew." Nene remarked.


"Maybe we should go back to the dorm." Nene suggested.


"No!" I protested. "I'm just wet, I can wear one of the outfits I bought with Nene it's no problem." I assured, feeling fortunate that I allowed Nene to take me bra shopping even though it had been the most awkward thing in the world for me.


They seemed hesitant. "You sure you're fine?" Nene asked.


"Yup!" I gave two thumbs up, my vivid sapphire eyes alight with assurance.


"Well..." they all exchanged glances. "Okay then." Nene nodded.


"How did I get out of there?" Roxie asked suddenly, looking at the canal.


"Some guy from our school happened to be at the scene and got you out just in time." Nene answered. The light in her eyes made Roxie and Nene roll their eyes.


"Nene, stop drooling okay?" Roxie huffed. "Help me up." she reached out her hands to the girls. Gwen was too relieved for words. She smoothed out her hair and clothes with a long sigh. Roxie smiled at her. "I'm okay." she nodded at her with a chuckle. "No need to tell Matt though" I grinned.

Submitted: April 14, 2012

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