Under the World is a Bright New Future

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: November 05, 2009



Chapter 2

“So Robin,” I said, as we drove home. “Whatcha gonna do at my house?”

“Well, we could rent a movie, buy a bag of chips, and while we eat them, we can watch the movie we rented.”

She said this all in a very matter-of-fact tone.

“I mean before that.” I pressed on. She always beat about the bush.

So irritating.

“We can park the car. And then-“

“And what about the person you’re meeting outside my house?” I said the last bit a little louder.

“Oh, um, about that, that’s before we park the car in the garage.”

I gave her a disbelieving look.

“Robin. Can you answer a simple question, or do I have to bribe you?”

“What do you take me for; one of those Blondie Barbies? I’ll tell you-“

I sighed.

“When I’m good and ready.” Glee was written all over her face.

“Arg, I’m going to be depressed.” I said in a sad voice.

“Ok, ok. I have a date with someone and we are meeting at your house.”

Silence fell once again.

“Why not at your house?” I persisted.

“Um…Well now that you’re making such a big deal out of it I wish I had.” She said looking straight ahead.


“Alison has a big crush on my date and I didn’t want to offend her.” She said finally looking at me. “So I decided that it would be better to meet were she would defiantly not be.”

Alison was Robin’s younger sister; she was the prettier one with light brown flowing hair and beautiful green eyes like Robins.

“That’s thoughtful…so who is this prince charming?”

I wondered who Alison and Robin would like. Since they had such opposite tastes, you would rarely find something that they both liked. In a sense it was good, at least they didn’t fight over shoes or anything. So the curiosity was burning inside me.

“Charlotte do I really have to tell you? Because I really not want to.” She said looking sort of glum.

“Well its your choice you can ether warn me now who it is ,or I’ll just see for myself later, by the way if I were you I’d just spill the beans already.” I said hoping that would maybe work to get it out of her.

“Hmm…you got a point, it’s a typical sooner or later policy.” she said with a frown on her face. We just then pulled up into my drive way, It was starting to get dark and I could see my parents car in the drive way.

“Exactly.” I said happy that she finally seemed to be starting to tell me something.

“Well it’s a good thing I’m not you then.” She said smiling enormously at me. “See you tomorrow.”

“Ugh whatever I don’t care anymore I’ll just see who it is later.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Good I’m happy you finally gave up.” She said as I got out of her car. I grunted at her then waved.

“See you tomorrow Robin.”

Robin gave a little wave and backed out of my parking lot.

My parents were making dinner when I clumsily walked into the front door.

My mom (Laurie) was in the kitchen and my dad (Ross) beside her, washing a large pot.

“Hey love,” my dad called out as soon as he spotted me dragging my bag to the living room.


I threw myself down onto the couch. I didn’t have a clue to who Robin was dating. As far

as I knew her taste, she didn’t like any of the boys at our school. Well not enough to date them.

I had barely any homework so I flipped on the TV and scanned through the channels.

I settled on a music show and was watching it, when I heard a car drive up fifteen minutes later.

Anxious, I ran to the window. I pressed my nose lightly against the glass. The green jeep was familiar, but I couldn’t seem to put my finger on it. Robin was waiting outside my house, wearing the same kind of baggy pants that she wore earlier and a simple T-shirt. Her hair was the same as always.

She looked relived. I was shocked when I saw Nate stepping out of the car and give Robin a peak on the check. My mouth fell open in shock. From all the boys I was musing over, it was defiantly not Nate. I watched them talk a bit, until Nate turned around and saw me gaping at them. He smiled and pointed in my direction. Rob turned and laughed at my expression; it must have been pretty funny but I didn’t really care at the moment. I found out how to shut my mouth, and then narrowed my eyes at them. Robin decided that that was their cue to go. She said something to him and jumped in the front seat. He gave me one last smirk and slid in the driver’s seat. Robin waved slightly at me and gave me a worried look.

Well she should look worried. I said to myself. She’s got a lot of explaining to do. I pointed to her with my right finger then slid it across my throat. She stuck her tough out at me as the car pulled away.

Her date was Nate? Was I sure about that or did I fall asleep; that music show was kind of boring. Maybe I should slap myself, but I didn’t remember falling asleep. Okay this was getting weird. Nate? Nate Rillen? He was going out with Robin? That can’t be real, I mean she just got back, how long has it been going on if it could last though the summer? They must be boyfriend and girlfriend by now if that was the case.

I sat slowly down onto the couch thinking about how my best friend and my could-be best friend might me in a serious relationship. I shuddered, not because they wouldn’t be a good couple but because it was way too weird. I started to think about what could happen if it didn’t work out. How could she hide this from me? That thought got me a little bit mad.

Just then my mom popped her head in the living room.

“Dinner’s ready, go call your little brother, I think he’s upstairs; he got a new game from Ben so he’s back to his computer again.”

“Mom you really need to do something about that; he’s going to get glasses soon.” I said as I got up from the couch slowly. My twelve year old brother that looked identical to me, except with short hair, was what most people called a nerd. He could spend hours on his laptop playing games.

Arg, I had just gotten him into sports when Halo 3 came out. All my hard work just dumped in the trash.

“I know, but I’m fresh out of ideas.” She said looking at me” Are you okay?” She added.

How did I look? I hope the whole Nate and Robin drama didn’t show on my face.

“Yeah, I’m great; what’s for dinner?”

“Meatloaf.” She said as she headed back into the kitchen.

“Yum.” I said as I ran up the stairs to the door at the end of the hall. It had the ‘Do not enter. Busy’ sigh on it. I knocked and barged in, not waiting for an answer.

“You know that they only use those signs for honeymoons, right?” I said as I walked over to where my brother was staring way to close to his screen.

I looked around his room. Unlike my room his seemed to always be clean. I suspected that our mom must clean it because it would be weird if he would pick up after himself. No normal twelve year old kid would do that. Hopefully it was our mom.

“Who cleans your room?” I asked sounding very much like an annoying mother.

“Is that really any of your business Charlotte?” he asked still staring at his computer screen. I ignored him and walked over to a poster I didn’t see there before.

“Come on Nick, Stars Wars?” I said in a shocked tone.

“Why are you here Charlotte?” He mumbled while the clicking of his mouse quickened.

“Dinner time.” I said as I headed for the door.

“What’s for dinner” he asked still not looking at me.

“It’s a surprise; you’ll know when you come.” I said knowing that it would take him ten minuets to rip himself away from his laptop. I closed the door quietly and hopped down the stairs. I slung myself into one of the dinner chairs. My dad seemed to be busy with some papers.

“Good day at work? Win any cases?” I asked in a sarcastic tone. My dad was a Lawyer and my mom a teacher, a wired combination and to this day I still wonder how they met. I hope that my dad doesn’t have some secret kid he’s been hiding.

“Yes and No.” He said. “And how was your day?” He added glancing up from the stack of papers in front of him.

“Well to tell you the truth it’s been one very bizarre day.” I said widening my eyes and nodding to myself at the last part.

“Why is that?” he asked looking at me from across the table.

I wasn’t sure if Robin would appreciate me telling parents that could tell other parents about this situation, but at this moment I felt pretty mad at her. Since my dad and Nate’s dad were like best buddies, I was sure the news would only take a day or so before it got to Mr. Rillen. Then Mrs. Rillen would find out and tell Robin’s mom and before it could be stopped they would be planning a wedding without anyone’s permission .That could be a way to get back at Robin for not telling me. But then again I would be the first person Robin would hunt down. I’m too young to die. I decided

“Um…Well actually nothing happened really extraordinary. You know, same as usual, just did some tricks on the Harrlings and Cason.” I said in a casual tone.

That was the only thing that came to mind at the moment and I regretted it instantly.

My dad shook his head and went back to organizing his papers.

“If their dad calls, you’re grounded for a week. So pray he doesn’t.” He said.

I grunted.

He just chuckled at me. My parent knew how much I and Robin hated the ‘Blondie Barbies’ and sometimes it amused them with the things we would do to them. So I wasn’t punished much. But some times I think that maybe it was because they didn’t like them all that much ether.

My mom walked in with a serving plate and set in the center of the table.

“Can you get the plates dear?” she asked as she started to cut the meatloaf.

“Yeah, sure.” I was still going through how I would start on Robin the next day while I set the dinner table. I figured I’d put it out of my mind and hopefully Robin would give me all the needed details.

“Where’s Nick?” my mom asked.

“I called him but he was still glued to the laptop.” I said

“Can you please call him again; the food is getting cold.” She said clearly irritated.

I ran over to the bottom of the stairs.

“Nick, get your scrawny little butt down here before I ask dad to kick it.” I yelled.

My dad poked his head around the dinning room door.

“I never agreed to that.” He said, chuckling. “Stop threatening your brother like you’re the head of the house.”

“It’s the threat that counts.” I said.

Nick’s footsteps could be heard thumping down the stairs.

“Oh so you heard about the beating you’re gonna get.”

“Beating?” said Nick, a little surprised. Then he rolled his eyes. “Oh, the made-up one you planned. Well I think an A plus on a math test that I plan to get should let me get by it, don’t you?”

I scowled at him. He would get it if he promised.

“Since when do you get an A plus in school.” I muttered.

My dad rolled his eyes with a smile.

“I think you two ought to shut your mouths and dig in.” He said, gesturing to the steaming pot of meatloaf with his folk.

I served myself some meatloaf and sat down.

My mind was always in a different world when I ate; it was the only time my mind was blank. Right then I was plotting to change my brother.

“Charlotte, do you have any plans for tonight?” My mother jolted my thoughts.

“What? Oh no, nothing really. Why?”

“Well, Nicky is going to a birthday party with one of his friends. I was hoping you could take him.”

“Mom!” Nick cried in protest. “I don’t need her. Ben lives right around the block. And besides, his cousin will be there, he can pick us up.”

Evidence that my brother disliked me. Ben was Henry’s brother and Nick’s best friend, both little nerds and both computer addicts. Oh look, one thing me and Henry had in common, geeky brothers!

“Exactly. ‘Nicky’ doesn’t need me. Ben’s brother is big. He can look after them two.”

Nick looked a bit surprised that I spoke so earnestly for him. Then he gave me a quizzical look.

“Please mom.” He begged, still looking oddly at me. Was I really that mean to him? I thought I was a nice sister; guess not

“What do you think Ross?” My mom asked our dad.

Nick gave him a pleading look.

“Why not, Nicky is a big boy; he can take care of himself for an hour or two I would hope.” He said taking anther bite of his meatloaf.

“So does that mean I can go without HER.?” He said pointing in my direction.

“Nick, what did I ever do that made you hate me so much?” I asked, pondering why he emphasized ‘her’.

He just shrugged and took a bite of his food. I rolled my eyes, annoyed that I put so much effort in being a good sister and it didn’t seem to be paying off.

“So.” He asked again. “Can I go by myself or not?”

“I guess so, but you have to be back at 11:00 or I will send Charlotte to get you.” My mom said.

“That’s not a threat mom.” I said a little nervous now that I found out that my brother didn’t seem to like me as much as I thought. He’d probably stay there just to bug me so I would have drive down there and pick his sorry ass up.

“It’s true dear you have school tomorrow. You have to go to bed at that time.” She said.

Not what I was going for but I could work with that.

“Yeah, and I still need to finish some homework too. So I’ll be off.” I added quickly as I took the last bite of my food.

“Alright dear see you tomorrow.” She said blowing me a kiss. I blew one back at her.

“Goodnight dad.” I gave him a kiss on the forehead. “Goodnight squirt.” I added as I ruffled Nick’s hair. He smoothed it out right when he got my hand off his head.

“Goodnight.” My parents called after me.

I went to the Livingroom to retrieve my school bag then ran up the stairs and walked down the other end of the hall to my untidy room. I pushed the door open and stopped. My room had a big black carpet in the middle; it was average size with long red curtains. It had clothes and shoes everywhere. I need to do a major clean up spree. I thought as I jumped on my bed, homework in hand.

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