Under the World is a Bright New Future

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: November 05, 2009

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Submitted: November 05, 2009



Chapter 3

An hour and a half later, homework was finished and I was pondering on what I should do with the rest of the evening. I shrugged, grabbed a towel and a fresh pair of sweats, and headed to the bathroom. The day had been pretty dull. Then again, these were school days; it was almost always going to be like this. The only thing new was that Robin was dating, and Henry Davidson liked me, which really wasn’t something to get excited about. Was it just me or did time seemed to pass really slowly around here.

I stepped out of the shower half an hour later.

“Charlotte?” My dad called up the stairs.

“Yeah?” I called back down.

“Your mother wants you to check on your brother.”

“Now? It’s only ten o’clock.”

“Tell her that. She changed her mind and said the second day of school isn’t such a good day to fall asleep in class.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Nick’s twelve, dad. Not eight.”

“Laurie doesn’t seem to think so.”

I hung my towel over a chair and darted down the stairs.

“Where is she?” I asked.

“Kitchen.” My dad said his eyes fixed on the TV screen.

I sauntered into the small kitchen where I found my mom working over some papers that lay scattered over the table.

“Why can’t Nick stay another hour?” I said, plopping myself onto a chair.

“Because he has nothing in his brain other then computer games, plus he hasn’t finished his homework.” She replied, still not looking at me.

“So I have to pick him up?”

“If you can, yes.”

“Can’t he just walk here?”

She turned to look at me.

“Charlotte sweetie, since when are you so lazy to do things for your brother.”

“Since he turned ten.” I mumbled.

“Please dreary.” She said trying to do a puppy face. “I’m really busy” she said moving her hand over the some of the papers.

“Ugh. Fine.” I grunted. “Only if you promise to buy him a phone for his next birthday.”

“Thank you.” She said looking back down to the pile of papers.

I ran up the stairs, changed into a sweater and jeans and marched out the front door.

I walked down the drive way and jumped into my car. I really didn’t want to go to Henrys house to pick up my annoying little brother. It’s not his fault; he was going to come on time, I kept telling myself as I drove down the block.

I parked right in front of the Davison’s house and jumped out.

The yard was big, with flower beds surrounding it. It had steamers and popped balloons every where, I was musing on how Mrs. Davison didn’t have a heart attack from seeing this mess. I strolled up the path way to the front door where I heard music playing from inside. I rang the door bell and waited, fidgeting with my keys in the process.

The door opened a minuet later and Mr. Davison stood at the door.

“Hello Charlotte what brings you here?” he said.

“My brother; my mom decided that ten would be a better time to pick him up.” I said feeling the sting of annoyance again.

“Oh, Alright, I’ll ask Henry to call him, would you like to come inside?” He asked.

“No, no it’s fine I’ll wait out here.” I said smiling at him.

I defiantly didn’t want to go inside, more chance of me talking with Henry. That would be awkward.

“Alright Goodnight Charlotte it was good seeing you again.” He said as he closed the door.

“You too Mr. Davison.” I said as I sat down on the porch step.

Five minutes later Henry came out.

“Um your brother refuses to come out; he says he has ‘til eleven.”

“Er, right. Can you tell him that if he doesn’t come out now, I’ll break Halo 3, steal his computer, and make sure he doesn’t get on one for a week.”

Henry smiled sheepishly.

“He and Ben have been upstairs using my laptop the whole time.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“It’s nearly impossible to keep Nick off a computer.” I said.

“Same here.”

“So, can you call him?”

“Oh yeah, sure.”

Henry rushed back inside and soon came back with a very pissed off looking Nick.

“I can’t believe you came here to pick me up!” Nick protested loudly.

“Trust me, mom told me to.”

“Did she? Or did you come here to see Henry?” Nick raised his eyebrows, his lips twitching slightly.

“Oh yes I came to see all the handsome boys: Henry, Mr. Davidson, and Ben.”

At the last name, Nick look disgusted.

“I don’t think I like your taste very much, Charlotte.”

“Well, I don’t like your head on those shoulders.”

I grabbed his head and Nick almost immediately started screaming.

“Seriously Nick; did you actually think I was gonna pull your head off?”

Henry snickered.

“I’m not this mean at home.” I assured him.

Henry nodded.

“People usually aren’t mean in their homes.” He said. “Especially pretty girls.” He threw me a side-ways glance.


Nick looked at him quizzically and then to me, then back at Henry.

“Henry, are you dating my sister?” He demanded.

“What? Oh no, no.” Henry looked down at his feet. “I wish.” He mumbled.

“You wish?! Who wishes that?” Nick half-screamed.

I slapped Nick lightly on the head and pulled him half-way down the stairs.

“Wait.” He said. “I need to say bye to Ben. I’ll leave you two love-birds alone.

I gave him a dark look.

“You wouldn’t get this privacy at school or anywhere else so I suggest that you make the most of it.” Nick wagged his eyebrows.

I suppressed the urge to smack him over the head.

“Your smart mouth is gonna get you grounded real soon.” I yelled after him.

I glanced up to see Henry staring at me.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said quickly, as I walked down the porch steps.

“See you.” He said as he turned to the door.

As soon as he was out of sight, I ran to my car and slipped in.

That was very embarrassing. I banged my head a few times on the steering wheel, trying to shove the irritation away. I turned my stereo on and closed my eyes, starting to feel a bit sleepy.

Ten minutes later I heard the passenger door open and shut.

“That was quick.” I said sarcastically. “What did you do, say goodbye and then wait to see how long it would take to annoy me?”

“Well at least I’m not wasting time by staring at my heart’s true love and waiting for him to ask me out.” Nick replied hotly.

“Don’t start.” I said as I rolled my eyes.

The drive home was short and silent.


“Oh good; you’re home.” My mother cried as soon as I opened the door.

Nick didn’t say anything but went straight to his room.

My mom gaze followed Nick up the stairs. She turned and raised her eyebrows at me.

“Don’t ask.” I said lifting my hand at her.

“What’s wrong with him?” She asked anyway.

“Um… he’s just grumpy that he had to come home earlier.”

“Oh, okay, well you better go to bed deary.” She said as she headed back into the kitchen.

“Alright goodnighty night.” I said as I walked back to my room.

I could feel the sleepiness over taking me as I got in to my sweats again. I jumped into the bed and pulled over my covers. I happily drifted off to sleep, dreaming of nothing at all.

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