Crappily Ever After

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - NEVER CRASH A BOY'S NIGHT

Submitted: May 09, 2012

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Submitted: May 09, 2012



If you only leave this book with one piece of advice tucked away in the corner of your mind, let it be this; NEVER CRASH A BOY’S NIGHT. NEVER. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Ok, so I think you get it. Sure it seems harmless enough but you can never be prepared for the consequences following this action. Ok so onto the story, which conveniently starts at a boys’ night.

“So what movie are we watching?” asked Kalie. Considering that Kalie and I were the only girls in the room, we didn’t hold out much hope that we would all be agreeing on a movie any time soon.I looked around the room and saw three of my closest friends. A few guys who I had known, but had never cared existed, also occupied the couches. Little did I know that one of these stupid immature boys was about to become the sole reason for my fall. I ended up choosing the movie and thankfully it was one that could be enjoyed by boys and girls alike. I moved to the couch, next to my soon to be crush and settled in to watch the movie. He eventually slid off the couch and onto a beanbag near my feet. I wasn’t sure why I cared so much that he had moved, or why I wanted to do everything in my power to stay close to him. This bugged me, but things were about to get worse!

Ok so I said that if you leave this book with one piece of advice it is to never crash a boy’s night. Well this is true, you need to remember this. However, here is another piece of crucial advice. NEVER GET INTO A FAKE RELATIONSHIP. At the time you may think it’s funny to get into a fake relationship just to fool the girl’s brother. But trust me, it’s just going to end in tears and the brother won’t even find it that funny. ANYWAY, apologies for the brief detour there. So things were about to get worse. Yes you guessed it. That was the night that my best friend Kalie and ‘him’ entered into a fake relationship. Thankfully it never made it to the Facebook relationship status change stage, although he had suggested it on several occasions. There just isn’t an option for ‘In a fake relationship purely because we think it will be funny to trick a few people even though the majority of our friends know it’s just a joke.’ So here we all were, laughing and joking about how funny it would be for us all to pretend that this was happening, and anticipating the hilarity when it would come out that it was fake and her brother had believed it. The whole time this was happening I felt like my insides were being twisted. Why? Why did I care? I hardly even knew this guy. In fact I only knew him as the guy who had hurt one of my close friends when they had broken up earlier that year. Yes I know, the ex-boyfriend of a close friend is a little controversial. But let’s ignore that. So, I was in pain. This pain was jealously…but it took me another week or so to realise what it was! But this is when it all really started. I don’t know why my friend and I stayed there when it clearly became obvious that it was a boys’ night and we had no place there, despite the fact we had actually been invited by one of the boys.

So the moral to this tiny part of the story is that you need to be careful, and be on your guard at all times. You never know when you’re going to stumble and fall into love unrequited. And this was just the beginning; the beginning of a nightmare which seems impossible to wake up from…

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