Hero's Calling

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I'm doing this as an assessment in my english class. It is based on the themes and ideas of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. I think you'll be able to make some of the connections. It doesn't follow the plot and story line, so that was not a spoiler alert.

If any of the names in here link or are the same to another that was not done intentionally, all writing is my own. Anyway, blurb;

"We all want the ultimate love we read, witness and hear about everyday but what prices are we willing to pay for it?.....

Julien just spent the first week of his summer vacation moving to St. Pierre with his adoptive family and the next few in the library, watching a beautiful girl he's become so used to seeing, that is when he wasn't training with his mentor, Marksmen, in the hopes of defeating HIS arch nemesis, Riddle. But, when Riddle's old partner is a no show and a new ring of criminals starts causing chaos, Julien again finds himself losing sight of a dream he's been chasing since his parents died, even after an older member of his team tries to get him to change. As he becomes obsessed with finding the villain that's targeting him, he may discover the price he's going to have to pay if he wants the 'ultimate love' he's been so bent on.."

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hero's Calling

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Chapter 1:


 "What are you doing?"

Rose looked up, startled at the sudden interruption to the quiet world she'd immersed herself in, nearly dropping her book on the floor, "Jesus Mick, you couldn't knock first?" She huffed angrily, moving in the armchair where she sat.
 "You're usually not one to scare so easily, sister," Mick teased. Rose scowled after finally making herself comfortable again and pushed the open book into her legs. "Don't you get tired of all... THAT?" Mick asked, gesturing to the novel in her hands.
 "No, why?"
"Well, that's how you are everyday Rose,"
"I'm like that everyday, because I like being like that," she frowned, then turned back to her book, her amber eyes gliding along the remaining pages, "I'm nearly finished this book, Mick, can you drive me to the library?"
|Mick smiled, "and why can't you drive?" He asked cheekily.
 "Maybe because getting THAT vehicle out the 'garage' would inevitably be a little sussed?" Rose responded sharply, but with an amused twinkle in her eye.
Mick laughed, "okay, I've got some things to do that might take a few hours but I can drop you down, you can just call me when you're finished," he ran his hand along the encyclopaedias lining the shelves of the study wall, waiting for a reply, "Rose?" He asked turning to see her re-submerged in her book, "Rose?" She raised a finger, gesturing one minute as she took in the last a few lines of the book, a grin spreading out across her face, "I knew it!" She cackled then turned to her brother, "sorry, what?" Mick smiled and shook his head, "I said I can drop you down, you just have to call me when you've finished," "Yay! Thank you!" Rose beamed, kissing his cheek and skipping out of the study, one place besides three library where she spent the majority of her free time.


 In her room, Rose gazed at her reflection in disillusionment. Her long, caramel coloured locks draped over her shoulders in desperate need of a wash and she doused them, in sprays of dry shampoo, to no avail. In a final attempt to tame it, she brought it up onto her head and pulled it into a bun, which fell in all directions. Softer pieces fell around her face and she sighed in the realisation that this was as good as it was going to get and with a final swipe of mascara she had her bag and was spinning out her doorway, narrowly avoiding a collision with another body. They laughed, "hey Rosie,"
 "Ben!" She grinned, looking up at him. After his holiday he looked like a surfer, who had finally gotten his hair cut. "So, where are you off to in such a rush?" He asked
"The library," Rose mumbled, blushing. Ben laughed, "well, your brother and I have some stuff to, so I guess you're coming with us?"
 "I sure am, where are you two going?"
 "Nowhere, we just have some uh, things, to do.. You know..." Ben shifted on his feet, rubbing the back of his neck uneasily.
 Rose frowned, "what 'things'?"
"Just, things," Ben muttered, avoiding making eye contact with his now suspicious cousin who nodded, her brow drawn into a sceptical frown, "okay." She walked past him into the kitchen where her mother sat, tracing the rim of her glass. She looked up when she heard Rose walk in, "hey sweetie," she smiled, opening her arms for a hug, waves of shoulder length, ebony hair falling away from her arms. Rose obliged to the gesture and took a seat beside her, "what's wrong?"
"Oh nothing, just thinking," she frowned, "been trying not to but its really getting to me lately,"
 "It's not your fault, I mean it could have happened to anyone,"
 "Oh I know that, I'm just a little conflicted as to whether or not I tell your father," she grinned, "I think your brother's leaving, have fun at the library,"
 "Bye mum," Rose said, rising and jogging into the garage, where Mick and Ben were already getting into the car. They had both stopped talking as soon as Rose came in and Mick gave Ben a knowing glance as he climbed in the car, which was returned while Rose sat in the back seat, suspicious and confused.

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