The Darkness Within

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: February 15, 2015

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Submitted: February 15, 2015



You will lose everything, you will break, and you will not escape here alive.”

Garrett’s eyes shot open, his breathing ragged, he took a quick glance around the room, hoping what he heard was just a figment of his imagination. He looked to his left, to see Ashley lying there, peaceful and calm as ever, he lifted himself up, throwing his legs over the edge of the bed.

Maybe it was just some air in the vents,” he thought to himself, “must have been, but… those words were crisp and clear, as if it was inside my head. No that’s ludicrous, I’m just being paranoid, the idea of going into uncharted territory is just making nervous, it always has.” He sat there for a few minutes more, absorbing the silence, and the peacefulness night brought. Night was always strange in space, it always dark so the only difference between night and day is how bright the lights are.

He yawned before slowly standing up, still stiff from hours of sleeping. Silently stepping on the cold metallic floor to the hallway, every step reverberating through the floor with a quiet metallic thud, he reached the hallway, quietly closing the door behind him with an almost inaudible hiss of air. Garrett began walking; nowhere in particular, he just needed some quiet. He turned a corner, into another corridor, but there, sitting on the ground middle of the hall, was a man, he knees brought to his just, almost silent except for what sounded like whispering coming from his lips.

“What the hell,” Garrett, took a step closer, the man turned his head. “Shit!” The man’s face was scarred, dirt covering his face, tiny drops of blood scattered on his, but when Garrett looked into the man’s eyes, he saw nothing, a void of emptiness; he had the look of a broken man. The closer he looked the more the face seemed familiar, Garrett stepped back, accidently tumbling backwards. When he looked back to where the man had been, the man was gone. He pushed himself up, slowly inching over to where the man had been, carefully placing each step. He looked around but there was absolutely no sign that he had ever been there, no dirt or blood on the floor or wall where he had been resting, absolutely nothing. Standing there, not moving, and simply contemplating what had happened. All of this has to be a figment of his mind, the voice and now this mysterious entity; it has to be his mind. Again, just paranoia because of what’s about to come, but why him? He’s done this before and sure he was nervous like everyone else, but never to this extent. He walked to the nearest bathroom to splash some water on his face. The cool water was a welcomed relief from what had happened, tiny droplets of water, falling from his face towards the sink. He stood there for a minute, hands propped up against the sink, he looked into the mirror and jolted backwards. In place of his reflection was the man from earlier, Garrett stepped closer to the mirror, a sudden dawn of realization coming towards him. Now he knew why this man looked so familiar…. it was him, no matter how scarred, bloodied and bruised the man was, he could still see the resemblance, in the eyes, the face and other facial features. No matter how much he wanted to deny it, that man, the one broken and tortured beyond belief, was him.

The door to the captain's cabin opened with a quiet hiss of air, Garrett slowly stepped into the room, both in wanting to avoid waking up Ashley, but also still in shock from what he had just witnessed. “That's......what did I just see?” Garrett crept into bed, silently staring at the ceiling for what felt like years. His mind was a rush of ideas and thoughts, going over every detail of what had just transpired, his whole body felt numb, just trying to understand what had happened. Even as curious and frightened as he was, his drowsiness began to overcome him. It wasn't long before he was drifting off to sleep, his mind bombarded with ludicrous thoughts.

His eyes cracked open, his pupil a furiously scanning the room for anything odd. Everything last night felt like a dream, though he knew he experienced it, it just felt hazy. The bed creaked as he sat up, the blankets falling haphazardly to the floor. Ten minutes had passed in silence, not a movement was made nor word spoken. He was broken out of his revere when the door opened and the sound of footfalls echoed in.

He gazed to where Ashley was standing, “Bout time you're up, the rest of the crews already had breakfast and started their daily duties, and here you are just wakin up,” she teased as she strode over to the desk. Garrett gave a slight grin as he stood up, a sigh of relief as he stretched out the tension. Something just felt strange to him, aside from the crazed hallucination from the night before, something else seemed off. He couldn't place it but something in the air, a grim feel circled around him. Garrett shoved the thought out of his head as he got ready for the day, following Ashley out the door for another day. The day flowed normally, nothing strange or unusual happening, eventually Garrett had forgotten the strange sensation.

“Captain Hawkins, we're reaching the edge of Alliance patrolled space, we are now entering into unexplored territory.” Joker's voice, the pilot, crackled over the intercom. Garrett stopped what he was doing, a pit forming in his stomach...the strange sensation had returned.

“Joker, stop when you reach the border, I want a full scan of the space ahead of us, I don't want us heading into any traps.”

“Roger that.” The intercom died, Garrett sat staring at the cargo details on his desk. He strode towards the elevator to the cockpit, he wanted to see what he was heading into personally. The elevator door opened, revealing a spacious area, mostly encased in glass. A dark emptiness right outside, the stars flying on by the cockpit as a humming noise could be heard coming for the front of the room. A rather large chair sat towards the front, a smaller and rarely used co-pilots chair off to the right. A series of controls laid out in front of the chair as a pair of hands worked the controls. Garrett strode towards the chair, the humming getting louder with every step he took.

“Joker, how's it look?” The pilot jumped from the sudden greeting, a small squeak coming from his lips.

“Jesus, you know I startle easy, I'm like a fragile child.”

“Oh, I dearly apologize, would you like a glass of warm milk and a teddy bear to cuddle with?” Garrett joked, a large grin forming upon his lips.

“Both of those would be dearly welcomed, though if you could put the teddy bear in the dryer with some fabric softener, that would be great. Though to answer your question, everything seems fine, I've been scanning for the past several minutes and I haven't detected anything, except for the occasional asteroid or space junk. Unless you're worried about metal scraps attacking the ship, I'd say we're in the clear.”

“Continue on course to the destination, if anything of interests comes up, contact me immediately, I'd rather not spend too much time in this place.” Joker nodded his head in agreement before focusing back on his work. Garrett stood there for a short time longer, staring out into space, empty and vast as stars and planets flew by the ship, the only outside indicator that the ship was actually moving. Garrett looked to his left as they passed by a planet, practically pure white, except for the occasional spot of blue or gray. It always intrigued him, exploring new planets, being the first ones to see something new and wildly different from what most were used to, it always excited him. He stared for a few seconds more before turning on his heel and heading back towards the elevator. The elevator ride was smooth and quiet, though it felt surprisingly long for such an advanced piece of technology. Garrett stepped onto his floor, and with nothing else to do, begun a stroll to the cafeteria. The sight of the planet earlier and the idea of exploration brought his mind to the idea contact with extra-terrestrials. Flying around in space, it hasn't been the first time he's thought about it, the idea of communicating with an intelligent life form other than their own. Sure they've seen and documented plenty of foreign wildlife and that changed the perspective's for many, most of the creature's don't breath, eat, or even drink the same thing's we do. For instance, there was a planet discovered back when he was a kid, he remembered because it'd been the day his mind had decided his future, that he had wanted to become an astronaut, and explore the stars. Turned out differently. But at least he's still exploring the stars right?

The planet had life forms' that breathed in a combination of unknown elements to form a brutally toxic gas. They drank a liquid that looked like something a dog would puke out and burned through steel like a warm knife through butter. Garrett had always kept an open mind and because of what he'd seen and grown up with, the idea of finding some intelligent life always had him excited him beyond belief. Garrett snapped out of his musings when the lights flickered for a few seconds before returning to normal.

“Captain, nothing to worry about, were just flying through some rather cluttered space, don't be surprised if the ship jolts from a tight turn or the lights flicker from a small chunk of rock hitting the ship, we'll be fine save for a few scratches and dents.” Joker's voice echoed over the intercom. Garrett turned his head forward again only to see the himself, the same one from last night. Bruised and scarred, sitting on the floor, back against the wall, eyes void of any feeling or emotion, but next to him, was like nothing he'd ever seen. It was a bipedal creature of sorts, it's back hunched over with it's neck hunched even more, it's head hanging low with two sets of small, green beady eyes. Two flaps of skin hang from the side of it's head, it's teeth showing with it's lips pulled above it's gums. A bulbous bump on it's back swirling with a blue gel inside. It's arm's hung by it's side with a small crook in it's wrist. It's legs were long and bony, with both thighs having a green patch on the back of them. It's knee cap has a bone sticking backwards and up before reaching another joint and it's hind legs returning to the ground. Truly a sight to behold, those behind it's beady eyes, he sensed a great amount of intelligence, but in those same eyes, mixed with an intense intelligence, a ruthless, cold and calculating stared back. The creature alone gave him shivers, then he remember the man...himself curled on the floor, back to the wall next to the creature.

“What the hell are you?!” He roared. The ship shook and the lights flickered for a time before returning to normal, in the place of the creature and man was an empty hallway, like there had always been.

Boyd came into view from around the corner, his eyebrows raised, “Captain, is everything alright? A couple of us heard yelling, sounded like you were in trouble.”

“I'm... I'm fine, just had a bit of a fall when the ship got roughed up.” Boyd's intense stare nailing down on Garrett,.

“Alright sir, try to be more careful next time.” Garrett's wiped a sheen of sweat from his forehead. The second time it had happened, he was still trying to comprehend it the first one. Last night he had been paranoid, tired and it was late, but the middle of the day, it must have been the thought of exploration, but that still wouldn't explain anything. He leaned back against the wall, staring at the ceiling, what the hell was going on with him? He shook his head and resumed his walk to the cafeteria. The ship rumbled again and the lights flickered once more, soon after the ship shook again, this time rougher than times past. Garrett stumbled around, attempting to find a railing or something to grab onto. The lights flickered out, before the red glow of the emergency lights shined bright within the halls. Another round of shaking ensured, each time getting rougher, Garrett lost his hold and fell to the ground, sliding backwards to the wall. His back hit with a hard thud, disoriented he attempted to stand up, his hands grasping for any kind of hold. The ship went still for several seconds before violently shaking, sending him hurling backwards, his head hit the wall with a resounding pound, his body fell limply to the metallic floor. Streams of blood leaked from the back of his head, pouring down his face, his vision grew dark and mind felt hazy, before finally his world went black.

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