SouL2SouL-The beginning of an ending chapter 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is a recreation of my SouL2SouL chapter 2,
please enjoy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - SouL2SouL-The beginning of an ending chapter 2

Submitted: October 25, 2014

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Submitted: October 25, 2014




Chapter 2

‘The Forbidden Feeling’

*Miku’s SouL*

The classes went on, while the teacher was explaining I was sitting on the other corner of the class staring outside the window day dreaming about yesterday event.

The school also has a rumour that a dark figure was spotted at the school roof yesterday from the IT room, when Daisy and the rest of the student council when to check what happened over there, they found Mike bleeding from his right shoulder.

That’s when the school forbids any student to go to the roof under any circumstances.

The reason the school administration don’t want to tell anyone what really happened, is because they do not want to lose the school reputation even more.

‘Mrs.Miku, if you are not interested in my BORING lesson please get out, and if you are interested please read paragraph number 8 in page 130’

The science teacher and the whole class started at me as I scan to find the page.

After I read the paragraph, the school bell rang, proving that the lesson has finished and it was time for P.E.

The class stand up a greeted the teacher goodbye, after he left some boys sprang out of happiness because they know that today is going to be a football match.

In the girls changing room, the girls did not talk about their current weight and about their diet plan, the only subject they talk about was the dark figure, and imagining how handsome and heroic it could ever be, I did not join their talk but deep down in my heart I was trying to figure out if I got saved by an Entity or a mere Human,

The coach knocked the door hard, warning us if we don’t get out of the room, he is going to barge in and sent a herd of boys to graze here, while he said that we heard some boys giggling outside, that perverted coach.

All the girls hate football because the rules that the coaches set is that.

Every boys in our class is in the first team, and all girls are in the bench waiting to be substituted. The second rule is that when the opposing team change their player to a girl also our team need to change.

Every boys in our class are playing except Ken, he doesn’t even sit on the bench instead he waste his time on the grass sleeping.

Some girls in our class even made a challenge, that if you can walk up to Ken and talk to him for 2 minutes you would get a chance to be with any guy you want without other girls disturbing you, for a whole year.

Many tried but all of them failed, the whistle has been blown the opposing team made a foul and one of our player is injured and need to change, I was trying not to make eyes contact with our captain when he was choosing.

‘Miku’ when I heard my name being called I was frozen to stiff unable to move, I tried to guess what will the opposing team put.

‘Ken’ come in the pitch, everyone froze, why did their captain choose Ken? Some people started laughing because they got the joke.

The teacher was also smiling and then said ok, I walk in the field only to find Ken was already there standing at the middle of the field.

The game was intense, both of our team tried to score but the goalkeeper was too good, when our captain lob the ball to me I controlled and got past through two defenders, some of them said ‘Ohhhh, Ouch’ because the never thought I was this good.

I got pass through another, and in no time I was one on one with the goalkeeper, I continued to run like a horse dashing towards the finish line.

As soon I took another step inside the box, a world of darkness overwhelm my vision.

I was sweating my mind reminded me of the dark figure, I look forward to see what was happening and saw Ken in front of me, I was stun to see Ken in front of me, standing there like it depends on his life.

I tried to trick him by moving my feet left and right trying to juke him, but he wouldn’t move a muscle.

I took the step side way, and I felt a touch on my left shoulder, everything in my vision when grey and black. After a few second later I fell to the ground, I did not bleed nor injured but my shoulder was in serious pain.

I look the other way a saw Ken standing there with ball on the clutches of his hand.

People started to rushed towards me, but Ken walk away further and further.

I do not know why I am thinking about him while I am seriously hurt, somewhere in the deepest part of my heart I felt like looking at him make me feels better.

----Miku’s SouL ends here----

*Ken’s SouL*

I rushed inside the boys changing room as quickly as I can.

I slammed open the door, I search through my locker in search of my ‘Icen’

‘Icen, Icen where are you!!!’

I shouted his name until he reemerge from his hiding place in my locker.

‘What is with the noise, where is my beauty sleep, I did my part didn’t I’

I grabbed his neck with anger and said ‘Why did you put too much power on my hand!’

‘But my are the prince of Sypes, I can’t let a mere human hurt you, it’s my duty to serve and protect you’

‘How many times have I told you not to call me by my ranked, and she could have died from the shock’ I try to explain to him how dangerous was it.

‘Why did you take a liking of this female species called Miku’

I released the tight gripped on him when he said that, I also can’t find a reason to like this girl.

‘I-I can’t find my own reasons to like her, Icen but she is a different type of human, like nothing I studied before’

‘My oh my, she is a pretty lucky human girl to get the attention of the future king of Sypes....’

‘I can’t tell her, she mustn’t know what really happened yesterday, I must hide this Forbidden Feeling, because if she knows who I am, it will be FightorFlight’

----Ken’s SouL ends here----

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