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The world is dead, riddled with zombies and supernatural beings; yet one group of people dare to brave this derelict new world: The Blue Bird Zombie Patrol

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: April 29, 2011

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Submitted: April 29, 2011





In the life of any sentient being with at least half a functional brain there are at least two distinctive memories that seem to stick with us no matter what hell we go through. The first of these memories being what our lives were like before the rise of Lord Dranius and the birth of the United Nation; I didn’t really change that much if I do say so myself.

The second memory being what we were doing on the day of the outbreak when the Nactronians came to be; although for a matter of ease let’s just call them zombies, official titles are for uptight officials who die off the as soon as there is danger because it’s hard to run with a pine cone shoved up your ass.

These my probably sitting in a safe local away from any danger friends is the elements you’ll find in most; dare I say all normal conversations of what remains of the over glorified civilization. When I say normal conversations I’m referring to the mundies, the normals, the humans; call them what you want, who live in fear and huddle in the overcrowded safe zones.

We aren’t ‘normal’ people, and arguably some of us ain’t people at all; we are the infamous Blue Bird Zombie Patrol, BBZP for short. The only idiots stupid enough to make a profit in a world where the guy giving you the dumb brain dead look is actually thinking of eating you from head to toe, waste not want not right?

If you ask me to define BBZP I’d say we’re the craziest bunch of SOBS but let me tell you about my little family of misfits; well actually telling you about them might be a tad boring so I’ll let you find out all about us, so I pray you do enjoy the life of how BBZP came to be and the unexpected paths it took.

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