Photo Booth

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Who knew a photo booth can change your life forever? xx

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Photo Booth

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Buzz Buzz

Hurry Up Inks!! xI read the text Yvonne has sent me. I quickly tap into my blackberry as fast i can with my pink sparkly fake nails.

Be Patient, I'll be there in five!I hit the enter button and i continue tying my laces for my red all star converses.

Buzz Buzz

Fine, Are you hungry? Shall i make some Pasta?My tummy rumbles at the word pasta so i quickly tap in and send

Yes!!!!!!!!!!I start tying the laces of my other shoe. Vivian, my sister crawls into the room. I rush to her and pick her up. I swing her round and she giggles, dribbling. Her saliva falls and splatters all over my face. I stop and carry her like i little baby I squeeze her cheeks saying.

"Aren't you a little cute baby, yes you are! Oh Yes you are!" I laugh. She attempts to bite my hands in annoyance but i pull them away but her teeth have managed to latch onto one of my nails. "Let go! Stop biting!" I scream. Through cleched teeth she replies giggling.

"No!! You hold my cheek tight, it hurt! I dont like that!" I spent ages getting that done and now she, baring her teeth has yanked her head and torn the nail off. She spits the nail out. "Eww Yucky!" Anger wells up in my and put her down and pick up my nail.

"VIVIAN! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!" I shout. Her eyes well up with tears and she blurts out crying.

"MAAMMYY! MAAAAMMYY!" Over and over. My mum rushed in and scoops her up from the floor while im attempting to stick the nail back on.

"Shush.." My mum hushes but it only makes my sister scream louder. She takes Vivian to her room and shuts the door behind her. Vivians screaming begins to settle down. I look out the window and the rain gushes down. I grab my raincoat from one of the hooks on the wall and put it on over my Hollister hoodie. As it used to be my mums, and my mum's what you call a bit too chubby, it fits perfectly over my fat wooly Holister jumper. I grab my Pauls Boutique bag and stuff my phone, wallet, keys and after spraying on myself my Vanilla body spray from Boots. I look into my tiny hand mirror perfecting my eyeliner and then stuff that into my over filling bag with over-night clothes. I see my pair of glistening swarovski crystal earing and pick them up. I walk into the bathroom and watch my fingers as i slip them in. I hear my favourite song Vacinne by LadyHawke go on. I stand there looking into the mirror jamming until i realise. Thats my ring tone. I unzip my black pauls boutique bag and frantically search for my blackberry which i can feel is vibrating my entire bag. My hand clasps onto it and i reach it. I stare at the screen and my mind gathers all the letters on the page and realise its Yvonne Calling. My Finger slides to the green call button and i click it.

"INGRID VINCENT!! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU??" Yvonne screams down the telephone. Shivers run down my spine.

"VIVIAN BIT MY NAIL OFF! FOR FUCKS SAKE!" I shout, swearing. I hear Vivians voice start up crying again and my mum sighing. I walk into the living room and grab a bottle of coke and stuff it into my bag for later.

"OH MY GOSH! Are you alright?" Her voice full of concern. Concern of a fake nail. "Do you need to go hospital, i can go with you? How did she bite it off anyways? I can refund the tickets to the concert?" She rushes asking questions.

"Calm Down Yev! Its Just A fake nail!" I tell her.

"Ingriiddd!! You got me hyped over a fake nail, anyway. My mum said your taking too long so she's going to come and pick you up and she's going to drive us to the o2 because we're not going to make it by train cause apparently theres some works going on, yeahh. So come out of your flat in a minute or two and we'll be out there in a pink rover." She instructs me.

"Okay, See you!" The phone cuts off and i lock it. Checking the time i realise im already half an hour late, no wonder Yvonne was annoyed with me. I better apologise. I stuff my phone into my bag and zip it up. I check one of the outside pockets and see my ticket is missing. So im go to my room to collect it. I go to my wooden desk and pull the first draw out and on a sealed envelope laying on the top has 'Concert Ticket'Scribbled onto it, in my handwriting that only I can actually read. I decide to take the ticket out of the envelope, firstly so it can fit into one of the sealed outside pockets and secondly to check if it actually is there. And it is. I unzip largest outside pocket and carefully slide the ticket into there. And zip it back up. I walk back into the living room and switch our Toshiba telly off and i walk out the door , but as im trying to shut it a leg is stopping it. So i open it back frustrated.

"And where do you think your going?" My mum asks me all serious.

"Erm, To the concert then to Yvonnes over night." I reply quickly.

"Really now?" She Questions me, but its not a question i can answer.

"Awhh! But mum! It wasnt my fault, We were playing and she ripped my nail off, i didnt even hit her like last time! Oh Please mum!!" I squel.

"Honey, I just wanted a kiss goodbye!" She Laughs.

"Oh, Thanks mum! You got me all worked up!" I say sarcastically but then seriously but I break my seriousness and giggle. "Bye Mum," I peck her on the cheek."Love you!"

"Bye!" She walks away and i shut the door. I run down the stairs and hear a car beeping outside the flat, Her mum is probably as inpatient as Yvonne herself. I've reached the end of the staircase and press the green exit button to unlock the door. The door buzzes and i push it open revealing the bright world. And there parked right up in front is A Pink Rover. with Yvonne and her mum having the same frustrated face painted on. I run up to the car and grab the pink handle and the door swiftly opens and Yvonne moves up two seats to the other side alowing me to sit on the side i have come from. I barely have shut the door and Yvonnes mum is already speeding down the road uttering words.

"Dont worry aout my mum, she just broke up with Frank and she's really upset." Yvonnes tells me, Frank being Yvonne's mum, Christiana's, 2 week boyfriend.

"Okie Dokie. Sorry for being really late." I apologise to both Yvonne and Christiana.

"Oh dont worry baby!" Says Yvonnes, Addressing me. Even though im a 22 days older than her. Me on March 30th and her on April 21st, but im smaller than her, therefor im her baby.

"Lol! Stop calling me baby!" I exclaim

"Well who else am i s'possed to call baby then? You're like the closest to meh! And stop using text talk!" She says forgetting about her two-years-older-than-her boyfriend, Shaun.

"Erm Shaun?" I ask repeating my thoughts.

"Nah, he hates it when i say baby, he says im too much younger than him to call him baby." She tells me.

"Well your younger than me too!"

"Not That much baby!"

We burst out in laughter. Not stopping. Knowing our stomachs will ache at the end of this sleepover. knowing when we get back to school on monday we will feel as though we have a hangover. We calm ourselves down and as if on cue we look at eachother pause and burst out laughing again.

"Fucking shit head!" Her mum mumbles to a driver that has over taken her.

"Calm down mum, It alright. He's aloud sto do that on the motorway." Yvonne tells her breaking out of our chain of laughs. You can see the worry on her face, which reaches mine. I wonder what Yvonne is actually going through right now. I dont know how i would cope having 3 annoying little brothers and a mum who cant really focus, but thankfully she can on driving.

"Are you sure she should be driving?" I say thinking more on that fact.

"Erm im not so sure right now, but we're almost there anyways, my mum knows a shortcut here so yeah babes." She wonders.

"Do you think its possible to get a tow truck or something to take the car back to yours, and maybe take your mum too, or she could take a taxi?"

"Im not sure, Frank used to work for a tow truck company, i think somewhere in this pocket is the card for it." She says sticking her hand into the pocket of the seat in front of her. As she moves her hand around the tight pocket you can see each way she moves her hand. Sort of creepy if you didnt see Yvonne. She pulls out a dusty, brown-ish card and reads it.

"Charlie's Tow trucks, 02087646396. Get your cell out Inks!" She instructs me and i do as im told and now my hand goes on a hunt through my bag as i unzip it and search around, but this time it takes me much quicker to find it as im looking now. I press the Mute button to unlock it and press in my PasswordInkyPinky123and i quickly go to the dial section.

"Whats the number?" I ask and she repeats the same but this time slower and each number repeated because she thinks im that dim-witted. "Im not stupid you'know." I tell her.

"I know baby." She giggles, she grabs the phone out of my hand as i press call

"hey! Why didnt you use your phone?"

"No more credit from calling yo- Hello?" She mutters into the phone.

"Yeah this is Yev, how did you recognise my voice, I've only ever talked to you once!" She mutters some other stuff, and the guy agrees to do it for free and take her mum home too.

"Mum," Yvonne starts.

"What dear?" Christiana snaps.

"Erm a tow truck is going to come, from Charlie's tow trucks to get you and the truck." Shock hit Christiana's face and she swerved into the hard shoulder.

"no! No! NO!" She screams.

"Mum keep driving, okay then. they wont come."

"Okie dokie!" She becomes happier but still inher terrible mumbling mood. she drives back onto the motorway and almost bashes into a fellow car. The passenger lad inside his car opens his window and sticks his middle finger up shouting.

"You Fucking Bloody Women, cant bloody drive for your shitty fucking lives!" He kisses his teeth, a thing i have grown to hate.

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