The Mutant Chronicles: Nyght

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter Three: Meeting Emilia

Submitted: March 22, 2016

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Submitted: March 22, 2016



Nyght and Dzien went on their separate ways after the lighting. They’d arranged to meet after sundown in what used to be Seneca. It was also where the old location of the Advisors headquarters was. Nyght, Ejfeli, and Nate were on their way to meet up with Emilia, the leader of the Emerald class of Saglabats. Emilia was shorter than Nyght by a few inches. She wore her hair at a lanky pixie cut length, shaggy, and almost always messy.  She also had this ever-changing crown of flowers that would be lavender and white roses one day, and then would turn to a prickly mess of sage, thyme, rosemary, and pond lilies. She walked around barefoot, but never seemed to be cut by the random pieces of debris that littered the whole of New York. She wore a thin green dress of layered fabrics, that had a belt of daises around the middle. Her ankles and wrists were stringed by tattoos of vines that were covered in thorns, scaring off most outsiders. She wore a cape of thin, transparent, yellow green material. The gloves she wore were light brown, and almost always smelled of fresh dirt. Emilia was a wallflower, along with most of her group. They had spent most of their lives learning how to garden, and put their strange and peculiar ability to grow every sort of plant imaginable from nothing to good use. The Advisors and Elders gave them the full use of the greenhouses that ran along the coastline just outside of Putnam, which was just outside of Nyari territory.  The Emeralds grew most of the produce and fresh fruit that was rationed throughout the different territories. This caused a lot of issues for the more than a little racist people still living in the world. They didn’t want “the nasty mutant filth” controlling more than 40 percent of their food supply.  It was unlike the Emeralds to leave their greenhouses for long periods of time, let alone four days. Emilia met them at the Primary Green, the main greenhouse for food. Her crown was made up of prickly vines, beaded with red roses, and white lilies. The vines themselves were black. Emilia herself looked paler than usual, and drawn out. She handed a basket to Nyght, and asked them to walk with her. They complied. As they entered the greenhouse with Emelia, they noticed that the Emeralds in the Greenhouse put a stop to their work to pay attention to Emilia.


“They’re here to help, guys. It’s ok. Go back to work.” Emilia said, and walked briskly toward the last row of plants in the room, where nobody was planting. She grabbed a basket and started pulling up carrots, and placing them in the container. She continued walking along the row, as Nyght, Nate, and Ejfeli followed.

“Emilia which three are missing?” Nate asked, and watched as the blonde girl started using a spade to dig up potatoes.


“Liliana, Hellebore, and Sage.” Emilia said, continuing her search in the dirt for potatoes. It wasn’t hard, really, she’d grown these herself two days ago, and they had grown up pretty large. They had to be at least a pound and a half each. Once this basket was full of carrots and potatoes she walked them over to a sink, and began washing all the vegetables off. She sighed and waited for the questions to continue.


“Are these three unusually outgoing, in terms with your group, or are they the normal wallflower types?” Ejfeli asks. Emilia smiled and looked at Ejfeli.

“None of us are really wallflowers, dear. We just avoid going outside because the humans would love their chance at our skins. We control 40% of the fresh produce, and some of them are just not very comfortable with it.” She turned back to her basket and started drying all of the carrots and potatoes off. Nate and Ejfeli shared a look, as Nyght turned her attention away from the planters she’d been watching, and back towards Emilia.


“It seems to me, Emilia, that they should have no reason to dislike this situation. I’ve seen 17 baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables get pulled, picked, washed and dried since we got here, and it’s been 15 minutes. But somehow I feel that this has more to do with the fact that you are different from them.”

Emilia shrugged, and went back to her row, with a new basket, and started picking peppers off of stalks, moving down the line, moving efficiently.

“The last I heard from Hellebore, her team was heading towards the Italian and German section of town. They were handing out the new food delivery schedules. I haven’t heard from them since. And it’s been nearly four days.” Emilia was moving on to tomatoes, and squash. She picked them quickly and tossed them into the basket, moving back to the sink with her second basket, washing and drying them within a couple of minutes. Nate, Ejfeli and Nyght followed her, and waited for her to empty both baskets into a plastic/metal alloy bin that had been invented by the Topaz’s a few years back. They kept the produce cold, and made shipping in between territories easier. To even get to the Advisors territory from the Emeralds, it took two days’ time. Emilia finished stacking the veggies on top of each other, with separators in between them. She closed the lid, and latched it. She turned and looked at the three of them.


“Hellebore, I could understand her spending a couple days away from home. Her and that Aine kid from the Dóiteáins, they have a thing. But Sage? Liliana? Those two won’t leave the territory without somebody to go with them. And they always, always come home.”  Emilia was getting more and more agitated. Nyght looked at her two fellow mutants. And she looked back to Emilia.


“Would you like to come with us? We’ll track them down. Find them. And if anybody has done anything to them, we’ll make sure they get the punishment they deserve.”

Emilia nodded. She grabbed a bag off the hook by the door, and as she walked back towards the rows of freshly picked plants, she pulled her glove off, and set her hand in the dirt. As she focused, her hand emitted a soft green glow. Underneath her palm, the soil shifted, and rolled. She moved her hand slowly along the top of the planting boxes, and as she did, the plant stalks changed, more carrots popped up, and slowly her hand returned to normal. She slipped her glove back on. She goes back to the carrots and pulls up a couple bunches of them. She washes them off, and shoves them in the bag. She walks away from the sink, and heads out the door of the greenhouse. She looks at Nyght and the others and points towards a large two story farm house that had apparently been left standing during the bombings. It’s a good three-minute trek to the building, and Emilia has to unlock the door with three spate keys before heading in. After a questioning look from Nyght, she explains.

“Last winter, one of the greenhouses was set on fire by a group of humans. After they realized they’d just burnt a portion of the food that would be rationed out among the territories, they decided to attack the barn house. They stole processed foods that we have inside. Bottles of milk from the cows that are created by the Nyari, along with three boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables, a few packages of ManuMeat, plus all of the goat cheese we had made that point. So a good month or two worth of the harder to make foods, and maybe a few days’ worth of the fresh grown. The problem is that, the only people who knew that we were a key point in the delivery process of those products, and where we kept them, are the Advisors. So I had Citrin, the leader of Topaz, make me a key system. I have the only copies of the keys. He destroyed the paperwork, and the molds. Short of burning this place down, nobody can get in here.”

As she was talking to them, she’d been loading small food items into the bag. A bottle of milk, a few things of wrapped cheese, one pack of ManuMeat, a few apples. She finished loading the back, and then grabbed a change of clothes from her quarters at the end of the row of stalls. Emilia, her Alpha, and her Beta were the only three that slept on the bottom floor of the Barn. All of the others slept in the hay loft up top. As she finished loading the bag and double checking everything, she walked back towards the door. As they left the Barn, Nyght stopped the group, and turned to the others.

“Actually, Emilia, I’m going to leave Nate and Ejfeli with you. I have to deal with another issue right now, but I promise I’ll be back in no less than two hours. You can have these two go through old records of deliveries and see if there’s been any recurring issues with a particular family, or group. That way we can come up with a few possibilities.”

The three nodded, as Nyght turned away and started at a slow jog towards the border road that ran towards the Nyari and Dóiteáin territory. About fifteen minutes later, she was going at a full paced sprint along the road. She turned at a bend in the road, which was right along the edge of a cliff, that skirted the Opal territory, and ran up towards the very outskirts of the German territory. There was a small pathway that ran next to the border road, straight into Seneca, in the Advisors Territory. This took her about an hour, altogether. She found Dzien waiting in the hollowed out remnants of some brick building. He smiled when he saw her.


“Almost thought you weren’t going to make it. Glad you could. We have about four hours, but I know you have an investigation to get done and over with. Before you ask how I know that, Ejfeli let me in on it. I promised I’d put a few lights in your guys’ place. “

Nyght rolled her eyes, and gestured for him to lead the way. He stopped midturn to look at her.

“You’re not betraying your parents I hope you know.” He stated, looking slightly concerned. Nyght hated that.

“Shut up, and walk, Sunny-Side.” Nyght snapped at Dzien.

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