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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Warming up

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013



Midterms were upon us now. I’d been studying so much the week before that I felt comfortable with everything I had to test on. Chemistry was a breeze in the morning, and the afternoon was nothing but painting our “emotions” as the teacher played four endless hours of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven. Mine ended up looking like a circus scene, with lots of color and motion, and I grinned like a fool when I showed the teacher. He whispered how proud he was of my work, patted my shoulder, then resumed circling the room to watch everyone else’s progress. Using a black marker, I labeled the back of it with “Cirque du Colour”, then sat and watched Mystery Stalker across the classroom as he worked. For once, he wasn’t staring at me, but was wholly focused on his painting, brow furrowed slightly.

There was half an hour left, so I simply sat back against the windowsill and let the sunlight pour through, warming my hair and making the shadowed parts of me shiver with cold. Like a dork I tried to curl up on my seat and be enveloped in sunlight, sighing happily when most of me was warm again. I dozed, cat-like and lazy, staring out the window at the freed students below in the courtyard, on their way to dinner or to their dorms to unwind.

I started to remember my first day of college, realizing how short the time had really been despite how long it felt. I smiled a little, following the trail of memories up until this morning.


I’d been sitting at my usual outdoor table, soaking in the early morning sun while I nibbled a granola bar. It was a lovely morning, perfect weather to take exams. I was lost in admiration when he sat down. No warning or formality, he just sat across the table from me with two plates of scrambled eggs, handed one to me, then started eating. I had stared at him, dumbstruck, until he looked up, head cocked. “Something wrong, my love?” I shook my head, trying to hide a smile. “Nothing, Mystery Stalker.” I started to eat, surprised to find the eggs lightly salted, the way I liked them… Then again, what was I surprised about? He knew everything about me.


Speaking of him… I opened my eyes, looking across the room to find Mystery Stalker staring at me with a strange half-smile on his face. It was the same smile he always gave me, but this one felt different, less scary and more like a parent who caught their child asleep.


The imagery was a little creepy, but I felt myself smiling back.


Dear god, what was happening to me?


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