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Chapter 20 (v.1) - White lies

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013



I told them Aaron had done it. The lie came so easily, and given the proof of the abuse still fresh on my face, nobody questioned it. Not even Goethe suspected a lie.

Everything came easily after that.


I was sitting in Goethe’s lap, leaning back against his chest and simply enjoying the last dregs of warmth in the afternoon air, listening to him as he recited Shakespeare. One of his hands played in my hair absent-mindedly as he read, occasionally gripping it to emphasize a point, though I don’t think he realized he’d done it.

It was a week or two after Aaron was locked up. No one said a thing about his beaten condition, given that Goethe had been bluntly honest about almost killing him. Once the story had spread around campus, not a single person would have blamed Goethe for his actions.

I yawned and turned in his lap, startling him out of a difficult monologue, then on a whim I kissed him softly, humming lazily as I did. Without hesitation, he set the book aside and wrapped his arms around me, cradling me to his chest. After puling back from the playful kiss, my head came to rest on his shoulder, his lips pressed to my hair. Everything was perfect in my eyes… Until my gaze fell on the edge of an R carved on my left arm. I quickly tugged my sleeve down, shuddering a little. Just like everyone else, Goethe assumed I had shuddered at the memories it brought, lifting my chin to look me in the eyes. “It’s over now, my love.  He cannot hurt you any more.”


I nodded and closed my eyes, smiling shyly when he kissed me again. Maybe this one little lie won’t hurt anyone… 

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