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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Vacation

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



Three weeks of planning, packing, and haggling our teachers for a few days off, then we all piled into a van Aleks had rented and were on our way to the beach. It was a four-hour drive, full of laughter and sharing stories.

In the front seats were Aleks, the driver, and his girlfriend Mina, holding hands most of the way there. In the second row were Goethe’s friends, same-sex couple Jesse and Ross. Between the two of them, it was obvious that the very feminine Jesse was the bold one, while Ross was quieter, though he was always smiling at his small lover. In the back was Goethe and myself, with me sitting in his lap, because who needed seatbelts when I had his arms around my waist?

(I’m joking, kids. Don’t try that at home. Seriously.)


When the beach house came in sight, we all let out a collective whoop of joy. With a grunt, Goethe grabbed my hips and held me still, leaning in to whisper in my ear, “Careful my love, bouncing in a man’s lap is never going to end well.” Feeling playful, I wriggled my hips experimentally against his hands, satisfied when he gasped and tightened his grip. I glanced back, winking at him. “Maybe I want it to end badly.”

Oh boy, I was in for it later, and he made that well known with a scorching stare and his wolfish smirk.


After a few mores hours of unloading everything and settling into the house, including a fight between me and Jesse over who got to sleep in which room that ended in a pillow fight, we were finally ready to hit the water. The boys all wore the standard swimming trunks, thought Jesse’s were obviously refitted and decorated with a rainbow trim, and they went out first to test the waves.

It left Mina and me alone in the house, and she came to stand at my door while I struggled with the tie. After a moment of watching me fight with the unruly strings, she came over and tied it for me, completely shameless in her string bikini. I felt so plain next to her, in a simple lavender one-piece. Granted, the bust was rather low on mine, and there was a heart-shaped cutout on the back, but it wasn’t nearly as revealing or… Slutty… As the strings and scraps of cloth Mina wore.

Her smiling reflection in the mirror told me I’d been caught staring and I looked away quickly, grabbing my brush and dragging it through my thick hair, intending to braid it, but her slender fingers stole the hairband from me before I could. “Leave it down. Goethe likes it when it’s down.”

I spun around, intending to ask how she knew that, but she was already swaying her voluptuous hips out my door again, laughter ringing through the empty hall as she went outside. Clenching my hands into fists, I braided my hair anyways—though I secretly promised to myself that I’d take it down when Goethe and I were alone again.

After a long stare at my reflection, I finally pulled myself outside, hugging my towel protectively to my chest. Everyone waved and smiled, except for Goethe. He was staring at me with a mixture of shock and awe and desire that warmed me from head to toe in an instant. I was definitely letting my hair down later tonight.

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