A Hookers Dream

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Gina has high hopes. But being stuck in a dingy city as a street walker trying to provide for her and her boyfriend becomes difficult with what is to occur.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Hooker's Dream

Submitted: March 16, 2014

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Submitted: March 16, 2014



The air is so cold that ice has started to form of the windows of shops and apartments. Everyone is rugged up in big brown jackets that make them appear double the size they already are. As people talk smoke comes from their mouths but no cigarettes are present in their hands. People gather around small fires that are lit in metal barrels and put their hands just far enough so they don’t burn. But looking down the street there is a girl leaning against the light post that have posters of unheard of bands of them. The posters are ripped as if someone has tried to tear them done in anger or jealousy. She cocks are head to the side to that it rests on the post. Her long blonde curly hair falls so naturally to one side. She stares down the street in hope that someone will need her tonight. Her skirt just covers what men want to see, the skirt is a bright orange so she stands out from the crowd. Her stomach is not covered and shows how skinny and hungry this girl is. Her small boobs are pushed up and reveled above a high cut top that says “The Runaways”. Her boots are white and go right up to her knee, between the knee and skirt there are is a faint sight of fishnet stockings. Her make-up was bright which made her look in her twenties but she would be no older then sixteen. Cars of boys embarrass her by shouting rude comments as they drive past.

She calls herself Audrey though that is not her name. Her pale skin shines like porcelain from the glow of street lamp. Her face shows a sign of loss that cannot be redeemed. She had no bloom about her yet she was incredibly beautiful. A girl so young with such a pretty face should not be making a life this way.

Just as it feels that all hope is lost for the night a black Honda 90’s make pulls up next to her at a complete stop. She struts over to the car and leans through the window. After few words have been exchange by the pair she flings the car door open and sits in the passenger seat. Off they flew into the night.

The sun has just peaked over the horizon. “Audrey” walks down a bare alley way with a cigarette in her mouth drawing in all the smoke carefully making sure not to waist this ‘get away’ habit. Her head hung low as if she had lost a battle but she had walked away with a few more dollars in her pocket.

She stops in the alley and jumps up to pull down a ladder from above and the force or her small body brings latter so she is able to climb it. At the top of the latter is a window that is cracked open just a fraction. ‘Audrey’ lifts it up and climbs inside. She lands in a small dirty bathtub. The room she was in was nothing special. Just a bathroom with the bath, a basin with a small mirror above it and a disgusting looking toilet. Towels lay on the ground and so did all the dust.

‘Audrey’ makes her way out of the filthy bathroom and opens into a lounge room where a boy about eighteen is sitting on a manky couch smoking a bong. The lounge room was just a gross as the bathroom. The carpet was peeling up and needed a vacuum. A broken TV was one corner and a lazy boy in the other. The couch took up the whole middle section of the room. “Gina you’re finally home.” The very stoned boy said to ‘Audrey’. “Yeah, what were you worried?” Gina asked with some hope. “We just need the money.”

“I know that fuckwit.” Gina made her way into a dingy kitchen made up of just a few cupboards, a sink in one, next to the sink was a stove and beside that a small fridge. Gina opened the fridge noticing it was completely bare. “Where’s all the fucking food I got for us the other day Toby?” Gina raised her voice. “The boys come over for a few beers and shit then we got real hungry.” Gina had a strong will to slap the stoned boy but instead sat on his knee wrapping her legs around his waist.

“I love you so much.” She whispers in his ear. “I love you too baby girl.” e He HeH  He said back with no real sincerity in his voice. Gina smiled a kissed his cold lips. 

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