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Leila Nellie Paine is a normal seventeen-year-old outcast in her school... up until new neighbours came into town. The new family brings along with them twists that Leila never expected... and unbidden love that was yet to bloom like an enchanting moonflower on a full night. Now for the sake of the safety of others, including hers, she has to make a decision that could change or damage her life forever.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Enchanted (from Wattpad)

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013




All stories start with the line 'once upon a time' and I'd very much not want to stray from tradition. 
Once upon a time, there's this typicial boyish girl who's finally in her senior year (cue typical boyish girl's face) and she would be able to graduate by next semester, just after Winter Break. As far as she knew, she had pretty much the perfect life. Well not really so perfect; she's got only one friend (cue sad melodramatic song), her brothers made it crystal that she's not to have a boyfriend until the age of thirty (cue sadder melodramatic song), and she has this weird family as their new neighbours (music abruptly stops). 
I know. I mean, having new neighbours doesn't really look bad, right? But what if they've got two strange parents who seem to know every skeleton you're hiding in your closet (not really literally), a 16-year-old son weird enough to make everyone stay away yet find themselves completely comfortable with him, a 15-year-old daughter who practically bounces around like as if she's overdosed with five boxes of energy pills and drinks everyday and lastly (the worst) a boy your age who has worse mood swings than girls your age with their periods, who's hostile one minute and giving you hints of being sweet the next and is always there when you're in trouble? Add up the fact that they're ridiculously the most good-looking family ever.
But if you think this if just another cliche story that involves daily high school problems and teenage love life, then you're wrong. Because this is more than that. This is worse than that. Because one moment, she was just waiting for Graduation and the next, everything around her is happening so fast that she doesn't know anything anymore. One moment, a prince is waiting for your answer to his proposal, and you learn that there is more to you and your blood. One moment, this guy sends you death glares and the next, he's planning to steal your first kiss. 
And that confused girl troubled by the twists in her life and the mysterious new boy is me.
I knew three things though. One was that he and his family isn’t normal. Second was that he’s willing to protect me; out of pity or out of obligation, that I didn’t know. And third, I am completely enchanted by him.

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