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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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A/N: Hey peeps. So for this chapter, I consulted my very trustworthy friend; the thesaurus.... have I spelled it right? No? I was never good with names. Anywhore, please don't hate Jared... he likes pineapple juice. The Fourth letter is D!
Chapter Four: D is for Death by Blue Eyes (Oh Wait, They’re Yellow Now)
~Leila Nellie Paine~
WHEN PEOPLE SAID THERE IS only one way to live yet a million ways to die, they're not kidding about it. My death is probably the worst way to die ever.
Death by the hostile stare of two blue eyes.
He was there. The boy with the piercing blue eyes whose name is Jared. 
He’s sitting on the sturdy branch; his back leaned against the trunk and his long legs dangling.
As if he detected me, he sat straight up and his navy irises met mine, pricking me to the core with his glare.
"OhSweetBabyWalrusOfTwoGayDolphins" gasped and looked down, getting ready to go back to the ground.
“Wait” he said abruptly. effectively stopping me
I looked right up at him and blinked, my voice coming out rude “Yes?”
“I’m Jared” he began and I nodded, my brows furrowed. Okay, so we’re in a talking zone now?
“I know” I snapped and he looked like he was holding his breath “Don’t worry, I was just preparing to leave” I assured him when his eyes started to darken again
“No-no!” he stopped me, his voice suddenly gentle “You don’t need to leave…”
Confused, I muttered “What?” I started to analyze his words and then mentally slap myself. No silly, he doesn’t mean that he wants you to stay.
“I mean, I’ll be the one to leave—“ he stopped midway, and then runs his fingers through his hair, looking frustrated. I watch his long fingers glide through the blonde straws and I tentatively reached for him, but I stopped. 
What is happening with me?!? Leila, this guy was just so rude a while ago! He's the 'big ball of hostility' right?!? “Here, you can have this tree” he started sliding down but he suddenly stopped because of one thing.
I laughed uncontrollably. Not the 'oh-she-has-a-thousand-chimes-laugh' but the 'oh-god-i'm-having-abs-laugh'. I mean, I can have the tree? Bro! That tree has been with me for like... my whole life so telling me I can have it is really weird! Like—
Oh for the love of potatoes.
After realising what I just did, I clamped my hand over my mouth and turned red.
“What, do you find me amusing?” he asked, his voice strained like as if he’s holding back laughter too. But when I came upon his eyes, they were hooded and glinted with amusement. I forgot to breathe.
“No” I said, sliding into one of the lower branches “You don’t have to leave, you can stay where you are” I’d very much like it “I can stay in here…” I patted the branch I was sitting on and then leaned back to the trunk as well. A few seconds later, I heard him lean back, our shoulders almost touching and the air suddenly shifting. 
The moon was full, so I decided to take pictures. Meanwhile, the current I felt won’t stop, and it looks like Jared could feel it too since he started to feel as agitated as me.
  He began to talk instead, his back still leaned against the tree trunk “I’m sorry for my behaviour a while ago” he started, irritation visible in his voice so much that I jerked away “I didn’t mean to be rude”
“Yeah, sure you were." I laughed. But tonight, the sky was so calm I was afraid my raising of voice would shatter the peace—oh wait, it was already shattered by my not-so-lady-like laugh a while ago "Actually, I should be the one saying sorry. I'm not normally like that—" that was a total lie; I'm always like that "—wait, that was a lie." I quickly added "I mean, it's just that I'm always awkward with people and you're like, this huge ball of hostility—"
"Huge ball of what—?" he interrupted, almost chuckling as his neck craned to face me sideways
"I have the tendecny to suck at giving people nicknames" I told him honestly which helpfully lighten up the mood "Anyways, you look so mean and staring is rude but glaring is like... worse."
“People say that my eyes always looked angry… that’s probably the reason why often times, I’m mistaken as rude” he said, still not smiling. I am actually waiting for him to smile, thinking of ways to make him smile. Just for me to see his face light up. It’s sheer curiosity. 
I furrowed my brows in disagreement “But your eyes are—“ beautiful, mesmerizing… enchanting
“Are what?” he asked when I stopped. 
I shook my head “Your eyes are peculiar” that’s half the truth and yet, I felt like I was lying. My voice came out as rude and snappy, and I wasn’t quite satisfied.
“Oh” was all he said and we fell back into the silence again
“Jared? Leila? Are you two up there?” I heard Jess’ voice “Jared, mom says we need to get home already” her small smooth voice called out “Like, today?”
“I’ll be right there” Jared started to climb down, and when he was just four feet from the ground, he jumped already. I followed him, but managed to slip from one of the branches.
And fall.
The wind brushed past me and images whirled around my head, my hair flying upwards and my eyes still wide open. I smiled to myself and let myself fall down, enjoying the breeze.
A panicked gasp escaped Jess’ lips “Leila!!”
A silent lullaby was playing along my ears for no apparent reason, and soon I found myself humming along, eyes closed. And all of a sudden, a pair of huge cold strong arms wrapped around my body and held me tight to it’s chest. My eyes opened abruptly as I shivered from the chilly skin and shuddered from the electric jolts running throughout my veins. 
I looked up only to see angry yet terrified cobalt blue eyes which by the way belong to none other than—
“Jared!!” Clara called out when we reached the ground “Oh my, Leila what happened?” her voice was extremely terrified and confused. I couldn’t answer. Jared’s eyes held me captive. 
They weren’t electric blue anymore… they were golden; like sunrise golden. 
Yellow in the most beautiful way.
“Your eyes—“ my words were halted when he all of a sudden dropped me, my feet trembling as I tried to steady myself. He turned his back on me, a disturbed expression on his face as he stomped away with Jacob trailing after him
What’s his problem? I thought angrily, as I tried to tame my hair and straighten my skirt. I muttered to myself bitter complaints about almost having fun and knowing how to drop down, I mean, excuse me! I have had worse!
“I’m really sorry, Leila” Jess apologised, and not being able to hold back anymore, her hands reached towards mine and I flinched, which made her flinch too and then drop my hand, gasping “Oh my—I’m really, really sorry,” she says, her eyes earnest and filled with regret and hesitation. 
My eyes looked up to check her eyes, they were still the same chocolate brown, only a tinge of yellow starting in the middle of her irises “No, it’s alright—why are your eyes...?"
“Leila Nellie Paine, you get in here right this minute!” I heard my mother’s wickedly strict voice and I looked one last minute at the Lair family, two boys gone.
"I—I gotta go..." I ran off, speeding to the backyard where my mother stood, tapping her foot against the green grass of our backyard. I heaved a sigh. This is gonna be a long sermon.
I COLLAPSED IN MY BED and looked up to my ceiling with those glow-in-the-dark stars that my father managed to put before. I frowned, missing him again. My eyes started to get blurry and the gentle lullaby from a while ago rang through my ears.
A tap on my window rang through my ears. I shot right up and cautiously opened the window, the cold September wind blasting onto my face, only to find nothing but the soft shaking of the trees and the darkly-lit room across mine. 
My eyes fell down on a piece of paper tucked at my window sill. I unfolded it and saw a moonflower, and a gust of wind gently blew it away. And as I stared at the floating free moonflower, the soft lullaby from a while ago started in my head again. 
I whipped my head to look back at the room across my window, and there, I caught a figure of someone silently gliding through the dim-lit area. My eyes trained on the piece of paper I was holding. 
The hand-writing was scraggly yet understandable at the same time; elegant yet dirty—as if it was rushed.
"Don't forget to look back before you fall" I whispered, reading the scribbled note. I held it tight in my fist and went back inside my room, getting a pushpin from my drawer and placing the note on the clipboard hung on my wall. I smiled to myself, satisfied at the single note that stood out from all the post its and photos clipped on the board. 
I pulled the chair from my desk and buried my head on my table. Many things happened today. 
But all I knew is that the Lair family is really peculiar; their skins are frozen cold.
A/N: So writing this at exactly 1:25 in the morning on a Friday doesn't really feed my insanity just yet. I'm quite the nocturnal person sooooo by the waaaay have you commented for Enchanted yet? Nope? Well then you should. Help me okay? Comment or something I feel stupid when I don't get replies.


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