My Name is Bebe

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Bebe meets Jake after being forced to go on a boat trip by her mother. Three boys and three girls total. And of course, they pair up. Jake is mysterious, a little rude at first meeting. And as the novel unfolds, secrets are brought into the light, and Bebe becomes part of a life she never dreamed of.
(This was my first book. I started it when i was 13, then rewrote it and finished it at 14. These characters practically feel like family now. I hope they become part of your family too.)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Name is Bebe

Submitted: November 30, 2010

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Submitted: November 30, 2010




"But mom, I don't want to go on a stupid boat trip." I whined.

Hello, my name is Bebe Chiles. First name pronounced "Beebee". My mom is making me go on a stupid boat trip for the entire summer! Can you believe it? Making a 14-year-old girl go all by herself on a boat trip. Well, I won't be by myself exactly, there will be a Captain and others joining me, but still. Why should I have to leave my friends all summer, 64 days exactly.

Mom says it will be "good for me", but what does she know? I'll tell you what she knows, absolutely nothing! My mother's name is Anna and she is 5' 1", has brown hair, green leaf eyes, and dark skin.

"Time to go, now!" she yelled. So controlling!

"Who cares, because I don't!" I reminded her.

"I care and you're going whether you like it or not! Or should I call your father?" she asked. I groaned and forced myself from the albany colored chair I was sitting in. No need to get dad involved. He was working a case at the court and that was why he couldn’t go with us. He’s a lawyer.

"Fine!" I complained.

I stomped my way to the car and swung the door open. I shoved my self into the silver dodge van, or whatever it was exactly, and slammed the door shut after me.

The gray vinyl seats were blistering hot from the suns heat, but I was too mad to care. My suitcases had already been stashed in the back of the van (or whatever). Which brought back memories of when I was first told that I was being forced to go on the boat trip. My mom and I had a huge argument. As a punishment for saying some inappropriate things I had to pack my own suitcases. I thought a clever way to get my revenge would be to pack rocks in all five of them, but not only did this make back-breaking work, but when my mom inspected them she simply dumped out the rocks and packed them herself. Of course I was not going to get off that easily.

So she made me unpack all the clothes, unfold them, then refold them, and repack them. All the while she hovered over my shoulder to make sure it was done right. It wasn’t very well thought out I suppose. Mom joined me in the car a couple of minutes later. She turned on the car then hesitated.

I know you’re mad at me right now but it will be fun.” She assured me.

Whatever.” I groaned.

I stared out the window the whole time we drove, which was about an hour or so, until we finally arrived. We lived in Florida.

The boating docks were really smelly and all the boats were pretty shabby in my opinion. Not to mention there was bird poop everywhere. One boat, though, did catch my attention. It was a little bit bigger than the others, but about just as shabby. It was colored a fainted white. It rocked gently with the waves and pulled at the ropes that bound it to the posts on the ends of the docks. In the center on the side of the boat was painted in red letters “The Secret”.

Weird name for a boat or so I thought. Didn’t they usually name them after their girlfriends or whatever? Something about the boat drew me to it though. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it was strong. Strange.

So which boat is it?” I asked. I sounded a little more interested than before I guess, because mom seemed to notice the change in attitude.

I didn’t think you would ask since it is so ‘stupid’ and all.” She commented. I rolled my eyes. She pulled a post-it noted from the back pocket of her blue jeans.

They were very casual, that was usual for her. Her top was a plain yellow blouse. She doesn’t like to stand out, unlike me. I wore an orange and pink striped tank top and tropical shorts. Not my best outfit ever, but hey, people noticed. I forgot to mention that I am 5’ exactly, green leaf eyes like my mother, dirty blond hair, and sort of slim. I was a little more filled out than most because I wasn’t afraid to eat like most. “Um, let’s see the name is, The Secret.” She said.

Without a word I started heading toward the boat.

Just where do you think you’re going?” asked mom.

To the boat.” I replied. “Where else?” I asked sarcastically. “First help me with the five giant bags in the back will you?” She reminded me. I groaned and slumped my shoulders then dragged my self over to the back of the van. I heaved out the three bags on top and attempted to carry them to the boat, but ended up dragging them instead.

When I got onto the deck of the boat I spotted a gruffly looking man about 6’ 1” with a rough looking beard and clothes a little tattered. He seemed to be in his late forties, early fifties maybe. He had an old worn out brown Captain hat with a dark navy blue anchor patch sewn to the front. “Hello,” he addressed me. “I’m the Captain and that is the name I would prefer to be called.”

Hi, I’m Bebe.” I told him then held out my hand. He grabbed it firmly and shook it. His hands were filthy with dirt. I wiped my hand on my shorts after he let it go.

So where should I put these?” I asked pointing my chin toward the bags I had brought up. My mom joined the conversation from behind me.

Hello.” She said to the Captain. I didn’t realize that she was behind me and her hello made me jump.

Sorry.” She said to me. I rolled my eyes.

My room?” I asked him.

This way.” he said, his hand held out in the direction of the room. I started after him as he began the walk to some steps. I did not realize how wet every thing was, including the floor. My feet flew up in front of me and I landed flat on my back and the wind just seemed to be yanked from my body. I was gasping for air as my mom and the Captain helped me up while they held back smiles.

Watch out for that, floor’s wet.” Said the Captain, a little too late. Mom couldn’t seem to help bursting into laughter. I glared at her while the Captain continued walking to the room.

We made our way to a few steps, which I took my time on when making my way down.

“That’s the bathroom.” He said, pointing at the first door to our left. He stopped at the second door on the left of the short hallway. He opened the door to reveal a small room with a curtain splitting it in half. That meant I had to share, yay. The walls were creamed colored and the floor was tiled white. On each side of the opposite walls were two twin-sized beds with wooden frames.

“So who will be accompanying Bebe in the room?” mom asked, noticing too.

“His name is Jake Turner. Don’t worry ma’am, he keeps to himself. All the girls have to bunk with boys, because we only have three rooms and six people. Three girls and three boys. I figured it would be fairer that way. If we have any problems I can move them to another room. Is that okay?” he asked concerned.

“Of course. Bebe doesn’t believe in boyfriends anyway.” She said.

“Mom!” I whined, flushing.

“Oh hush.” She told me. I groaned and threw my bags on the bed to the right.

“I have to go sweetie. Your brother is coming home tomorrow.” She said.

“Bye.” I said ungratefully. She kissed me on the forehead then said bye to the Captain.

“I love you.” She said to me.

“Yeah, me too.” I muttered. She let out a sigh then left.

Need anything?” the Captain asked.

No, I’m just going to unpack.” I told him.

Okay.” Then he left without another word. About a half hour later I heard him call my name. I pulled myself up onto my feet from my knees, which were stiff from remaining in the same position for a while. After carefully making my way down the hallway, up the steps, and onto the deck, I saw a girl whom seemed to about my height. She had long sandy blond hair, in addition to her freckles. She was wearing Bermuda shorts and a green shirt with bright blue letters on the front spelling “Ride the Wave!”

This is Ashley Helen.” Said the Captain, introducing us. “Ashley, this is Bebe Chiles.” He finished.

Hi.” We both said at the same time. Then we started giggling. The Captain showed her to her room. It was the second door on the right. Then she came into my room and sat on my bed while I finished unpacking my clothes into a built-in dresser. I discovered she was sixteen.

Afterwards I put up some posters of my favorite bands I had brought from home. The rest of the time we just sat around talking until some others showed up. After we made our way up to the deck the Captain introduced us to three more people. Another girl and two boys. The girl’s name was Alex Harden and she was seventeen, 5 and half feet maybe, had blonde hair like Ashley and was like super thin. (Oh, and I know, I’m a little obsessed with height. It’s because I’m short.)

She wore a red tank top and blue jean shorts. She looked like a super model. I met Ashley’s roommate Blake Coals, who was about 6 feet tall (lucky), sixteen, and had on baggy clothes and a backwards cap. He was also kind of thin. The other boy, who would be Alex’s roommate, was named Craig Raines. He was 6 and half feet, very slim, very fit, also seventeen, he had beautiful green eyes and had on a plain blue t-shirt and regular jeans. I was starting to hope that maybe Jake wouldn’t show up at all and I would get the room to myself. Then the Captain shattered my hopes when he said,

Don’t worry, Jake is always the last to show.”

I wasn’t worried.” I muttered. He continued as if I hadn’t said anything then explained, “He’s always forced to come by his parents.”

“That’s one thing we have in common.” I said aloud without realizing it until the Captain turned his head to me and gave me a look.

After everyone had settled in, Jake finally showed up. We were all on the deck talking to one another when we heard a car pull up. We all looked over to see a boy (about five and half feet too, like Ashley) get out of the car. He was tan and his muscles were obvious to the fact that he worked out.

His face was all perfectly put in place. His dirty blonde hair framed it. He was gorgeous! After he retrieved his bags, the car disappeared. That made me embarrassed because I realized I was the only one whose mom actually came with me. He walked past us all without even acknowledging that we were there.

Hi.” I had tried to say but he kept walking. Jerk, was my thought. He walked down the stairs and into a room. It didn’t take long to figure out which room it was.

Captain!” we heard him yell. He stomped up with one of my posters that he had ripped from the wall.

What is this?” he exclaimed.

That’s mine!” I yelled. I ran over to him and snatched it from his hands. He looked over at me for a second.

His expression cleared off his face and it turned into a stunned one. I looked at him wondering what he was thinking. He shook his head as if he were clearing a thought then turned back to the Captain. He was calmer this time.

I thought I was going to have my own room.” He explained.

I told you there was a chance that you would have your own room.” the Captain replied. Jake was silent for a moment. “Okay.” He finally said. He looked at me one more time then turned and went back to the room. I stood there frozen, as did everyone else.

Including the Captain. They all stared at me.

What was that?” asked Ashley.

One minute he was screaming his head off, and the next…” Craig trailed off. I broke my statue position.

P-p-probably nothing.” I assured them, stuttering as I shook. I don’t even know what I was scared of. I shook it off, or at least tried to.

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