As I Sit (Completed)

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I made this in year 8, Its just awesome makes you laugh and cry...
(I lost my other Account sorry)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - As I Sit #2

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012




AS I SIT ch 1

As I sit in a alleyway crying, why em I crying well I don’t know I just am then I hear “Hello” I look up but I cant see, well 1 is I’ve been cry so much and 2 its really dark “Hello? Um who is th-“ I say then I realise im getting picked up I can feel someone’s warm hands touching me this persons arms it under my knees and the other around my head. Then I feel lips on my head there soft and warm reminds me of someone I did love but he went faraway I miss him but it cant be help. I feel tears rolling down my cheeks “Why are you crying” says the person I now no it’s a boy his voice is just as warm as his body is I move closer to him his body is so warm like im laying in a soft blanket I end up falling asleep.


 “Poor girl she must be really lonely to be crying in a alleyway like that” it’s the same voice “yes but its even nicer to have took her back to your place hehe you like her don’t you” say a very happy sounding man “you better go before she wakes up if you don’t mind” say the boy in a pissed off way “yes ill be off, goodbye!” says the man a door close’s and I hare foot step comeing my way “so your awake that’s nice to know” I try to open my eyes and it works I see the boy his tall and has black hair it looks soft then his eyes are a sweet brown there sooo… well it hard to describe then he sits on the bed im on “so What is your name young lady” he says steering at me buts it not a bad or mean steer it’s a sweet steer “um my name is Bella” he looks at me with a smile and moves closer “that’s a sweet name” he says as he mores closer then out of no where he kisses me his lips are pressed on mine why is he kissing me why? Then his lip move off mine and I see his eyes there not sweet brown there a colour with no name he smiles at me “your lips are very soft like I imaged” he says in a cheeky way, wait what did he just say! He stands up and walks over to a clubbed and opens it I see very pretty dress’s he pulls out a cute little dress its blue he walks over to me and drops it on the bed and walks out and says “get dressed and knock on the door when you done ok” before a can ask him why he closed the door I get up and try to stand I fall at first then I get back up I take my top off that’s muddy and wet lucky my Bra is clean I put the dress oven my head and pull it over my bra and down I take my pants off and the dress flops down its really silky it’s a little cold but its fine then I see little blue slippers I take off the muddy socks and put on the slippers. I knock on the door and step back the door opens and the boy walks in and close’s it then he looks at me his eye open wide I smile a little “Wow that looks really nice on you” he say he looks me up and down ok…….. “Well lets go” he say to grab my hand “Um where are we going” I ask he smiles “out im going to get you some food” he walks out holding my hand.

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