I love the cute girl (Back on for awhile))

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Love at first site? Could he of found someone he loves? but..theres a past of his he keeps hidden what if she finds out..will she hate him?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I love the cute girl

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Submitted: September 04, 2012




Today’s my first day of high school of year 11 at a new school and so far so good I walk around then in the Conner of my eyes a see a girl I stop to get a better look at her she has purple hair and blue eyes she looks like she’s in year 9 but she’s wearing a year 11 jumper she turns around and see’s me her face is gorgeous her lips blackish red and her skin a light skin terser “Hunter!” we both look down the corridor and there’s a tall girl with black hair staring just like I was at this girl and then I hear her voice “Oh hey babe” I look back at her and her voice is sweet and cute she smiles and runs down to the other girl they hug and she keeps walking but as she turns the Conner she waves at me “WELCOME TO OUR SCHOOL!” she says I blink and keep walking the bell goes and I run to my first class.



First class: Math


I sit down and im the first in the class “Ok seeya Hunter meet at the back of the school at the end of day?” I turn and see the girl from this morning “Yeah ok bye Bella” she says her voice still as sweet as I remember she turns around and the door close’s she stops and looks at me I look back she blinks and walks to the seat next to me “Nice to meet you im Hunter!” she says and smiles her smile is so cute I smile back “Im John” I say she stops “Can I call you Johnny?” I blink no one has ever asked that “Sure if you wont” I say she smiles “Yay” I smile and she blushes a little she’s really cute “Um when dose class start?” she looks at me and blinks twice “What class?” she says “Math class?” I say “Oh the teachers sick and so are all the students” she say “All of them?” she nods “What about you then?” she smiles “I was not here when it happened so im fine” she’s so cute “So what are we going to do if there’s no class?” I say she looks around “Hmm there much to do” I look at her she looks at me I look in her blue eyes there a soft blue but there looks like there something there hidden in her blue eyes like a bottle in the ocean “Why are you steering in my eyes?” her voice sounds sweet I blink and she’s biting her bottom lip and blushing “Johnny?” she says I love the way she says my name “Sorry Hunter just thinking” she blushes when I say her name I half smile “Ok…. So Johnny why did you go to this school?” she says “Well I have to I live by myself and this was the chipset school” she looks sad “Why do you live on your own?” she says I look away I cant tell her “Just because!” I say she sits up and walks around the table looking on the ground im going to have to change this “Do you have a Bf” she stops “Urm No” she says “Really your cute why would you not have one?” I say looking at her “I don’t know?” she says “What happened to your last one?” I say she looks away “I have never had a Ex Boyfriend or Boyfriend so yeah!” I blink and stand up “What you got to be kidding?” she backs away “Um no I have never had a boyfriend” she sound different I look at her “So are you like a slut that kisses and fells up guys?” I say “NO!!” she yells “Ok then what have you done with a guy?” she looks away again “Um nothing” I walk to her and I put both hand on her shoulder’s “YOU HAVE TO BE JOKEING RIGHT!” She blushes of how close our faces are she blinks “Do you want a boyfriend Hunter?” I say softly She keeps blushing and nods I smile and let go of her “Well try and find one it would not be that hard!” I say she looks at me and tills her head to her left shoulder “Do you have a girlfriend?” she says I look at her “No I don’t I just moved here” I say she smiles “WANT TO CHILL AFTER SCHOOL?!?” I step back as she smiles a big smile “What about your friend?” I say standing up start “She will get it!” she keeps smiling “WAIT NO LETS GO NOW!” she yells again “Now?” I say “yeah now there’s no class all day” she says I smile and she blushes “So cute” I mumble “Huh?” she looks confused that’s ever cuter “Never mind lets go” I grab her hand and start to walk her hand small and soft her skin is delicate like I could hold it for ever “Um you no how I said I have done nothing with a guy” I stop and look at her still holding her hand “Yeah?” I say “Well now I have!” she says I look at our hands “Wait a guys never halt your hand?” she smiles “Well not now” I half smile and I keep walking I can hear her foot steps behind me as we walk out side!



The Park:


We walk to a big green fled and in the distains you can see a playground “Well Jonny I beet I can run faster then you!” she says punching the air She looks at me and smiles I nod “READY………SET…………BUMBULLBEE” She runs I stay there “Bumblebee?” I say, I start running and catch up to her she turns around “HEY you run to fast!!” she yells and runs faster  I smile and I grab her arm and turn her around I steer in her eyes and she looks up to me “Umm you can win it dose not mean that much to me?” she says I smile at how clueless she is “I don’t care about wining” I say still staring she starts to stare back “want to just walk then?” she say I hold her hand again and start to walk she stayed next to me our shoulders almost touching we get there and see sits on the swing “Can I push you?” I say standing be hider her “Sure” she smile I pull her back and push her back lightly she moves her feet with it and I keep going this time as she’s in the air I hold her waste to me “Wha-t are you doing Jonny?” she say I move my head to her neck and breath a hot breath on her neck I see her flinch a bit “You just seem cold, it is cold out here” I say whispering in her ear “Oh well im not that cold” she says I hold tighter “I can tell you are Hunter” I see she blushes “Umm….well we can go inside?” she says turning her head a bit I look at her red lips “Can we go to your house?” I say she nods “My mums home but still” I let her go and she jumps off.


Her house:

we walk to her house, a small house I look at it for a long moment and smile its something I would live in “Awesome house” I say as we walk thou the gate “Thanks” she smiles and walk to the door and gets her key out “But your mums home?” I look at her “She’s sleeping” she says and  opens the door and I walk in it a fine little home wooden tiles pic on the walls of a little girl and a older woman “Well don’t worry about talking she’s a deep sleeper” she says walking up the stairs I follow and look at the pics more on the wall we get to a hall way and she walks to the end of it and opens a door that says Hunter she walks in her room and smiles “This is my room!” she says and sits on her big bed that is almost taking up the hole room I walk in looking around “Well you like?” she says looking at me “Yeah its better then my room I don’t have a big bed” I laugh and she smiles “Yeah my mum wonted me to have it hah” she lays down looking up at the roof I sit at the end of it steering at her she sits up “Johnny? Why are you so nice to me?” she look down at her bed “Why would I not be nice?” I say looking at her “Because most guys only want one thing from a girl” she keeps looking down I remember in the pic on the wall there was no man “Im not like that, I like you why would I do or think about that, I mean your super cute and smart and funny that’s what a like and your purple hair is awesome!” I smile and move closer to her “How can I trust you my mum trusted a guy and she had me then he left” she looks up a bit I see her eyes with a tear in them with out thinking I hug her and she falls back I pull her around so she’s sitting in my lap I lean my head on the headboard holding her she rests her head on my chest “Ok maybe your not like that but today I have done 2 things with a guy so yeah” she says smiling “Sorry just you where crying” I say holding her a bit closer “Thanks, can we stay like this for a while?” she says moving closer and hugging me I smile and nod and kiss her head I lay my head on her hair so soft


about 5 min later:

Im looking out the window “Johnny?” I look at her moving her light body so im looking in her blue eyes “Yeah?” I say she mover she face closer so our noses are touching “Whats your full name?” she look in my eyes “My full names, John Alexander smith” I smile at a bit of blushes on her cheeks “Mines, Hunter rose Samson” she says I smile “Cute name” I move a little closer she blushes more, her eyes go to my lips then back to my eyes I get what she’s thinking “Are you willing to let me kiss you?” I say she blushes but does not move “I don’t know how to kiss” she looks back at my lips “We it comes to you when it happens so yeah” I look at her lips there red not black any more “What happens after the kiss?” she says I feel her breath it smells like mint “Well would could be friends and see what happens or just go out not knowing much about each other” I say and we both look in each others eyes “I want to stay friends for a while so I can known you better” she says I smile “Same” I smile with her but im not sure I can tell her about me with out saying the one thing that know one can know “Then kiss me?” she looks more shy now In her eyes are half closed I more a lip closer and our lips touch her eyes close all the way and I move in more as our lips fit I close my eyes she moves in more I fell the warm lips that are hers I smile in the kiss I pull away a bit and look in her eyes I see she bits her lip “Well?” I say she look up blushing and she nods I hear foot steps I look at the door she moves up and opens the door a lady in cow pjs stands there looking at me and her “Hey Hunter sorry why you home early?” she stop looking at me and stays at hunter “People where sick at school I did not want to get sick, Oh this is John he is new and he walked me home I was telling him about work we are we doing in class” she smiles and the lady pats her head “K Hunter, John take care of her you’re a man and she needs that” she smile “Amy Shh!!” I look at Hunter and smile she looks back at me and smile “I have to go back to work now John want to stay for Dinner we are having take away!” Says Amy, I nod and smile she walks out and Hunter close’s the door “So now your staying for dinner?” she looks at me “Well she asked and if I said no I would get no dinner so poor John right?” I smile and she walks over and sits on the bed right next to me I look at her neck I hug her with my head in her neck and face it and then bite it softly “He-y!! what are you doing?!” I hear her nervous voice and bite again she flinches when my lips touch her neck “Im biting you what do you think?” I laugh and I let go and look at her She puts a hand on where I bit it “don’t do that again…Vampire?” she smiles “Im not a vampire… Yet” I smile back she laugh and more her hand away we keep talking about random shit like what we like I try and keep it on her.







At 6:30 Amy walks in on us talking about pets she has Fish and chips she drops it on the bed and walks out Hunter opens the big bag with chips she takes one and eats it “So do you have any pets now?” I say taking a chip too she swallows and shakes her head “Nope I don’t have a pet do you?” she takes two and eats “Narr I live in apartment so I cant” I eat one again “Oh so you still wont tell me why you live alone?” she says eating more I eat a chip and not respond she puts down her half eaten chip and looks at me with a eyebrow raised “fine don’t talk then” she stops  eating and walks out I look at the door I cant tell her why she will feel sorry for me and I hate that and plus about that, but I cant lie to her I look at the half eaten chip of hers I wonder what she has hidden away in her eyes how much she has gone thou? The door opens and I look up and Hunters standing there with 2 cans of coke “You want one?” she says not smiling you would never guess she was the funny cute girl I know, I nod and she get back on the bed and hands me the can I take it and I open it and take a sip she dose the same she crosses her legs and wraps up the bag “You done?” she says I nod she walks out again with the bag she walks back in and jumps back on the bed “So you never meet your dad?” I say and look at her she looks up “Um no he lift when Amy told him about me” she says “Why do you call Amy, Amy why not Mum?” she look at me with her eyebrow raised “Because” she take a sip of her drink I more closer to her “So now I cant know anything about you?” I say with a smile she moves back till she hits the headboard I smile and move to her and I move one hand to the side of her head I move over her she looks up at me “Come on tell me” I say as my forehead touches hers “Im not telling you anything more till you tell me more about you!” she looks at me I sigh and frown “I will tell you something if! You don’t feel sorry for me” I say she smiles and nods “My mum and dad died and my family though it was my fault so I ran” I look in her eyes she stops smiling “Oh…can I hug you?” I smile a bit “I guess you felling sorry for me is no big prob if you hug me” I say she smiles and hugs me she faces her head to my neck then she bits it softly her lips feel warm I hold her close pulling her more to me she keeps going biting it more I smile “Your my little Vampire” I say She stops “This is meant to be pay back!!” she says “Well I like it keep going plz?” I say wrapping my arms around her “Nope this is meant to be punishment” she say laying her head on my shoulder I feel her warm breath on my neck “Fine then I hate it!” I say with a laugh she laughs to “Johnny when are you going home not that I want you to but still” she says “Well its getting dark so soon” she moves her head more in my neck I feel her lips. The door opens and I turn my head and Amy’s there looking at us, Hunter pulls away fast “Um..tha-t was jus-t” she look down Amy smiles why would she be smiling “Naww so cute ill leave two alone, Wait John you should be heading home its getting really dark” she stops smiling I stand up “Yeah thanks you for the food, Ill be going” I say putting on my shoes Amy walks out and I look at Hunter she has a sad face I get my shoes on and walk to her and kiss her head “Don’t be like that, Ill see you on Monday” I go to walk and I feel her grab the back of my top “Monday is a long way away” I turn around and hug her tight I don’t want to let her go but I have to go “Yeah, Its funny we only meet today and where like this” I laugh still hugging her “Just stay a little longer?” she nuzzles her head in my neck “I cant its really dark out” I pull away and walk out the door not looking back I wave to Amy and I walk out.






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