My Past life (ON HOLD)

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Being taken from your home...who would think it would be a good thing..well im not sure this person...myself from a past life...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Past life

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012




For the last year I have had the feeling of someone watching me but I have been pushing it away thinking its just me tonight my mum and dad have gone out and Im laying in my bed thinking someone’s there I cant help it, its pitch black and I can hear faint breathing I close my eyes tight and slowly move my hand out of the blanket and to my bed side table there should be something in there, I hear a foot step and I freeze fear stands to take over as the foot step comes closer I move my hand fast not caring as I sit up opening the draw but I feel someone grab me from be hide covering my mouth I try and scream my heart racing faster and faster I can hear It thou my ears the hand on my mouth pulls me as another hand goes around my stomach and lifts me off the bed and on the ground I kick my legs and arms around “Shh Baby its okay” I stop at the mans voice and open my eyes looking up and see his out line I see a smile as the hand around my stomach leaves and he starts going thou is pocket I take this as I easy ways out and move fast pulling his hand away and run to what seems like the door but its just a wall “Hey baby carm down just relax soon you will be home” I hear him say as I find the door handle I open the door and run I hear him curse and run after me the house is lighted so I can see where im going I run down the stairs and get the home phone and run to the bathroom locking the door I sit down in the corner and look at the door as I hear a slam like someone hand into it “BABY!! Im starting to get angry now! Open the door please” I hear the man slamming on the door I scream and start to dial 000  I put the phone to my ear as the person starts to talk I yell in the phone Whats going on “You have the phone!?!” he yells as the door starts to crake im now shacking as the door brakes down and he’s there a tall man dressed in black his hair blond his dark blue eyes shines in the light as he looks down at me “Give me the phone right now baby and I will not be angry” he walks to me and I shake my head holding it closer to my ear when I hear a man on the phone saying to keep calm and he will be there soon he tells me to keep on the line as I look up at the man now standing over me I grabs my hand and pulls me up I scream he slams my hand on the wall and the phone drops away “Good girl…” he whispers he goes back in his pocket he smile as I feel a damp cloth go over my mouth and nose as I breath in my eyes starts to lose grip on what’s happing and close, my body goes limp as he puts me over his shoulder and starts to walk out humming is the last thing I hear as my once great world goes to hell…

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