My Past life (ON HOLD)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Remembering

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012




“Darling wake up” Its that man voice I cant see anything, wait…what happened my eyes open as I sit up fast I look around im in a room its dark only one light my head hurts like hell “Hey there” I hear him and turn around he’s sitting in a chair in the dark he stands up and walks to me “Are you okay…feeling good?” he smiles I look and see im on a huge bed its with black sheets and red pillows I look at him “Who are you?” he smiles and he sits on the bed “Im Jamie darling, I thought you would not remember me don’t worry you will soon” he smile sweetly and moves closer his dark blue eyes stare into my light green eyes “Have we meet?” I mutter thinking maybe I met him on a bus or something he nods happly like a puppy “Yes my darling are you remembering me?” he puts a hand on my leg that’s under the blanket I look at me and shake my head “Im sorry….i don’t know you..” I look down he moves even closer in-front of me and smiles and pats my head “Don’t worry about it my love you will soon” he kisses my head lightly his lips soft and warm “Jamie? Will you let me leave…?” I look up at him “No! you’re here now with me! You cant leave me!” he pulls me into a tight hug “Please…don’t leave me..” he whispers into my ear I feel sorry for him maybe he really dose know me I don’t remember anything from when I was little so maybe then? He lets go and stand up taking his shoes off “for now we will sleep in the morning ill let you shower and then we can go to the lake for lunch sound good baby?” he smiles at me and I nod as I lay back down he walks around the other side of the bed and gets in I stay rolled away form him falling asleep.



I hear yawning as I feel a heart beat I open my eyes I look up and see Jamie and I relies im laying close to him with my head on his chest he smiles down on me “Hey there sleepy head, you cuddled up to me last night!” he leans down and smells my hair and kisses my head “Mmm…vanilla” he mutter I move away and sit up looking at the room that’s now bright its olden day…like the side of a castle I look around more “You like it? We meet in here well…not this room heh..” he stands up yawning with a grin on his face “Where did…we meet?” I ask going alone with this “In the dancing hall my darling! You looked so very lovely in that dress” he smiles I nod and get off the bed and stand up “The bathroom is over there have a shower and ill get you clothes don’t worry there all up to date my love!” he smiles and point to a door then walks out I look at the door and go and walk in seeing a lovely looking bathroom the shower is huge I turn on the light and the fan as I look around for cameras just to make sure I undress and get in the shower turning it on I wash my body and hair I find a shaver and shave my legs so there soft, the shampoo is the same as home most of the stuff here is, after awhile I get out and find a towel and wrapping it around me.


I hear a faint knocking on the door as I dry my hair “Darling there is a dress on the bed for you, ill be down stares in the study if you get lost ask for help!” he leaves and I walk out finding a lovely dress with frills it’s a dark blue dress like Jamie’s eyes I put it on and leave the room looking around i feel like I have been here before. I walk around till I find a huge room with dancing floor I lean on the door as I look around I close my eyes and see it…me in a more olden looking me not like in age but the way I look and dress the room is old as well I grip onto the door as  I see me sitting on a thrown with a crown there’s a old man next to me with a bigger crown… that Jamie?



Im sitting at my thrown as I sigh staring off out of a far window into the sky “My dear lady…Do you care to dance?” I look the way I hear a sweet mans voice there stands him his dark blue eyes stare at me, his smile lovely, his hair a sweet blond he looks like a prince…or a knight “My lady?” I blink hardly and look at me “Oh yes…I would very much love to dance with you but, may I ask your name?” I stare in his eyes he smiles and bows before me “Forgive me, my name is Sir Jamie im one of the high knights of your uncle” he smile standing up straight  holding his hand out to me I slowly give my hand to him as I stand up he takes me to the dance floor and we start to dance slowly he smiles down on me “My dear princess you are quite a lovely sight to behold” his hand on my waist holds me closer to Jamie I feel my face run hot, this feeling in my heart is strange I like it but it’s a longing feeling “Jamie you are a very charming man why are you here? Im not being rude I am dearly sorry if I seem so” I look up at me “Well you see…your uncle told me about you he loves you dearly princess and so do I, I left there to find you and it have taken a long time but I am so very happy to have finally found you my dear” he stops dancing and takes me back to my thrown holding my hand I smile as I sit back down he bows before me again “Please be willing to let me stand by your side…” I look at him as he looks up my father clears his throat and both me and Jamie look at him “My dear child already has someone she must marry! He is a prince from a kingdom we are at war with this marriage with stop the war, Sir Jamie you may watch my daughter as a guard but a mare knight like you can never find love with her do you understand?” I see my fathers glare at Jamie I look down then back at Jamie I can see his heart broken eyes look down as he nods “I understand sir I will take care of her with my life” he stands up and walk’s away I feel my heart sink watching him walk away, the door closed and the party keeps going. I leave the dance floor awhile after and walk to my room looking at the sky as I walk around the back to get to my room “My lady?” I stop and turn around and see Jamie there he smiles and bows “My I take you to your room my dear?” I stare at him and nod softly “Yes please sir Jamie” I smile as he walks next to me “Im sorry for my father…” I look down I feel him push a strand of my light red hair be hide my ear I look at him “Don’t worry, ill be fine” he smiles I nod as we reach to the stairs on to my room I stop at the door he pulls me to him “I don’t want to have come all this way just to find that I cant be with you” he looks down sadly I reach up and kiss him on the cheek he look at me a little shocked “My lady you can give out a kiss like that in a open place like that” he looks around “Don’t be silly sir Jamie everything is fine” I smile at him he holds my hand up and kisses my knuckles “My love I will never leave you” he says giving my hand back I smile as I open my door “I will see you tomorrow maybe If I can get away from a moment I only with to spend it with you” I see him smile and bow as I enter my room I lock my door I fan my face rushing to my bed I jump on my bed smiling madly “Sir Jamie” I smile and go to sleep.

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