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Orson is your typical young man growing learning to fend for himself in his small town of Westerville. He has just received a summer internship at the local pharmaceutical company, Metheson Incorporated.

However, after being there for a short while, things start to get out of his control. One of the other employees starts acting strange, and some of the machines start to break. The workzone has gone from friendly and enjoyable to a hazardous environment where no one is safe. Is it too late for him to save himself?

"If it's not written down, then it didn't happen..."

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Intern

Submitted: November 06, 2009

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Submitted: November 06, 2009




The word echoed through Orson's mind as he sat in the main office of Metheson Incorporated, the largest and most well-known company in Westerville, waiting for his 3:45 appointment with the company's owner, Jonah Metheson. Metheson Incorporated was a pharmaceutical company that had opened in Westerville over 10 years ago. It started as a small building back in 1998, and after a few years, the company had grown to become a large producer of medicinal vaccines and other products all across America- And Orson had been offered an internship.

An internship! He could hardly believe it! He had come there as part of a school field-trip the previous year, and had taken a particular interest over the other students in his Senior class. There was a large assembly, followed by a tour, and Orson had always asked just the right questions. The tour guide would always say 'I was hoping someone would ask that!' or 'That is a very good question!'

He didn't think that taking an interest in the tour would be equivalent to a resume, but as the students were all walking to the bus, the principal called him back inside the building. "Mr. Thorogood," she had said to him gleefully, once all the other students had exited the building, leaving them alone to talk, "Our guide from earlier- Mr. Tylers- had talked to me after the tour, and he said that Mr. Metheson himself might just be interested in seeing you."


Orson had perked up upon hearing this. Jonah Metheson wanted to see him! The principal had guided Orson over to the help desk, where he called his parents to ask if they could pick him up at the building. His principal then talked to the bus driver for a few minutes, and the two of them walked through a series of hallways that led to Mr. Metheson's office. The principal led the way. She had known where the office was from when she had prepared the trip in cooperation with Mr. Metheson.


The two of them walked into the office upon arriving. It was a small office, with very little in it besides a small desk, a revolving office chair, two smaller chairs that were bolted to the ground, and a large menagerie of photographs of Mr. Metheson with his kids. One of the most prominent things in the office, however, was Mr. Metheson himself.

Mr. Metheson was a tall, rather bulky man with wide shoulders and deep-set eyes. After walking in, he looked up at Orson and smiled a large, toothy grin. It struck Orson a little off guard to have a man who was so powerful looking at him as though they had been best friends for years. "Why, good afternoon!" he said cheerily, "You must be Orson! Mr. Tylers had told me a lot about you! He said you participated an awful lot in the tour."


"T-Thank you, Sir..." Orson stuttered, sitting in one of the bolted seats. It was just such an awkward feeling to have someone who was so superior to him treating him as an equal. Treating him as though he were the superior, "But it was nothing. I was just curious..."

"Ah, but curiosity is a wonderful thing! At least in most cases."Mr. Metheson continued, turning to the principal, "Mrs. Dietrich, would it be too difficult for me to ask to speak alone with Mr. Thorogood?"

"Not at all, Sir." the principal said, standing up and walking out of the room.


Once Mrs. Dietrich had left, Mr. Metheson turned to Orson again. "As I was saying, curiosity is wonderful!" he continued casually, as though this were an everyday conversation with a coworker or a friend from a local bar, "And there is nothing better for the soul than to satisfy that curiosity! Nothing!"

Orson gulped out of nervousness. "I guess you could say that, Sir..."

"Please, call me Jonah!" Mr. Metheson continued. Everything he said had a little bounce to it. An 'oompf' that Orson could feel pounding through his body.

"Alright J-Jonah..." Orson said, still nervous. He still felt that despite his warm and inviting personality, Mr. Metheson was still the head of a large company, and it was for this reason that Orson was called to speak with him. Not as a friend, but as a business associate. As a person formally asking or auditioning for a position.


And then it came.

"Well," Mr. Metheson had said, "Since you have so much curiosity about the field of pharmaceuticals, then there is only one way to satisfy it. How would you like to come here over the summer to work as an intern?"

Orson beamed. All the nervousness had dropped out of his body for a split second as he stood up and shouted "Really!? You mean it?"

"Of course I mean it, Mr. Thorogood!" Mr. Metheson had said, almost as loudly and as excitedly as Orson had, "You seem to be a very intelligent young man, and you seem to have a great interest in this field. It would be an honor for me to have someone of your caliber to be here as an intern."

"Thank you, Sir!" Orson said, sitting back down, a look of bewilderment on his face due to the fact that so much had happened so fast.

"You're quite welcome." Mr. Metheson replied, still smiling that wide grin of his, "And please, like I said before, call me Jonah."

"A-Alright..." Orson said, calming down a little.

Mr. Metheson stood up. "Well, we should probably get your principal back in here. We could call your parents and tell them about our new acquaintanceship. We still have to make arrangements for a starting day, after all, and their schedule might intersect with that."

After arriving and hearing the news being told by Mr. Metheson himself with a casual 'Hey there, I was wondering if your son would be able to have an internship with me here at the company', Orson's parents screamed with excitement. They had talked with Mr. Metheson about the dress code, schedule, and other things along those lines, and then drove Orson home, congratulating him the entire way.

Orson looked at the clock. It was 3:30 in the afternoon. "After about a month of waiting and planning, it's finally here..." he said to himself, "Only 15 more minutes..."

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