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Witness the plight of 6 Freshman high school students as they try to survive the dreaded prom and cope with the other assorted oddballs around the school.

(Note: If we make this into a movie, the principal has to be Kevin Spacey... I will not accept anyone else...)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Freshmen!

Submitted: August 10, 2009

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Submitted: August 10, 2009



  The day started out like any other. William awoke to the sounds of birds chirping outside. He got up and looked out the window.

  It was a beautiful Spring day. The grass flew about in the warm, calm wind. Winter had just ended, so William felt happy that the Spring season was starting out so nice.

He chuckled to himself. "What a nice day..." he said, "It's days like this that remind me how much being cramped inside a school building sucks..."

  He closed the blinds and made his way downstairs. He walked over to the bathroom and rapped on the door. "Come on! Hurry up! I need to take a shower!"

  "So do I!" his sister's voice called from the other end.

"I don't even hear any water running!" William shouted.

  He heard a groan from the other end. His sister came out with her pajamas on and a small mirror in her hands. "Fine, take your shower... But if I don't get at least half an hour of make-up time and end up looking like a hog, then you're dead Mister!"

  William chuckled to himself as he walked in the shower. "It would probably be an improvement!" he called back.

  After his shower he changed into his uniform and walked downstairs. He walked into the kitchen. His parents weren't up yet, so he grabbed a few pieces of bread and threw them into the toaster.

  Once his toast was finished, he walked over to the dining room table and started eating. He always made his toast plain. He didn't exactly know why he did this. After all, he knew that he liked toast with jam much better. He figured he was just too lazy to waste his time on something as trivial as putting some grape-flavored paste on his bread.

  His sister walked down about ten minutes afterwards wearing her school uniform. William was still at the table. He and his sister both went to the same school, but they never saw eachother there seeing as how she was a Junior and he was just a Freshman.

  "Hey, Ash..." he had asked her a year ago, when he was 13 and she was in her Sophomore year, "What was your Freshman year like?"

  "It was pretty cool..." she had replied, "It was still a fairly new school back then, so there were only Freshmen and Sophomores, but even with the lack of people I was still able to make a ton of friends..."

  "Was there anything bad about it?" he asked. He had seen all the movies and he wanted to make sure what about them was real and what wasn't.

  "Sure... There were tons of things..." she responded, "First of all, there is ten times more homework than in Middle School... Secondly, the cliques are basically set on the first day, so if you don't join one by then, you're not going to get in one... And worst of all..." At this point she paused and got real close to William's face, "There's the Freshman prom..."

  "What's it like?" William said with a nervous edge to his voice. He was much less mature back then than he was now, even though the difference was only one year.

  "The Freshman prom is worse than any horror film you've ever seen..." his sister responded, "Imagine this... Every kid in school, running around, making a fuss... Most people get in trouble with the principal because they just break down from all the stress and collapse..."

  William gulped.

  "And yet..." she continued, "No matter how hard anyone tries, no one can have a successful Freshman prom... Something always goes wrong... It's as if having a successful prom is against the school rules... Anyone who tries to break this rule gets sent off to mental detention for three-and-a-half years..."

  After making her speech about how bad the prom was, she got up and calmly walked away.

  "Hey, Spaz!" William suddenly heard his sister say, breaking him out of his flashback, "What are you just sitting there for?"

  "N-No reason..." he stuttered, "I was just thinking about something..."

  His sister chuckled, "You're a goof... You know that?" She got up and walked into the kitchen to get breakfast.

  William chuckled. He stood up and walked into the living room. He heard a creaking floorboard upstairs, followed by the soft scratching of a door flowing against a carpet. That meant that his dad was awake.

  He heard some more footsteps, followed by a soft trinkle of shower water from the bathroom. It would be about ten minutes before his dad came to take him and his sister to the bus stop.

  "Ash!" he called, "Hurry up and finish eating! Dad's getting in the shower!"

  "I know, I know!" she called back, "I heard him too!"

  By the time their dad got downstairs, the two of them were sitting at the couch, ready to head off for school.

  "Alright!" their dad called, grabbing his jacket off the coat rack, "Come on! We're going to miss the bus!"

  William smiled as he and his sister got up. They were always ten minutes too early when it came to catching their bus. Yet their dad made it seem like they were running late every single day. Their dad was always worried or excited about something. It's as if his body was filled with sports drinks and chocolate bunnies, instead of blood and organs.

  The two got up and prepared to make their way to J.S. High School.

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