The Inevitable- The Story of Leopold Magnum

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A fictional detective story about the infamous thief known as Leopold Magnum, and the two officers in charge of tracking him down.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Magnum Force

Submitted: May 14, 2009

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Submitted: May 14, 2009



It was like any other day at Irvine Savings and Loan. The clerk stood behind the counter, dealing with the large varieties of customers that seeked the bank's services that bright, sunny morning in mid-June. She moved gracefully, almost rhythmically, with the clicks and pangs of the old cash register that sat in front of her.

But our story is not about the swift, elegant bank teller. Our story is about the young man who was waiting in the line of that very bank, on his way to see the clerk. He was about 5'6" with straight brown hair and bright blue eyes. He wore a simple T-shirt and a pair of casual denim jeans. He stood in line patiently as the other customers took their time taking out their money and turning in their paychecks for that week.

It was a Saturday, and the boy knew he was in no hurry. He was still a little nervous, but figured that once he got to the front of the line, his plan would fall into place. He shuffled around, trying to get comfortable between the people in line with him. Hehad a plain green bookbag slung over his shoulder, which he knew he would have to get open quickly if he wanted this to go smoothly.

He finally arrived at the front of the line about 5 minutes later. "Hello," He said to the clerk, trying to remove any doubt that was still in his mind, "I would like to open an account."

"Will this be a checking or savings account, Sir?" The lady replied. The boy liked the sound of someone calling him 'Sir'. He felt it had a nice ring to it.

"Savings." Heanswered calmly. He knew had already planned an answer for anything the clerk might ask him.

"And who is this account going out to?" The teller proceeded, following the standard procedure for opening a new account.

"Leopold." The boy answered, "Leopold Magnum."

"Alright, Mr. Magnum," The teller said after typing some information into her computer, "Would you like to make a deposit for your new account?"

"No, Ma'am, that's quite alright." The boy chuckled, barely able to hold his excitement any longer, "I would like to make a withdrawal."

"A withdrawal?" The lady looked up confused, "But you just started the account... What is there to withdraw?"

The boy then erupted into a hearty laugh, slyly reaching into his bookbag, which the clerk had failed to notice until just now, even though cases of any kind were unallowed in the bank. "I would like to withdraw THIS!"

He then pulled out a 327 Hydra and, with about as much grace and agility the clerk had been using for her job a few minutes ago, fired one shot at the young woman. The explosion seemed to last only half-a-second, but had so much power and force that the teller was knocked back into the wall, one large bullet wound in her chest.

The boy then jumped over the counter and opened the register. By this time the dazed customers realized what was happening and proceeded to charge at the young assailant. But, they were no match for the youngster's high-powered gun. He proceeded to quickly and calmly shoot anyone who came at him, while all the while emptying the register of all the money.

The boy quickly reloaded and jumped back over the counter. He ran unphased through the bank door and into a small red Mustang that was waiting outside.

People looked on in awe at the swift young criminal as he dashed down the street and around the corner. Several men checked to see if anyone was still alive after being shot by such a high-caliber machine, while one man stayed back and telephoned police.

This was the first in a long string of robberies pulled-off by the legendary thief known as Leopold Magnum.

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