The Inevitable- The Story of Leopold Magnum

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The two officers are about to set off to capture Magnum until they are suddenly caught off guard by a mysterious phone call from the infamous thief himself.

Chapter 11 (v.1) - The Demands

Submitted: May 14, 2009

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Submitted: May 14, 2009



The chief was anxious. He was about to take on Magnum- or at least someone working directly for Magnum- and he didn't want anything to go wrong. However, this hope would not be fulfilled.

Heynesworth and Loeb had gathered enough reinforcements to take on the killer, and proceeded to arm themselves for the mission. They had both grabbed a small pistol, and put on thick bullet-proof vests.

Once they were finished, they made their way outside to the car. They had to take Heynesworth's because Loeb's was not at the station. Heynesworth picked up the police radio which was installed into his vehicle and briefed the other officers on what they were going to do.

Everything was going perfectly until they had started the car. They were about to pull out when suddenly Loeb's cell phone rang. He picked it up, and his face quickly turned a pale white. He quietly held the phone to Heynesworth. "It's for you..." he said, with a slight hint of fear in his voice.

Heynesworth grabbed the phone. "Hello..." the voice on the other end said, "I am Leopold Magnum..."

Heynesworth almost dropped the phone. He gulped and quietly responded. "Are you the real Magnum or are you just working for him?"

"I am the real Magnum..." the voice calmly responded, "However, the one who robbed the bank earlier was working for me..."

"We figured so..." Heynesworth replied, "That's why I asked you now..."

"Yes, that is more than likely the reason..." Magnum said mockingly, "If you want to come get me, I'm at my associate's apartment- Probably where you were heading anyway."

"That's where we're going right now."

"I figured you would find his fingerprints... Also, I have one more thing to say before I go..." Magnum said.

"And what, pray tell, might that be?" Heynesworth asked. He was acting much calmer than usual.

"I have hostages." Magnum answered. Heynesworth couldn't see him, but felt as if Magnum was smiling maliciously at this very moment.

For the second time during the conversation, Heynesworth felt his heart stop for a second.

"I want you to come alone... If their is anybody their beside you and the detective, the hostages will be killed..." Magnum continued. He chuckled for a minute before adding, "Thank you for your time... Good bye..." After that, Magnum hung up.

Heynesworth gave the phone back to Loeb. "What did he want?" the detective asked.

"He said he had hostages, and he wanted us to come alone..." Heynesworth replied.

"How did he even know we were coming?"

"He... He's just that clever... He's had everything planned out from the start..." Heynesworth said quietly. He swallowed hard and quickly returned to his normal self. "Damn it!" He screamed, "How the Hell did he get your phone number anyway?!"

"I'm not sure..." Loeb answered.

Heynesworth didn't respond. He just picked up the police radio and called the other officers. "Change of plans..." he said, "We need all officers to return to the station. The criminal has hostages and demands that my associate and I come alone."

Immediately after Heynesworth finished his declaration, the other officers proceeded out of their cars and back to the station. A few of them looked back at the chief's car, but said nothing. Their were no arguments. The officers followed their orders.

Heynesworth started to ease onto the road. "Are you ready?" he said anxiously to Loeb.

"Yes..." Loeb said. Heynesworth sensed the same fear that he had in his voice when he had answered the phone.

The two officers then quietly made their way to the apartment, hoping to themselves that this would be the end to the madness that followed Leopold Magnum.

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