The Inevitable- The Story of Leopold Magnum

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Heynesworth and Loeb make their way to the apartment where Magnum is hiding. Can they hope to face the serial killer face-to-face?

Chapter 12 (v.1) - Confrontation

Submitted: May 14, 2009

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Submitted: May 14, 2009



The two detectives arrived at the apartment complex in about 20 minutes. They got out of the car silently and walked to the door. They had their guns loaded, and prepared themselves as best they could to face off against Magnum.

Upon walking inside, they saw that the apartment building wasn't any different from the banks. There were body strewn about the lobby, all with large bullet-holes in them. Magnum was definitely here, and was prepared for the two officers.

Heynesworth and Loeb knew where the criminal was. He would most likely be in his accomplice's apartment, room number 47. They quickly ran upstairs, breathing heavily.

Once they were at the door to the room, they wasted no time. They threw their weight against the door in order to bust it open. The living room of the apartment was small and dark. Loeb noted some small lighting fixtures here and there, but Magnum had more than likely turned them all off.

Heynesworth walked around the room, searching to see if Magnum was trying to surprise them. When he had figured the criminal was not in the living area, he called out, "Magnum! We're here! Come out with your hands up!"

Suddenly, a small door on the other side of the room opened, and a small, skinny man stepped out. "Hello," the man said calmly, "I was expecting you... I called for you, and figured you might not be coming after I waited for almost 20 minutes... That would have been awfully rude of you gentlemen."

"Drop this gentleman shit!" Heynesworth yelled, holding up the gun, "We will shoot if provoked! Just let the hostages go and don't try resisting!"

"Oh, yes... The hostages..." the man chuckled, "There's something I forgot to tell you... I lied."

"What!?" Heynesworth screamed. He could hardly believe his ears.

"I killed everyone in the building..." Magnum replied, "I only told you there were hostages in order to get you to come alone... I must say, I'm not impressed by your inability to notice something so obvious..."

Heynesworth growled. He was growing angrier at this man by the second. He knew he couldn'tdo anything drastic, however, until he made sure Magnum wouldn't pull anything.

"It's only a matter of time before you're dead, too..." Magnum continued mockingly, "After all, you are alone in a small room with aknown serial killer with a magnum..." At this point in his little presentation, Magnum pulled his gun from his front pants pocket, "And you yourselves have nothing to protect yourselves but those stupid revolvers..."

"Don't try anything!" Heynesworth barked, "Drop the gun, or we will be forced to take more violent measures to capture you!"

"Don't try anything?" Magnum said, "But that would be no fun..."

"Listen to me!" Heynesworth yelled, his gun shaking in his hands.

Magnum continued to ignore Heynesworth's orders. He just walked slowly back and forth across the room. Suddenly, without any warning, he lifted his gun up and fired one shot at Loeb.

The bullet hit Loeb right in the arm. there was blood spewing from the large wound. Loeb dropped the gun immediately.

After that, Heynesworth erupted with rage. "You bastard!!!!!" he screeched, "I'll kill you!"

He lifted his revolver up and shot repeatedly at Magnum. The criminal fell to his knees, covered in small wounds throughout his body. He was still alive, though, and lifted his injured hand up to try and shoot at the chief.

Heynesworth, however, was already reloaded, and before the thief could pull off his last shot, he was hit directly in the head by Heynesworth's bullet. Magnum fell to the ground after that, dead as a doornail.

Heynesworth ran to Loeb. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine..." Loeb gasped. He was hurt, but he didn't really seem to feel it.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes..." the detective answered, "I'm just a little injured... Magnum's aim seemed to be a little off today..."

"I'll call for backup to come and pick up Magnum's body and investigate." he said. He then pulled out his phone and dialed the station.

"Hey, Sir..." Loeb said, "How do you think Magnum knew so much about us?"

"I don't know..." Heynesworth answered, "I'm just glad this is finally over... Come on, I'll drive you to the hospital. They can look at your wounds there."

Loeb chuckled. "Isn't that what hospitals are for, dumb-ass?"

Heynesworth joined in. He knew that Loeb was going to be okay. "Yeah... I guess it is..."

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