The Inevitable- The Story of Leopold Magnum

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In this chapter we meet Robert Heynesworth and Johnathan Loeb. Heynesworth is the chief of the town of Irvine, California, and Loeb is the detective in charge of tracking down Magnum.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Office

Submitted: May 14, 2009

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Submitted: May 14, 2009



About a week after the robbery, police chief Robert Heynesworth was sitting casually at his desk, fiddling with his pen and lookingaround the large clutter of papers he called an office. He was bored out of his wits when he heard a knock at the door.

"Sir," A voice called from outside, "Let me in. I have something important to tell you."

Heynesworth groaned. "It's not locked... It never is..."

The door opened and a short, thin man walked in. Heynesworth didn't recognize the officer. But then again, Heynesworth didn't recognize most of his officers.

"Yeah, what is it?" The chief growled, "I was doing important business work..."

"It's about Magnum." The gentleman explained, "I'm Johnathan Loeb, I'm in charge of his case."

Heynesworth glared at the man. He didn't like him. It's as if he had known he didn't recognize him. "Yeah, well what did you find out about the bastard?"

"We've found out a few minor details about him..." Loeb answered, "But it's not enough to put him away yet."

"What about witness reports? Did anybody give you a clue to what he looked like? I heard he didn't wear a mask."

"That's one of the problems... For every bank he robs, he changes his identity... His alias, his appearance, even his age is completely altered."

"So, the damn criminal's a master of disquise, eh?" Thechief said.

"Pretty much... The only thing that doesn't change is his gun... And that's not even seen until he jumps the teller..."

"What kind of gun is it?"

"Well, several bullet wounds and witness reports confirm that it's a silver 327 Hydra."

"A Hydra? It's a pretty damn powerful machine, but it's not very effective in a bank robbery..." Heynesworth pointed out, "It has very little ammo, and takes a Hell of a long time to reload..."

"Witness reports tell us that he's equipped the gun to use more ammunition... At least ten bullets..." Loeb responded, "If someone is good enough a gun mechanic to upgrade a machine like that, he could probably find a quick way to reload it."

"Did you get any forensic evidence?"

"No Sir, he makes a pretty good job at preventing any fingerprints from getting on anything..."

"Shit... Is there anything else you found out?"

"No, that's it..." Loeb said dejectedly.

"Damn it... Next time try to get more information... What kind of detective lets a criminal rob 4 banks in a week and then fails to find any evidence?"

"I'm sorry, Sir..."

"Hmph..." Heynesworth grunted, "Next time, let me come with you... I used to be a CSI before I was promoted..."

"Alright..." Loeb sighed, figuring it would be no use arguing with someone like Heynesworth.

"Well!" The chief yelled after a moment of silence, "What are you waiting for!? Get out of my damn office!"

"Yes, Sir..." Loeb said. He turned and walked out the door of the small, messy room.

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