The Inevitable- The Story of Leopold Magnum

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Heynesworth's plan is put into action as the two detectives go to the news station to meet with head reporter Mr. Chaffers.

Chapter 8 (v.1) - The Station

Submitted: May 14, 2009

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Submitted: May 14, 2009



Heynesworth awoke the next morning feeling refreshed. He knew that he and Loeb would finally get one step closer to catching Magnum after they put their plan into effect. He got out of bed and quickly changed into a fresh change of clothes. He usually kept on whatever he wore the previous night, but felt that he needed to make a good impression for the people at the news station. He had been there several times before, and was good friends with the head reporter, Mr. Chaffers.

After he was in his new clothes, he walked to his kitchen and prepared himself a bowl of cereal. He stood at the counter eating until the phone rang at about 10:30. He ran into his living room and picked up the phone. He was still holding the cereal in one hand, while handling the phone in his other. "Hello," he said through a mouthful of cereal, "This is Robert Heynesworth, chief of police in Irvine California..."

"It's me, Loeb." answered the voice on the other line, "Are you ready to go to the station?"

"Yeah," the chief replied, "Can you pick me up?"

"Sure thing," Loeb said, "What's you address?"

"It's a large apartment complex on Silkberry... I'll be standing outside waiting."

"Alright Sir." Loeb responded, "I'll be there in about ten minutes."

Heynesworth gobbled down the rest of his cereal and ran outside. He stood there for five minutes before Loeb's car pulled over onto the side of the road. Once he saw Loeb, he ran over and climbed into the car.

"Haha!" he chuckled, "We're finally going to catch this guy, Loeb! I can feel it!"

"Yeah," Loeb agreed, "Just don't get too confident. We're not finished with this case yet."

"I know..." Heynesworth sighed, "Hey, can you drop me off back here today instead of the station? I think I'm gonna take a day off once we talk to Chaffers..."

"Who?" Loeb asked. He had never been to the station before.

"Mr. Chaffers." Heynesworth answered, "He's in charge of the station."

"I see..." Loeb said. He pulled off of the curb, and made his way to their destination.

Once the two officers arrived at the station, they got out of the car and made their way inside. The lobby was bustling with reporters, hustling to and fro in order to finish their work for that day.

Heynesworth and Loeb pushed their way to the counter, where they were greeted by a young woman about 30. "Hello," the lady said, "How may I help you?"

"We're the two detectives working on the Magnum case..." Heynesworth replied, "We would like to talk to Mr. Chaffers..."

"Mr. Chaffers is very busy right now," the receptionist said, "But I can call him and see if he has any openings in his schedule."

The two officers stood at the counter for about ten minutes while the secretary talked to two other people and then made several calls.

"You're in luck," she said after she hung up the phone, "Mr. Chaffers just canceled one of his other appointments for today, and has an opening to talk to you right now."

"Thank you for your kindness." Loeb said.

Heynesworth grabbed Loeb's arm and made his way to the elevator on the right side of the lobby. Once there, he pressed the button and waited while the elevator slowly passed the other 11 floors of the building. Once the doors opened, Heynesworth dragged Loeb inside. They made three stops on their way up to the top floor to meet Mr. Chaffers.

The top floor wasn't nearly as busy as the lobby was, and the two detectives quickly walked over to Mr. Chaffers office. Heynesworth remembered where it was from the last time he had visited the station.

Heynesworth knocked on the door and waited for a moment before hearing a voice from the other side. "Come in!"

Mr. Chaffers' office was almost as cluttered as Heynesworth's back at the police headquarters. Loeb stepped cautiously over stacks of paper and discarded food and sat down in one of the two chairs that sat in front of Mr. Chaffers' desk.

"Well, well, well..." Mr. Chaffers said casually, "If it isn't my old friend Rob! How you been doing, buddy?"

"Good," Heynesworth answered, "How are the kids?"

"Oh, the kids are great!" Mr. Chaffers replied, "So, what is it you wanted to see me for?"

"Um... Hello Sir..." Loeb said shyly, "I'm Johnathan Loeb, I'm in charge of the Magnum case..." He reached out his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Johnathan!" Mr. Chaffers greeted himself, "I'm Mr. Chaffers, but Rob here probably already told you all about me."

"Yes, Sir... He did... But, we kind of wanted to ask you something."

"And what might that be?"

"We would like to do a story about the case." Heynesworth interjected, "We need you to make it seem like we've found a lot of information about Magnum."

"I see..." Mr. Chaffers responded, "You're gonna psych the perp out... It's a brilliant plan, if I do say so myself."

"Thank you," Heynesworth boasted, "I thought of it myself."

"Is there anything specific you'd like me to include in this story?" Mr. Chaffers asked.

"Yes Sir, there is..." Loeb answered, "We've found out that Magnum is using thin, skin-tight gloves in order to hide his fingerprints. It's crucial to the plan that we include this in the story."

"Alright," Mr. Chaffers said, "Is that everything?"

"Um... I guess..." Loeb responded.

"Well then, I'll get my best reporter on the case!" Mr. Chaffers declared. He stood up and shook hands with Heynesworth and Loeb. "It's been a pleasure meeting with you two."

"The pleasure is ours." Heynesworth said. He then took Loeb's arm again, and walked outside.

"Well, that was much quicker than I expected." Loeb exclaimed, once the two of them were back in the car and on their way home.

"Yeah," Heynesworth replied, "In the field of news, it's important to keep your interviews short, sweet, and to-the-point. You get into the facts later on during the actual stories and research."

Loeb dropped Heynesworth back off at his apartment, said goodbye, and made his own way home.

"Well," he said to himself, "This whole thing will be over soon enough."

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