Chapter 1: theron and the school for girls

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chapter 1

getting settled

Theron can you get the mail. letter to what school!!!

Mom what the hell is this. it's a acceptance letter to a school over in japan. I know how much you like japan so i thought i would send you there. you couldn't have asked me first. I'm sorry i thought you would be ok with it. i just wish you would have told me. Well you better get going yourplainleaves in an hour. one hour later. last call for flight 149 to japan. thats me i hope my mom knows what she is doing. few hours later in japan. so where is this school Anyways. It's about four blocks that way. wow where did you come from. Sorry i didn't mean to scare you. It's ok my name's Theron what's you're. hey where are you going. that was weird. so she said four blocks that way right? What the this can't be's smaller on the pamphlet. that's because that is only the west wing this is are main building the main office is through those doors to the left. ok thank you. um excuse me i would like to talk to the principle. She's right in there. thank you. yes may i help you. i need my classes. well that cant be your a guy. thats a bit sexist don't you think. we are an all girls school.what!!! mom what have you done.what is you're name. Theron why. well if you're in the system then technically we can't kick you out and you are so here are your classes. please try to control your self. i will. ok so my first class is this must be it. yes can i help you. I'm the new student. but. i know i know I'm a guy my mom mest up. well your just in time we are about to play dodge ball. girls on this side guys on the other.Wait what!! And begin.wait hold on a sec thats not fair. hu? you missed. It's about time i put my baseball skills to the test. no outs bottom of the first. one out.... oh a double. come on ladys we can't let him win. thirteen out fourteen two more. what do you mean two more there is only one left. once she is out I'm going after you. Hi sexy. hi. ow. And your out girls win thank goodness. better luck next time sucker. ding dong. ok time for the next class have a good day and see you tomorrow. ok so my next class is science room 236. your late. take a seat next to Nagomi. Hi im Nagomi whats your name. I'm Theron. thats great have you ever taken science before. my friends say i talk to much do you think i talk to much.Nagomi your doing it again. Sorry. Ok class as you can see we have a new student and yes he is a guy i don't know what is going on all the principle said was that we have a new student and that it was a guy. ok class do page 36 and 37 in your work book and page 38,39 and 40 for home work. ding dong finally time for lunch. i think i mite eat outside. hu? hey it's the girl from before. hey wy did you run away like that. i didn't want to be late. so what is your name? hey what's that. hu? hey how does she do that? oh well i need to find some boxes or something i have nowhere to live tonight. later that night. that's just great first i get sent to a school for girls and now i have to live in a box. well i should get some sleep. the next morning. oh man my back hurts. i new it would hurt but i didn't think it would hurt this........much? hey um where did this blanket come from? hu? a black rose and a note maybe it says who it is from. keep the blanket in tell you find a place to stay. when your done with it put it in front of the bonsai tree at the spa at the other side of town. love The Black Rose. who the hell is black rose. well thanks who ever you are. well at least it is Saturday and i can look around. but first i need to find a library. hopefully i remember how to ask where it is. sumimasen ga? i speak English what do you need. I'm looking for the library. you go two blocks that way take a left and go down seven blocks its the one with the book on it. ok thank you. this must be it. hi do you speak English? a little. do you have any books on how to speak Japanese? isle two. thank you. here it is. i would like to check this out please. do you have a card. no. would you like to sign up for one. yes please. ok sign here and here. ok one moment please.......ok here is your card. would you like to check out. yes please. thank you. i mite as well pick up a map and a news paper on the way out. darn all the jobs are in Japanese. now what am i going to do? If your looking for a job maybe i can help. follow me. have you ever fished before? yes wy? Are you any good? yes wy what is the problem? I'm getting old and I'm not as good as i use to be. my costumers they want fish i got no fish no fish no costumers. I'll pay you 618 yen for every five fish. will that be enough. yes thank you. meet me at the docks when you are ready. I'm ready when you are. HEY THERON WAIT FOR ME!!! NAGOMI WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? i see you two have met. ya but how do you know her? I'm her grandpa.What! hey Theron what are you doing here? I'm helping your grandpa fish. grandpa how come you never take me fishing. i didn't think you would want to. why do you think i bought all that gear. well you can come if you want. go get your gear. it's already on the boat. ok then lets go. don't we need some bait. we are all out you can still fish without it it's just harder. ok lets go. so this is your boat. oh my gosh where did all this bait come from. an old friend. well thank him for me will you. sure. lets shove off. um grandpa aren't we forgetting someone? HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING WAIT FOR ME!!! oops i guess it doesn't do any good to go fishing without the fisherman now dose it. silly grandpa. ok now we can shove off. this is my favorite spot to fish. ok chose your weapon. now chose your hook. that reamindes mea long time ago i put my lucky hook in my shoe. lets see if it is still in here. here it is. why is it lucky. one time a fish ate it and i decided to go fishing two days later and the first fish i caught was the fish with the hook in it. ok lets fish here is your bait. i got one. ok ok real him in slowly. i know i know. how about a bet if i win you bye dinner if you win i bye. what is the game who ever guesses the closest to it's weight wins. i guess 213.7 pounds. i guess 178 pounds. ok here it comes nagomi get the scale ready we need to get it back in the water quickly. aren't we keeping it not the first one. when ever i through one back i always seem to get more bites. ok it's in get it on the scale. and the weight is........213.7 pounds. wait what!! but how. i mite not have bin fishing as long as you but when i do i always try to guess it's weight. but i am ushualy off by a couple pounds. ok lets keep fishing.later at dinner. wow you were right we got 25 fish at most we only get ten or eleven. well i should get going it's getting late. wait don't forget your pay so 618 times 5 comes to 3,090 yen. thank you. so when should i come back? i will have nagomi come and get you. ok bye. i like him you should go out with him. grandpa! will you stop trying to hook me up. but i got to admit your geting better. what do you mean? remember the first one you tryed to hook me up with. i said i was sorry how was i sopost to know he was a she. oops. sorry i forgot my book. bye. well today was kind of weird. and who is this black rose person and why does she keep helping me. oh well i should get some sleep. .......good night my love.

Submitted: April 17, 2012

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stay tuned i am making more chapters to it

Tue, April 17th, 2012 8:55pm

the troubled teen

sounds awasome...oh no..fanfiction mind taking over...sorry i might write something about this...
(sits in corner of shame)

Mon, April 30th, 2012 1:20am

Matthew Brazwell

It's a good story, but it's hard to read. You should try organizing it a bit.

Wed, May 16th, 2012 1:18pm


Thank you very much for fanning me and sorry for the late reply! Your work is interesting..yes a little hard to read.It needs organised,but besides that is very nice! Cheers:X

Fri, June 22nd, 2012 12:58pm

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